Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back on Herceptin

Today I had my first dose of Herceptin without any chemo. Yah! I still get the pre meds. Which is a steroid and something for nausea and some Benadryl. It is an hour I.V. drug so I am there about 1 1/2 or so. Ryan couldn't get away from work today to go with me. So Bailey my sister came with me today. She is sister number 5 she lives in Cedar City. It was so nice to have her there to visit with. Of course I was so tired when we got to my moms to drop her off and pick up the kids. I couldn't keep my eyes open so I took a nice nap. Bailey is here because my baby sister is getting married this weekend. We are so happy and excited for her! We are also all so excited my sister Chauntel from Texas is coming for a couple of days.

I met a member of the church today while I was at the hospital who was getting treatment also. He is only 26. He had or has cancer on the base of his skill that ate away at his skull. They had to fuse his spin and skull back together. I think to the best of my knowledge that is what happened. It seems everyday I am reminded at how lucky and blessed I am. I am not saying he isn't blessed because I think he is he is still here and seems to be doing really well. I am just saying that daily I hear about peoples trails cancer, death, sickness or what have you that reminds me how bless I am and thankful for my trails. There are so many different trails much more trying and difficult than mine.

Side note we don't know if I need more chemo or not we are waiting for the PET scan results when ever I can get in for that test. I am hoping that with such great CA2729 cancer marker numbers I won't need anymore chemo.

I haven't said it in a while and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to all my friends and members of my ward who continue to bless me and help me in so many ways. Thank you so much to those that have brought dinner and help me with my children. It is so helpful and kind. And of course all of you who read my blog and give me such encouraging words. I love reading your notes to me they always put a smile on my face and cheer me up so thank you. Don't think that it isn't much because I truly love the kind and uplifting words you leave me.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Good News Update!

Well, I have a good news update. Not Great News that will be saved for when I am Cancer Free! Anyway I saw Dr. Chanel today because Dr. Rado and Mitra are on vacation. I have to say it was a little different they brought me back to a room 10 minutes before my appointment. In that office that is a big WOW. Anyway he didn't really know my case. The head nurse I had talked with last week said she would make sure that he would review my chart so he would be familiar with it before he came in which he wasn't. No surprise. That is o.k. because we had already decided that I just needed paper work for a PET scan and to go over my CA numbers and get me back on Herceptin. So he faxed orders over to Kadlec to start back on Herceptin. I will go in for that tomorrow. He also gave me orders for a PET scan. So when I left the doctors office I called to get an appointment scheduled for a PET scan. When I talked to the office to schedule an appointment they informed me it take at least 2 weeks to get approval from the insurance company (DSHS). So it looks like I might not have the scan before I go in to see Dr. Rado. I wish they would have given me the paper work three weeks ago so we could have gotten it all cleared up before my next appointment. I am hoping it will all work it self out and in three weeks we will have the results from the PET scan. O.k. drum roll please here is the good news or at least I think so my CA2729 count this time is 36!! Wow right it is back down that could be from taking all my vitamins from Dr. Kris faithfully or it was just bounce from being tired. I don't know and the Dr. didn't have answer. But the good news is the number is down and it didn't bounce up again. I was a little worried it would. So I am thinking maybe we could be done but not holding my breath. We will just have to wait for the PET scan results.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trying something different

I just got done typing my update and my computer shut off the Internet. I really don't like it when it does that. So I will try this again. I had an appointment with Dr. Kris. I have been having pain under my arm and in my ribs. Dr.Kris adjusted me and we are hoping that is the cause of the pain. He said wait a few days and then if the pain isn't gone we will check it again. He did some testing and I asked him if he thought my cancer is gone. He said, "no". The news didn't shock me. There are some things that made me think it wasn't gone. So Dr. Kris wants me to take some pills that cause my blood vessels to constrict. So there isn't as much blood flow going through my blood vessels. This is going to cause the cancer to shrink or starve. From what I understand I can't be on Herceptin or chemo while on this drug. So it is a perfect time to be on it while we are on break from chemo and herceptin. He will check my numbers when my blood work comes in and see what he thinks we should do next. He also put me on some more supplements and took my off one. Over all it was a great visit aren't they always. It seems like I can't wait for the next appointment it comes and then I can't wait for the next appointment. I am curious that when we get to the end and there is no next appointment how I will feel. I have spent the last 7 months waiting for the next appointment. Oh, I almost forgot he said my body is doing better since I have come off the chemo. That is great news!

Spring Fever!

I have to say the kids and I had a great spring break. I tend to be one that can't wait for the next days fun but this last week I didn't. I enjoyed and lived in the moment or activity. I think I was very patient and relaxed also. We had so much fun together as a family and Ryan joined us when he could. I am grateful that I didn't have chemo I probably wouldn't have been able to keep with the kids. We enjoyed chuck e. cheese, birthday parties, eatting out, temple, movies (rented/theater), swimming, shopping, grocery shopping, doctor appointment, feeding the ducks, walla walla, avairy, parks lots of them, skate park, scooters, bike rides, whitman mission, hiking, ice harbor dam, picnics, baseball, spokane, camping, canoeing, zintal cayon, the river, old friends and new friends. Everyday was packed with activities.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have wanted to post for a few days and just am not sure how I want to post the new information. I don't want to sound negative or overly positive or forget some of the information. So I will try to give correct information about how things are going.

We were getting really excited at our house to be almost done with chemo. Two more rounds!! But the timing for this round stunk. I was to have my first dose of round 9 on Tuesday. Not so good timing because it is the kid's spring break. I wanted them to have a fun spring break. So we had planned lots of little things to go and do this week. I was hoping that I would be able to have the energy to keep up and help make it a fun vacation for them. We tried to pack in a lot of things on Saturday before chemo.

On Monday I had my doctors appointment with one of the nurses in the office. I have to say I really, really liked her. She was so good! Anyway we talked about how tired I have been these last two rounds and how hard it is on a daily basis. We also talked about some side effects I have been having numbness, tingling, sores in my mouth, pains in my breast and under my arm. I also told her Dr. Kris doesn't want me to do two more rounds just one more round. Then we talked about my CA2729 counts. (Oh, yes my counts I forgot they were 62 yes that was a shock for us.) The count was 36 the time before and now it bounced back up. We were thinking this round would make two round after a hopefully normal number. With them up that doesn't seem good? Anyway the nurse took all my information and went and talked talked to Dr. Rado and he said lets take a BREAK. Yes, a break. I couldn't believe it a break. I was really hoping to push through and be done at the first of May. He said he wants my body to have a break. He thinks maybe the chemo drugs aren't working again. So take a break and run CA2729 counts again in three weeks and see what they show. Then maybe done for a while, a scan or maybe a different chemo. So again we are back to waiting to see what test will tell us. I am sure you know what I am hoping for (that I am done and for some strange reason they jumped up). I am so glad to have a break so I have felt good this week to be able to do some things with the kids. We have been on the go since last Saturday and enjoying being all together.

So to sum it up we are waiting until Friday the 24th for blood work and then Monday the 27 for the doctor visit to see what he has to say or thinks should be the next step. While we wait I am trying to be more faithful about taking my vitamins from Dr. Kris and hoping that helps with the numbers.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their spring break too.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Most of the family visited Dr. Kris!

Well I thought I would update a little. I have still been pretty tired it comes and goes through out the day. Family life has been busy but with the help of friends and family I am doing good with resting. So thank you so much to all who have been helping with meals and helping with the kids. I know I say it everytime but I really couldn't get well without all the help that I have had so thank you.

I wanted to also take a minute to let everyone know that DSHS has picked up most of my medical bills. We have to meet a spin down every six months. But thanks to all those who helped raise money we are able to meet the DSHS spin downs. We have other medical cost that that money will also cover. I just wanted you to know that things are working out. So thanks to everyone who helped and thank you for your kindness.

We are so greatful to Chyerl, Ryan's boss who has given Ryan a job. And we are so grateful that his job can pay all of our other bills. We want you to know that the fund raising money doesn't go to our family it is just for medical. And we are very greatful to all who helped with the fund raisers. You have help make my fight with cancer so much easier. I have not had to worry about my medical bills. So far things have worked out well.

Now for a Dr. Kris update. This week has been my week off kind of. Today I went down to see Dr. Kris. Ryan and Carter went down to see Dr. Kenzie with me. Dr. Kenzie is a doctor that is in Dr. Kris's office that both the boys saw today. I saw Dr. Kirs and the visit went well. They always go well. I have been having some pain in my ribs that I forgot to talk to him about two weeks ago. So he checked that out today. He said they were sore and out. That it could be from a few different things. Anyway my back was really out and twisted. So he worked on my back. We talked about how many more rounds I have left. We talked about what he thought about me doing two more rounds. He said he wasn't sure my body could take two more rounds. So we are going to wait for my blood work. I have a blood draw tomorrow and will get the results on Monday. He said I would probably be o.k. this round but we would talk about and check me out to see about the next round. I think we might be done after this round of chemo (round #9). He thinks my body is at it's breaking point. So I am hoping the CA2729 number look good and I can be done after this round.

I have a doctors appointment on Monday with one of the other oncologiest nurses. I am not sure how much they can answer questions and set up treatment but we will see. Then I see a different oncologies in the office for the following round because Dr. Rado and Mitra are out of town. So I am curious to see how things go. It seems like ever time Dr. Rado and Mitra are gone I have some sort of complications. So I am hoping that everything goes well this time with them gone.

I had some one ask me if I wasn't happy with Dr. Rado. I am sorry if it sounded that way. I think Dr. Rado has done a great job with me and my treatment. I really don't have any complaints with Dr. Rado or Mitra.