Saturday, October 29, 2011


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funeral Services

Oct 28 3pm-4pm – Family Viewing
4pm-7pm – Public Viewing
Hillcrest Memorial Center
9353 W Clearwater Ave Kennewick

Oct 29 10:30am-11:30 – Open Viewing
12pm – Funeral Services at the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Pasco Stake Chapel
Pasco Stake Center
2004 Rd 24
Pasco WA 99301

Immediately following Gravesite Dedication at Riverview Heights Cemetary in Kennewick off 10th and Olympia

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Wife, Mother, Daughter and Sister...

Has passed away this night! We are deeply sad to say that tonight around 11:45 Rochelle Christine Bassett took her last breath. We like to think that she was waiting to see Kamden with her new Birthday present that came today and that she wanted her last kisses and hugs from the kids.
This is Kendall sister #4, and I am not as good at this as Bailey sister #5 who was getting after me today just an hour before to update the blog that I promised would get done while she was gone back a home with her own family. I hope that you all pray for the kids and Ryan at this time.
Rochelle was a great example to us in so many ways and will be missed. We know that she is in a better place. We are grateful for all the many messages that were left for her and the family they have been very comforting and a great way to remember the life of an amazing daughter of God.
We will try to update soon with more information about the funeral arrangements.
Please know that we are very at peace and that Ryan has said that he is thankful for the prayers as they have helped him feel much peace at this time.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Special day

I think it will be ok if she decided to go today it will be a special day for Kamden and Rochelle. Whatever happens it will all workout for the best.

Strong heart

Rochelles heart is pumping overtime to compensate for all the other organs that are beginning to shut down. She is not getting enough oxygen. The hospice nurse is here and feels it will be soon if not today. She may fight until tomorrow because she knows it's Kamdens birthday.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nothing new

Nothing new tonight, Rochelle is still unresponsive. Not much more to say.

Me not having anything to say does not happen very often, Just ask my husband. :)

Good sleep...

I don't know about Ryan but I slept GREAT, amazing what good sleep will do. Also Ryan told me I was snoring all night, so I know I was out cold.

Rochelle had a fever all last night and this morning. Moving her eyes and toes are about the only way she can let us know what she needs, likes, or does not like something. I think everything going on is confusing to the kids, family over all the time, and Ryan has told them mom is dying but every morning she is still here. Even Ryan feels like she is paying him back for all those times he teased her and stood at the top of the stairs to scare her when she came up. Looking at pictures from last week and it is amazing how much weaker she as become in such a short amount of time. She has stopped drinking any water, she can no longer sit up and suck, and water only seems to cause her to cough.

Today we are having a family birthday party for Kamden,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Party

Kamden turns nine on Monday, so she celebrated with a beauty party. She had the party at Rochelles good friend, Danielles house. A bunch of older girls from their church came to help all the little girls get pedicures, makeup, hair, and nails done. Don't they look beautiful! Kamden had a full day of fun thanks to everyone who helped contribute.

Ryan has been spending the day trying to make Rochelle as comfortable as possible.

Pink Soccer...

Kamdens soccer team made pink ribbons and they all wore pink socks for the game!

Long night...

Ryan and I have been up most of the night with Rochelle who had a hard night. Rochelle is sleeping and now the kids are up. Kamden has a soccer game, and her birthday party today. I am off to try and curl Kamdens hair (cross your fingers) that stubborn little girl will let me near her hair.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Movie and pizza

Bassett family has a tradition of pizza and a movie on Friday nights. We rented Hocus Pocus and had pizza for dinner. I am sure this tradition will continue for years to come.

Rochelle seems even more weak tonight, We can tell she really wants to join our conversation tonight but does not have the strength to voice her opinion, we both knew exactly what she would say if she could. Rochelle had no problem voicing her opinion and you never doubted how she felt about any situation.

Pumpkin Patch...

The kids did not want to go to school today so we took them to the pumpkin patch.


Every day gets a little harder, Rochelle is so weak she can not even speak. Ryan made the comment yesterday that it must be frustrating for her to sit here and listen to us talk and she can not contribute, and we all know how much Rochelle loves to talk. She has no strength to even scratch her face. We have watched her lift her arms up a few inches and we think what does she need to scratch, to stretch, a drink? So of course we try them all in hopes of keeping her comfortable. She loves when we wash her face, yesterday when we were washing her arm pits she said in relief, thats just what I need.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pay it forward

Rochelle had tears today when Ryan was talking about her their first and last date, both at Dairy Queen.

Rochelle asked to see her kids tonight. They each came in and told her about their days and Ryan sat behind Rochelle holding her up and helped her to wrap her arms around each kid and give them a hug.

I lost it tonight when I came into the bedroom and Ryan said Rochelle had a sad face, and NO ONE should have to suffer like this. Especially Rochelle who is such a great person and would serve and do anything even for a stranger. Rochelle loves her friends and family so much, and has helped so many people. Even with cancer and going through surgeries and chemo she was still taking care of so many people. I know Rochelle would approve of this, I want to encourage everyone to do service for someone. Honestly Rochelle does not need anything at this time, but so many other people do. Please, carry on Rochelle's service attitude. Rochelle's attitude towards service is don't ask, just do it.

Alma 40:12
And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow.

This scripture brings me peace, and I look forward to the day Rochelle will be in paradise, and rest from all troubles, care, and sorrow.


is Rochelle's favorite word this morning no don't touch me, no medicine, no water. she has a morning routine of trying to get out of bed, today she wanted to go to West Richland Park. Ryan finally after a little work was able to give her some medicine to relax her. She is relaxed and sleeping.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Pictures

They took family pictures last Friday, we lOVE them.

Rochelle has been sleeping most of the day. This morning she wanted to go to Freddie's (Fred Meyers) with her sisters for a girls shopping trip. She kept wanting to get out of bed, once she relaxed she has been sleeping all day.


Rochelle slept all night, and woke up this morning ready to sit up and go to the bathroom and give her kids hugs before school. She told Carter he has to go to school when he was telling his dad he didn't want to. She even told me don't touch me, when I went in to help her sit up. Just a little morning update, more to come later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ready for bed...

Not many changes since my last post. Ryan had a meeting with the kids tonight and he mentioned it looks like mom is sleeping but she can hear them. Ryan said Rochelle will wiggle her toes if she can hear and so they all looked down and sure enough Rochelle wiggled her toes. We are getting ready for bed so I just wanted to post so everyone knew where we stood. Lots of crying today I think we are all physically and emotionally tired.


Rochelle has been pretty unresponsive today . Her breathing is more shallow, but her heart is still strong.

She is not responding much today, but when Ryan said he loved her she mouthed she loved him and gave him a kiss.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The kids...

I have loved every minute I got to spend with Rochelle today.

What an amazing experience this has been. Ryan was exhausted this morning when he got up, or as he put it he never went to bed, Rochelle was very agitated last night and kept wanting to get out of bed. Ryan said at 6:30am she was getting up and just wanted to go to work. Ryan took a little break and went to work for a short time today and my mom and I had a great time with Ro. Rochelle has been wanting to get up and out of bed all day or just wanting to sit up. She speaks very quiet and slurred but mostly knows exactly what she wants to say. She has been confused and other times is very cleared headed. Rochelle has been waving to no one we can see all day and talking about things that we can not see, and we have been wondering just how thin the veil is today.

The Social Worker for hospice has left the kids packets to talk about death. I have spent time today going over the packets and talking with Carter (6) and Kamden (9 next week) about their mom and giving them an opportunity to tell how they are feeling. Kamden has loved the activities. The kids have a lot of anger and whenever I ask how they are feeling they say very sad.

For those who are wondering how to make a donation:

Bank of America
Kennewick Branch
3420 West Kennewick Ave
Kennewick, Wa 99336

Rochelle Bassett Cancer Fund

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lots of laughs...

Finally, after a little work we finally figured out how to get on Rochelle's blog to update. This is Bailey sister #5, I flew in last night and I am staying at Rochelle's house with Chauntel sister #3. Rochelle had a hard night last night, the hospice nurse came and doubled her pain meds. Tonight they have placed a tube in her stomach to pump out the acids, to help with her upset stomach.

Our large family has been spending the day lounging and reminiscing about the past, we also took a picture with all six sisters. We all piled onto the bed next to Rochelle and when we were asked to smile she stuck her tongue out at the camera. Another funny moment today was when she was trying to get out of the bed and Kendall #4, asked her why she was getting up and what she needed, she quickly responded with, " what are you the police". Tonight Ryan mentioned that he had hoped to find her wedding ring he was not sure where she had put it. Without a word and with eyes closed she pointed to the shelf that had a vase full of pebbles, and there it was. Today when her nephew Tristan (3yrs. old) was leaving and went to give her a kiss, her response was, "Ok it will cost you $2.50". She has been making us laugh, but mostly she has been resting eyes closed and not very verbal. She looks very fragile and frail. Ryan asked me to add this story... Last night when Rochelle was having strong pain in her stomach and they were waiting for the hospice nurse to come. Ryan kneeled down next to the bed and told Rochelle it was ok if she was ready to go she could, they would be ok. It was a very sweet and kind gesture, but Rochelle informed him she did not think that was what was going on, I think it's just my stomach, basically stop over reacting Ryan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall 2011

Rochelle wanted to update her blog. This is what she asked me to type... Danielle

Summer flew by so fast with all the cancer stuff going on. I visited CTCA and they didn't have much to say or do for me. I had several scans. The cancer has spread to the kidneys. With all the medical stuff I didn't get to play with my kids much. I spent a lot of time in the emergency room because of dehydration. I have now been in the hospital for 11 days. I'm hoping to go home soon once hospice is set up. Please no pity parties. I'm still a fighter - I'll just be fighting on the other side soon. Thanks for your support, your help, and your kindness. There are lots of people who need service please don't stop with me. Remember I'm not dead yet. I can still talk and have fun. I have some good moments but please understand I don't know when those will be so don't take it personal. Please have good days for me. Love, Rochelle