Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update from Pheonix

O.k. I am with you guys I love pictures but I am not at my computer today so no pictures. Sorry. Lots of update. Let's see where to start. I think I told you I had my fifth round of chemo in December. In Jan saw the doctor she decided even though numbers were up we would still do this last round to helpfully keep them from really jumping higher. I think the CA 2729 on Jan 15 was 365 or so. On Fri the 15th I had my 6th and last round of chemo and was giving orders to go a get a CT/PET.

I wasn't able to make that appoint yet. I had been having very bad pain for about two weeks before treatment and had started to take some high doses of pain meds. While on Sunday nigh after treatment on Friday I started throwing up and coming out the other end and lots of pain. So Ryan took my to the hospital. The did a CT scan and thought it look like it was probably the appendix. They decided to put us in a more comfy room upstairs about 4 am. I didn't see the doctor until about 3:45 on Monday he said let go. So 15 mins later I was being prepared for surgery. Everything went well. He did say he had never seen anything like it and didn't know why it hadn't ruptured. So I left the oh so lovely hospital around 11pm that night.

Well we decided to go back down to CTCA and see what they think of numbers being high just to look at everything. In the mean time I am in still in quite a bit a pain. CTCA got me a flight and an appointment the following Tuesday or yesterday a week after surgery.

I thought I had done such a good job collecting all the information they would need here. Long story short we didn't have everything we needed to make any decisions yesterday. They did a CT and I saw the doctor but apparently they have stop doing there own blood work for the CA2729 numbers so we are still waiting on those they take three days before we really decided what chemo to put me back on. He said there is still cancer but it doesn't seem to look as bad and there isn't any in the lungs like they thought there maybe. So he decided to check out the pain I am still having. So he sent my for an ultra sound this morning. The lady showed my what pictures she took. She showed me my right kidney it looked prefect she said then she showed the left. She said that it didn't' look normal. There were 5 black holes that is what she called them. So I will see a doc tomorrow at 2pm. Unless I hear from my doctor soon. So we are hoping thing will be all summed up by Thur Night. We shall see. I guess I am on vacation. I can't say it has been a very pain free vacation and I miss my family already. I know Ryan is taking good care of the kids.

So so long and not pictures but I did update!