Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling Well!

Hey, mom is telling me again that it is time to update. I keep thinking about it but then I get busy do so many other things. It is that time of year. Cole started baseball practice last week. Carter hasn't been called yet for a team. Kamden was going to do soccer but we haven't heard from them yet. This is the busiest season from now until summer. I love the warmer weather and all the activities. Not that we have warmer weather right know.

Anyway about what is going on. After the first round (816) of chemo my CA 2729 number dropped to 600 and something. The swelling start to go away and so did the pain. So I went off my pain meds cold turkey. I found out that is not the way you are to go off pain meds. Oh, well now I know if I every have to do it again I will not go off the right way. I survived with just a few not so good side effects from just stopping.

So this week I saw Dr. here. Just started third round of chemo pill and Herceptin infusion. My numbers before we started third round are down to 268. Is that awesome or what. Hopefully this round will knock the numbers back to normal. Then we can do three more rounds to make sure it is gone. We will see what time brings.

I am doing really well. The only side effects the last two weeks has been the hand and foot. They have been very red and hot. So really I am doing really good. Oh, and I still have my hair.

The only bad news is I recently found out I only get 4 scans a year with my insurance and I have already used 3. Two of the scans were for the appendix and one for the cancer.