Thursday, April 3, 2008

Most of the family visited Dr. Kris!

Well I thought I would update a little. I have still been pretty tired it comes and goes through out the day. Family life has been busy but with the help of friends and family I am doing good with resting. So thank you so much to all who have been helping with meals and helping with the kids. I know I say it everytime but I really couldn't get well without all the help that I have had so thank you.

I wanted to also take a minute to let everyone know that DSHS has picked up most of my medical bills. We have to meet a spin down every six months. But thanks to all those who helped raise money we are able to meet the DSHS spin downs. We have other medical cost that that money will also cover. I just wanted you to know that things are working out. So thanks to everyone who helped and thank you for your kindness.

We are so greatful to Chyerl, Ryan's boss who has given Ryan a job. And we are so grateful that his job can pay all of our other bills. We want you to know that the fund raising money doesn't go to our family it is just for medical. And we are very greatful to all who helped with the fund raisers. You have help make my fight with cancer so much easier. I have not had to worry about my medical bills. So far things have worked out well.

Now for a Dr. Kris update. This week has been my week off kind of. Today I went down to see Dr. Kris. Ryan and Carter went down to see Dr. Kenzie with me. Dr. Kenzie is a doctor that is in Dr. Kris's office that both the boys saw today. I saw Dr. Kirs and the visit went well. They always go well. I have been having some pain in my ribs that I forgot to talk to him about two weeks ago. So he checked that out today. He said they were sore and out. That it could be from a few different things. Anyway my back was really out and twisted. So he worked on my back. We talked about how many more rounds I have left. We talked about what he thought about me doing two more rounds. He said he wasn't sure my body could take two more rounds. So we are going to wait for my blood work. I have a blood draw tomorrow and will get the results on Monday. He said I would probably be o.k. this round but we would talk about and check me out to see about the next round. I think we might be done after this round of chemo (round #9). He thinks my body is at it's breaking point. So I am hoping the CA2729 number look good and I can be done after this round.

I have a doctors appointment on Monday with one of the other oncologiest nurses. I am not sure how much they can answer questions and set up treatment but we will see. Then I see a different oncologies in the office for the following round because Dr. Rado and Mitra are out of town. So I am curious to see how things go. It seems like ever time Dr. Rado and Mitra are gone I have some sort of complications. So I am hoping that everything goes well this time with them gone.

I had some one ask me if I wasn't happy with Dr. Rado. I am sorry if it sounded that way. I think Dr. Rado has done a great job with me and my treatment. I really don't have any complaints with Dr. Rado or Mitra.


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Good luck RESTING and with the cake...

PRP said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last round for you...let us know what you need!

Anonymous said...

Rochelle I am so glad DSHS has picked up your medical bills. By the way I don't think anyone would care if some of the money they fund raised was used on your family. Take care of yourself and your family, you all deserve it. I hope you don't have to do anymore chemo and that you can start to get more energy back and your body can get healthy again. I love you and miss your family.

Rainbows and Ladybugs said...

Hi Rochelle,
Hang in there and I hope that this is your last round! I am so glad that your medical bills have been sorted as it is something less to worry about and you can concentrate on getting your strength back and enjoying the summer with the children.
Best wishes

hatch said...

You are such a trooper. I hope this is your last round too. That is good news about your medical bills. You just need to concentrate on getting better. Are you still up for visitors?