Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That time again... for an UPdAte

No I do not have hair. This is for Debbie Ashton. I was thinking that I had uploaded pictures of my hair growing back from the last rounds of chemo but after talking to Debbie Ashton I guess I hadn't. I never really got any good pictures with my hair growing out. I think that is why I didn't post any pictures.

Things have been going great since I have started doing treatment here again. CTCA isn't returning my calls. So I am not sure if I will be going back there. I had hoped we could communicate and work together. It seems to be working out really well right now so that is great news.

Had a Dr. visit last week they were going to change some things but decided to leave things the way they are for now.

So I am getting Chemo 3 Mondays in a row and then just Herceptin on the other two Mondays off of chemo. I am getting neupegeon (for white blood cell counts, white fights infections) everyday during treatment and the week after treatment. I also am getting the Lovenox(blood thinner) everyday. I started the 2nd round of treatment yesterday. I am still feeling good today so I thought I should update now.

I am looking forward to baseball season hoping for warmer weather this year. Both Cole and Carter are doing baseball this year and Kamden is enjoying dance but thinking maybe it is time to do something else after just more than 4 years of dance. She thinks she wants to do soccer in the fall.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cant Wait Until Summer!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hospital Visit

Ok I guess it is time for an update. Two Sundays ago I was in Phoenix for the second dose of chemo for the first round. Remember each round I have three Mondays of Chemo and then two weeks off. After that it was quite for a few days then by Friday I had a fever. And then by Saturday I was in the emergency room. They run a few test and some blood work. They weren't sure what was wrong. They thought it was a virus but with the extremely low white and red blood cell counts I couldn't fight anything off. The er doc called Phoenix and asked them what they wanted to do. At this point I had no fever because I had taken Tylenol before going to the ER. So Phoenix said send her home and if her fever comes back tell her to come back to the ER and get an antibiotic. Likely I had an awesome ER doc. She said I don't feel good about letting you go home. She was sure the fever would be back. She asked if it would be ok to call Dr.Rado and see if he would admit me. Within a half hour my fever was back 104. She talked to Rado he said he would see me on Monday but he was out of town and couldn't admit me today. He said see if the Hospital Doc could. So she had the hospitalised admit me into the hospital on Sat afternoon. They gave me fluids and two antibiotics (every 6 hours for 3 days). Then on Sunday they also gave me 2 pints of blood and another nuepegeon shots along with my blood thinning shot Lovenox. Then on Monday I saw Dr Rado. He asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the third dose of chemo for round one. He said that all the numbers looked good. So I called Phoenix and they fax all the chemo info over and I was able to get chemo and stay on track with treatment. I was able to come home from the hospital on Tuesday. Dr. Rado has agreed to give me treatments here and all the shots so I don't have to travel back and forth between treatment. We still need to see how the Docs in Phoenix feel about the changes. I feel better about not traveling so much. I now have two weeks off from chemo. A break before we start another round.