Friday, October 31, 2008

Can't Say Anything NICE Don't Say Anything!

I typed this up last week and forgot to post. We left out of town last Friday. When I got home today I had a few phone calls saying I hadn't posted in to long.

O.k. so my mother taught me if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all......

I think that has been my problem lately with not updating my blog. I thought last May this trail was over then they found the brain tumor which all went really well until I had radiation. Then it seems like I just couldn't get back to a normal. Every time I turn around with this radiation something else pops up. The last month I have been dealing with being very tired. So tired that I while unloading dishes I have to sit down and take a break. Dr. Rado's office run some test this last month but kept telling me it wasn't my thyroid or my pituitary gland. Which all my system fit with that diagnoses. So I became very frustrated. So they decided since they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me they would send me to a endocrinologist. Basically they are a gland doctor. Rado's office doesn't think I have a thyroid problem or a pituitary problem but they think something is wrong. So they called over to Dr. Wilson one of the two endocrinologist in the tri-cities. They said it was urgent. So I got an appointment for Dec 2 that is when you get an appointment when it is urgent. NICE!!! So basically they are tell me there is something really wrong but it can wait a month and a half. So you can just have absolutely no energy for the next month and a half. Then who knows how long to get you better after that. So if you can't tell I am not very happy with the doctors. Luckily I see Dr. Kris who is my life savor. He said you have a theiord and a pituitary problem. And he put me on some vitiams last Friday. Since then I have been getting better. Thank goodness for Dr. Kris or I would still be laying in bed for our family vacation. I have been in a panic because we leave today for Disney World and I thought I might not make it. I am still not 100% but I am feeling well enough to go.

I am also waiting for CAT scan results from Dr. Fewel. He is my neurologist (brain tumor doc). About two weeks ago it felt like my scull is starting to cave in. I have been having some head symptoms. So I am hoping that there is something they can do to help my headaches and dizziness.

So I am really feeling bad for my kids we keep telling them I am not sick anymore which I am not but them I am always laying on the couch not feeling well. So I am hoping soon my kids will be able to believe me that I am not sick anymore.

So you see if you can't say anything nice you shouldn't say anything at all.