Friday, November 20, 2009

Just an update before 2nd round!

We flew back home Tuesday morning of that week and got home Tuesday afternoon. It was so nice to be back home with our kids. 9 days was to long to be away. So you would think that the kids would be so glad we were home and glad to be back with there siblings since they hadn't spent that much time together in that 9 days we were gone. They were happy to see us but the your seating on my side, don't touch me all started on the way home. It is so nice to know that nothing has changed at home.
Thank you to all who helped us out while we were gone. The kids were well taken care of thank you so much.

As you know I had my first round of chemo almost three weeks ago. So it is about time to go back. I leave on Sunday to go back for round two of treatment. Since I have been home there has been a few things going on so I thought I would share them with you. I have to get blood work done twice a week. Blood draw twice a week for coumidin meds, blood panel every Monday for the oncologist. No big deal except for the fact that I can't have this done at the hospital by the aw some chemo nurse. I know go to a lab like everyone else. I know this doesn't sound bad but I now get poked like everyone else instead of having those draws through my port. Again no biggy. Well I have lovely bruises on both arms and the lady on Thursday hit a nerve. Oh my goodness I have never had anyone every hit a nerve while getting blood work. Although after the experience I had at the CTC with blood draws from the port the blood draws in the arm have gone better.

I have also had a CA count done this last week and the number went up about 20 points. I little different from last time. After the first round a chemo last time the number droped over 300 points and the lump in the breast was totally gone. So I am wondering what is going on does the new chemo work, or did they just really over do it last time. I don't know which but that will be one of the first question I ask.

I haven't had any side effects from this round of chemo(which has been awesome) until yesterday. My hair is starting to fall out. I was hoping to get a family picture before I lost my hair again. I think it will be another hat family picture this year. I tried to get an appointment at the picture people but they are gone. I really don't like the Penny's Sears pictures. So my sister has a very cool camera and takes great pictures. So we were hoping to get pictures taking next week while she was here for Thanksgiving. I am not sure my hair will make it that long we will see. Someone likes me in hats. I have to say I like the hats they make life alot easier to get ready for the day. Also another bonus I am not having to shave as often and soon I wont have to shave my legs at all.

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Me with an update!

Hello again it's me. Lots of updating this week. It's long again if you don't want to hear all the details. I will give you the short of it. I have cancer 5-6cm by 5-6cm on each of my overis. I also have cancer in the lymphnods in my stomach. Which I will tell you now. Yes it looks like I am pregnant just barely but yes it does look like it. Please don't ask me or anyone else if I am pregnant. I am not!!!! I am sure the doctor said it is just the trumors and I am retaining fluids. I will do 6 rounds of chemo one every third week. O.k. only read on for the long version.

We had a nice break of testing and seeing doctors. Thursday was the biopsy and that was it for Thursday. Friday we checked out all the places Ryan use to leave and where his friends use to leave. He lived there for about a year and half sometime after his mission. We also tried to visit a place our friends told us about but there isn't anything there anymore. My mom's brother and his family live down here and we got to have dinner there on Friday night. My uncle, grandpa and Ryan were able to give me a blessing. That was very special.

Saturday we spent the day with Ryan's friend Rusten Treseder. We watched his sons play flag football. They don't do a lot of the full pads down here because of the heat and wearing the gear doesn't work very while. Then we hang out and watched his kids trick or treat. It helped us not miss the kids so much. O.k. who am I kidding we still missed them and probable more, because we couldn't see them and help them get ready. They did have a great time trick or treating who doesn't. Cole was a vampire, Kamden was a kitty and Carter was power rangers. Just a side note Carter has never seen the show power rangers. Last November when we went to Disney World he meet some of them and his cousin loves them so now he loves power rangers. It's funny how kids pick up things from there family and friends.

Sunday we drove to Sedona. Wow that place is beautiful. I know H.F. loves us so much to give us such a beautiful place. It looks like the pictures but it is 100 times better in person. Just my oppion. Then we helped my Aunt with having family dinners on Sundays. It might not last they are probably moving soon. So we stayed busy to help us not be so homesick for our kids.

Today we have kept busy we started at 8 this morning and finished tonight at 6:30. We got the great news we could come home tomorrow. I saw some docs, did blood work, had an echo done and started my first round of chemo.

I will do 6 rounds of chemo and then they will do another PET to make sure I don't need more chemo. He opted not to do surgery because of the meds I am on for the blood clots and for the same reason they didn't take off my boobs. It can come back anywhere. And it did. Oh, I have had a few people ask so here it is. I can't do treatment in town and it really is less convenint in Seattle for me. I fly out of Pasco into pheonix. The have a service that picks you up and take you back to the facility or wherever you would like to go. And I stay the night right in the facility. Which is great I will probably be tired and of course I can't drive after chemo.

The chemo I am on is Carboplatin, Taxotere(simiarly to one I was on Abraxane) and Herceptin still. So it takes about 4 1/2 hours if they are good about changeing everything over quick. So I will come every three weeks and take these IV meds see my docs(all 5 of them and a few more nurses)I will then get treatment(chemo) stay the night and come home after I receive a shot the following day. I should be done with treatment in the middle of Feb if everything goes well. That works so perfect because baseball sign-ups are in Feb and baseball starts in March. I couldn't have timed it better.

I know to long.