Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Shots!

Good Morning All,

I was able to get a lot of paperwork done yesterday morning while the kids played together. We then all went to get Kamden's haircut. She likes her new bangs she has never bangs in her life. So to me she looks so different! Then my sister was so kind to meet us there so I could run off to my chemo appointment. Which Ryan just a couple hours before called and said he couldn't go so I was a little bummed. It worked out I was able to get some more thank you notes mailed out. I was there a little longer than I thought. The nausea medicine is a 10 minute drip and Navelbine is a 6 minute drip but then they had to do a 30 minute flush of saline. I guess the Navelbine is extremely hard on your veins so they really try to flush it through. I guess I don't have to do that on day 1 because the other meds flush it through. I also found out yesterday I am getting a little steroids with my nausea meds it helps make the nausea medicine work better. The nurse said it would cause me to not sleep as well last night and sure enough that was true but anything to help the medicine to work better. I should get a better night sleep tonight. You know with kids who gets a good night sleep anyway. I do have to say though that Ryan has been so good since I have been sick. He is much better about taking care of the kids in the middle of the night so I can sleep a little better. What a good husband and dad. Carter has become his side kick because of this. Back to my visit to the hospital I also found out my counts were low not low enough to not have chemo but lower than I thought they would be. I was barely able to have chemo. I thought with all the shots and decrease in chemo I would have much higher counts this time. My red blood cell count was really down so now I am on Procret(sp) shots once a week to help with me red blood counts. I guess that should also help with my energy levels basically it means I am animic(sp). My white blood cell counts were 1 point away from not getting chemo and something else was low I can't remember but my platelets were up. I was thinking with all those shots last week and the fact that is was a higher dose then I was suppose to get I would be good. I guess it is good they gave those shots to me and more then I was suppose to get. I am getting a Neralasta shot today and have a week off so hopefully that will also help get ready for the next round. I asked them why I have been feel o.k. and not worse. They told me that my body tends to get use to being at low numbers and your body adjust. I am not so sure if that is good or not. Good for getting stuff done but I also forget that I am sick and do more and go out more which might not be so good? Anyway enough about that. My aunt emailed me today and remind me that the scriptures say "Man is that he might have joy". I hope everyone is doing well!


Heather said...

Another good day- I love it!! If anyone deserves joy it would be you.

Teacher Kathy said...

I personally know how difficult it is to just rest but try it more this week. Adjusting to Lupus with my busy personality has been so hard but I get sick everytime I really overdo. It's such a big change for you too. Good for Ryan for helping!!! Think rest, rest and more rest. Accept all of the help that friends will give you. Love you lots!!!
Teacher Kathy

Ms. Kristen said...

I love your positive attitude! That is the way you should be! "Don't Hurry, Don't worry, Do your best, and flush the rest!" That is a saying my mom always told us! Take whatever you have and deal with it! You looked great today! I loved Kamdens' bangs! She kept on touching them! Cute! Have her sing her turkey songs!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I'm so glad you were able to have chemo again. That is terrific news. I'm also glad you're feeling so well but don't forget to rest. I know it's hard because when do moms ever rest, but Ryan is there to help and it sounds like he's doing a fantastic job and you just have to let him! More rest means more fight and fight is what we need!

You're such an inspiration.

Tharker said...

I love Kristen's mom's saying! What a great moto for anyone to live by!

That's great that you were able to have chemo. That's just one more round closer to being done!!

stevensbball said...

It's so great that to get a big dose of happy I can visit your blog! You are who you are and your strength and extreme positive attitude is going to help get you right on through this trial. Not to mention help us all keep things in perspective too!
Yea for that one point that got you your round of chemo. Blessing!
Megan Stevens (sorry about the confusion w/ names)

Anonymous said...

I use to work with Frankie from Frankie & Co. She was so fun. Lots of energy. My sister, Mandy, worked for Frankie also. Your wigs look great! Really great!! Especially on Ryan :). You sound amazing. I love this website and try to check in to see what is new with you whenever I get the chance.
Heather Benson