Friday, April 23, 2010

The gOOd, The bAD and the UglY!!!

O.k so I thought I would update some information about my trip to Phoenix. I am still here I don't get home until tomorrow. It was the best flight coming here yet. No one talking my hear off. I got to read my book and it was only a total of 4 hours from start to finish. Well five if you count the hour wait before the plane took off from Pasco. I got here safe and everything was on time planes and ride. So that is the good news and maybe a little more later.

So I saw Dr. in Phoenix. He had a lot to say and we talked about a lot of different things. I am only going to give you a shorter version. Dr. ordered a CT scan and a bone scan. And is going to put me back on Herceptin thank goodness. So I did both test today and received my infusion or Herceptin. This afternoon I got a call from Marci. She is my patient advocate. Here is what she said to sum everything up that happened and where and what we are doing.

I am waiting to go to Chicgo to have them do the surgery and chemo wash. They just respond back to CTCA here in Phoenix. They dodn't carry the same insurance in Chicgo but luckily the except my insurance. So now we are just waiting for them to except me medically. Meaning they go over my records and make sure I am a good candidate for the surgery. So hopefully soon they will here from them. We will see. In the mean time I am going to look into going to Seattle too for the surgery. So we will see who can get me in the fasts.

The CT scan this time definitely shows no blood clot. So I will stay off Lovanox(blood thinner). It also showed that there is a very, very small amount in the lymph nods in the stomach. all good news. But....o.k. here is the bad. It shows the tumors have gotten bigger since January. So the sooner we can get the surgery done the better.

My bone scan has been done but the results aren't in. I just finished the scan at 3:30 this afternoon. I told them not to call if there is nothing wrong but to please call if there is something wrong. The Bone scan is for putting me back on Zometa. The bone building infusion.

I don't think I said anything about the CA number. He ran a CA15.3. It is a little different than the CA2729. Still the numbers are going up they were 153.

Like I said there was a lot of thinking, talking, calling, verifying and scanning. In the end I had a CT scan, Bone scan, Herceptin and blood done.

We are waiting for the surgery at this point then we will move from there. So for now again a waiting game.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's New?

So this is what my kids looked like about 8 pm every night during spring break and also now that baseball season is in full swing. I love that they get fresh air, exercise and of course are worn out and sleep so well at night.

Anyway thought I would try to do a quick update for those that are still reading. And for those that don't like to read so much info. The short of it is I am going back down to Phoenix this week for a second oppion. I finished chemo. It wasn't working anymore. So we need a new plan.

For those that want a little longer version. I finished chemo on March 8th. Received orders for a CT scan and to come back to go over them. When I saw the Dr. he said it looks like no cancer to him was left. Of course they didn't compare the last CT to the new one. They did have the last CT scan it was done down at CTCA(Phoenix) but they didn't use it I don't know why. Dr. said he could order a pelvic ultra sound and see if their was any cancer. So I had the ultra sound. The ultra sound says I still have cancer. I still haven't seen Dr. since ultra sound. They couldn't get me in for four weeks. So I am spouse to go back this Thursday to see what he says. I also leave for Phoenix on Thursday. I will see my Dr. there for a second oppion. I am hoping they will send me to Chicgo to do the surgery (take out the ovaries and the tumors) and do what they call a chemo wash. When I talked to them last week they were going to get started on the paper work for going to Chicgo.

I also saw Dr. Kris who said that he thought it was a good idea to go back down to Phoenix. So I called Wednesday right after I saw him and made an appointment to go back down to Phoenix.

My numbers have almost double in the last few weeks. CA is 200.