Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick update!

Well I already told you about my adventure out. Now I have a cold! My parents think it is from the shopping. I think I probably caught it from the kids both Carter and Kamden are stuffy. I should be able to do chemo because I had a blood draw yesterday. They told me all my counts are good. If the cold hangs in until after Tuesday and brings my counts down I may not get the second dose. We will see they said as long as there is no fever I am usually o.k. So I just get to suffer through the cold like everyone else. I also had an itching feast yesterday. I had a spot that wouldn't stop itching yesterday. Finally, I took some Benadryl(SP) and about an hour later felt better but very tired. We watched Hair Spray yesterday I love that movie well I love the music. Ryan and Cole went over to his aunt and uncles house to play cards last night. Carter, Kamden and I went home at 6pm and went to bed and we didn't get up until 7:30am. It was nice to get some sleep and rest. We stayed in bed this morning and watched Amazing Grace it is a great movie. It was almost 10 am before we got out of bed. That never happens in our house. The kids, Ryan and I are all early risers and usually get up and get ready and go in the morning on Saturdays. So it was nice to just slow down this morning.


Tharker said...

I'm sorry that you caught a cold. Hopefully, it won't prevent you from getting Chemo next week. I saw Hairspray at the store yesterday and thought about buying it, but didn't. Just you mentioning the music makes me want to run out and get it now! I love the music too.

Good for you that you all got to sleep in today and have a slow and easy morning.

Nicole said...

Colds are no fun, and I would imagine even less fun with chemo. I hope it turns out to be a minor 3-day one.

I am so impressed you guys got all of that shopping done. I went out a little early and came home with 1 of the 2 things I went for. oh well.

Sleeping in is the best! Especially when the kids join you.