Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Great Wife, Mother, Daughter and Sister...

Has passed away this night! We are deeply sad to say that tonight around 11:45 Rochelle Christine Bassett took her last breath. We like to think that she was waiting to see Kamden with her new Birthday present that came today and that she wanted her last kisses and hugs from the kids.
This is Kendall sister #4, and I am not as good at this as Bailey sister #5 who was getting after me today just an hour before to update the blog that I promised would get done while she was gone back a home with her own family. I hope that you all pray for the kids and Ryan at this time.
Rochelle was a great example to us in so many ways and will be missed. We know that she is in a better place. We are grateful for all the many messages that were left for her and the family they have been very comforting and a great way to remember the life of an amazing daughter of God.
We will try to update soon with more information about the funeral arrangements.
Please know that we are very at peace and that Ryan has said that he is thankful for the prayers as they have helped him feel much peace at this time.


Mandy Rasmussen said...

Our love and prayers are with you.
Toby & Mandy Rasmussen

Anonymous said...

Ryan and family, our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you all. We have been watching this blog all night. Heaven just gained a wonderful angel! Rochelle is an amazing person and as we all can tell well loved! I pray you all will be comforted and that you all feel at peace.

We are truly going to miss her awnryness. But thankfully we will always see Rochelle in those beautiful children. How my heart aches for them. I pray that Heavenly Father watches over them and provides them with understanding, peace, and love.

Ryan feel free to call or stop by out of the blue like Rochelle would do. Our door is always open and our ears and shoulders are available if you need someone to talk to.

God Bless you Ryan and children, God Bless the wonderful sisters and family that kept us all updated. Not an easy task when you were all helping around the Bassett home and dealing with your emotions. We thank you for the opportunities that allowed us to write and make comments on Rochelle's blog. What a wonderful way for all of is to express our feelings and love for Rochelle.

Till we meet again......God Bless You All!

Dale and Heidi Wilson

Brandee Hogg said...

Rest in peace....finally my friend!! Although I will miss you, I feel comfort in knowing your on the other side looking after us all!! Bless Ryan and your beautiful children. Until we meet again!

Anonymous said...

As I sit here typing, deleting, and typing again my heart is full. I'm so thankful to be able to say that I knew Rochelle. I'm thankful for the things she has taught me. I'm thankful that she acepted me for who I am. I'm thankful that she loved her family so dearly. I'm thankful that she chose to follow the Savior in all that she did. I'm thankful for her example of love, acceptance, & service. I'm thankful for her faith. I'm thankful for her strength. I'm thankful for the last four years she has been blessed to have with her family. I'm thankful she is no longer sick. I'm thankful I will see her again.

Continued prayers and hugs to all the family.


Mollykins said...

I believe Rochelle provided us a little glimpse of Heaven in the life she lived. Her spirit lives on! She has been a powerful influence for good. She remains with us in our thoughts and we will cherish the tender memories we have of her. May we strive to serve and love others as she did as we remember her always. Peace comes through our testimonies of our Heavenly Father, His perfect love for each of us and His eternal plan. Dear Bassett and Schultz families, we love you and will pray for your continued strength and comfort! Rochelle will not be forgotten, nor will your kindness and love in sharing the end of her journey with us. As our journey continues, please remember that you have neighbors and friends who are happy to help. Please call on us. We are here and will embrace every opportunity to serve.

Love to you, The Collins Family

Warren Caudle said...

My beautiful niece never gave up. She was valiant, a true Mother in Zion, a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father. Your smile and laughter brought many to happiness. I will miss you, Rochelle, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we may be together as a family again. I am grateful that your family was there, sharing these moments together. Our love to you all, Uncle Ren

Cheryl Seamans said...

Ryan,Cole,Kamden,Carter,and all the Shultz and Bassett Families,
I am so sad for your loss.
Rochelle was very special.
A beautiful woman inside and out.
She has given us so many lessons
on how to live each day to the fullest, to be the best you can be,
to reach out to others in need.
She loved her family most of all.
May that love and memories of times
shared help you in the days to come. My thoughts and prayers are
with you all.
Cheryl Seamans

Misty Gottschalk said...

I am truely sorry to hear this news but also grateful that Rochelle is done fighting and is at peace. Am praying for Ryan, the kids, and her amazing support system of her family. My you each find peace and comfort in this process of journey to our Heavenly Father. God bless u all.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and family we are so sorry for your loss. We will continue to pray for each of you.
Rochelle fought a good fight and will continue to fight for her family. She was a strong and courageous woman, the world needs more like Rochelle.
Grateful for the knowledge that we have that through the atonement of Jesus Christ families can be together forever.
May each of you have peace and be comforted at this time.
With love,
Sherri, Garrett Stark and family

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Your family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We pray that you may feel peace at this time. Rochelle truly was an amazing daughter of God. Heaven just gained a wonderful angel.

Love, Danny and Katie Orton

Mickey Fernandez said...

I am sorry for Rochelle's passing, and please know you will be in our thoughts and prayers. I wanted to thank Rochelle's entire family for contributing to this blog, afer Rochelle could not continue it herself, and share with us all this most personal of times in your life. Rochelle has given a great example of love, faith, strength and service to all of us, even people like me who did not know her very well (Ryan works for my sis-in-law). It has been a real prvilege to read her blog, and learn about al of you, and follow this journey. Thank you, and my condolences to everyone, and love. Mickey Fernandez

Unknown said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss! Thoughts and prayers are with you all, Ryan and their precious children! Thank you to the family for sharing Rochelle's journey with us! May you be blessed with peace in the days to come.
The Barcomb family

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan, the kids and your family right now! Hoping that you find piece and comfort! Rochelle was an amazing example to so many and she will be missed so much by our family. I am so glad to have the opportunity to say she was my friend!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to learn of your loss this morning. What an amazing person she was. May you find some comfort in knowing that she is no longer suffering in pain. Thank you to the whole family for sharing this journey with all of us and allowing us to appreciate what is important in life. My thoughts are with you...
Casey Swinburnson

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Rochelle was such an amazing person and we're all better off for having known her. As so many others have said, thank you for sharing Rochelle's journey with all of in peace Rochelle, you will be missed. Heather Courson

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers to all that Rochelle loved. May there be peace for Rochelle. I know her spirit will never leave all the people she touched. I am so sorry for Rochelle and all her family. Thinking of you, O'Brien Family

natallie said...

You did a very good job Kendall. I'm grateful that Rochelle is no longer confined to her earthly body but she will be greatly missed. Thank you all for letting us in during this difficult time. Your family will continue in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know if you need anything. Love natallie

cope family said...

If you ever need anything we will be there. Sorry for your loss Ryan and kids. Just know she is safe and sound with our Heavenly Father. Love those babies ..

Unknown said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family. I know it must bring some comfort that she is no longer in pain but free to be an angel to watch over her most precious thing to her. Her family. May you have tender mercies at this time and the spirit of the lord to comfort you. Love you all the Roberts family.

Anonymous said...

PJ, Minnesota

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been following your blog for a few weeks. I almost felt like I knew Rochelle. I will be thinking of you all today... a strong, loving family.

Anonymous said...

I never got the chance to meet Rochelle. But from following her story, I know what a wonderful person she was and what a huge impact she has made on countless people. Even at the worst of times, she never lost faith. Throughout her battle, through good news and bad news, she never gave up hope. She never felt sorry for herself and always wanted to help others, even when she probably did not feel her best. She showed us how to have grace & dignity while dealing with life changing circumstances. If everyone had as much determination as Rochelle did to do good things and help other people despite their own challenges, what a great place this world would be. She is the definition of setting a good example, which we should all follow.

Thank you to the family for keeping us updated on her courageous journey, we have been rooting for her every step of the way, even though from the sidelines. I know this has had to be one of the most difficult things to deal with and I appreciate you sharing it with us. I will continue to pray for your family and hope that everyone is doing as well as can be expected.

With all my love & respect,

(Chauntel’s sister-in-law)

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful tribute this blog has been to Rochelle's bravery, cheerfulness, and faith. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to follow her journey. The entire Bassett and Schultz families will be in our thoughts and in our prayers.

The Brandon & Marilyn Lott Family

Jodi said...

Rochelle put up a great fight. Now she can rest in peace. I can just imagine the reunion she had with family and friends that passed on before her. I'm thankful for her example and her friendship. She will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

"Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow." - Author Unknown

Thank you for your post Kendall. We'll pray for comfort for everyone who knew Rochelle and a special prayer for Ryan and kids.

UteFamily said...

We love you Rochelle.

Thank you for all your updates. Our prayers have been with your family and will continue to be with your family. We love you all. My heart aches, but at the same time I'm glad Rochelle's in no more pain. She will always be in our hearts. The love she's shown for everyone and the kindness she's always had will be talked about forever. She's an example to us all.

We will miss you so much Rochelle. Until we meet again!

Roberta and family

hatch said...

I will miss my friend. I find comfort in knowing this goodbye is not forever, and we will see her again. She will forever be an example to me of compassion, service, grace, strength and true friendship.
Your families will continue to be in my prayers.
Kim Hatch

Rebecca Janosky said...

My heart aches. What a strong mother, wife and sister. Only God understands why this was his plan and my prayer is that it will be revealed to provide peace and comfort to all who are grieving her loss. Perhaps it's God's way of bringing one person to salvation who will serve others in the capacity she did. May you forever be blessed with fond memories of her. Thoughts and prayers are with you....

Candie said...

I am so blessed to have known Rochelle. We were good friends in high school and am sorry to say we lost contact after. I ran into Rochelle this spring, we talked liked 18yrs had never passed. Same old, same old.......
She has taught me so many lessons, and I'm sure has taught all that have been following her story! She is a truely wonderful giving person. I look forward to seeing Rochelle again.......
I will continue to pray for strenth for you. May God bless you.

Candie Russert-Lansing

Doe said...

Tears this morning for the world's loss of an amazing woman. Happy tears for knowing that God has a new soldier today, a perfect angel to look after her family everyday. I am glad to know her pain is gone and she is walking in a beautiful eternity. Rochelle you will be dearly missed. Thank you for showing your love to all of those you encountered. You will forever be here in our hearts.

Prayers for peace to Ryan, Cole, Kamden and Carter along with the rest of the Schultz and Bassett families. May God hold your hands through these most difficult of days.

KariAnne Clark (Deines)

PRP said...

Over the last few weeks, as I've read about Rochelle's continued fight, I've been thinking of all the people who are doing things differently because of her example. Maybe being a little kinder, or attending to their kids more. Finding someone to serve or loving their spouse a little more fully. She touched so many people with her example of love, faith and hope and I know our community has changed because of her. She, and the entire Bassett and Shultz families have been remarkable through this journey. Our family will continue to pray for your comfort and peace.

Brad & Karen Johnson

Angela S said...

Its been a long 4+ years and I'm grateful she's now at Rest with our Lord. Our prayers will continue with your family as you grieve her passing. She was obviously an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

All our love and prayers to your family.

Barb & Gordon

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you. What strength your family as shown all of us by expressing the peace you feel. The peace that only comes from the true knowledge that families are forever. Love you all so much!

Justin and Breanne Weekes (McGinnis) said...

Rochelle has left the world a better place. Her legacy of love, service, kindness and joy will live on forever in my life. Her example will always influence me and the things I do and say. Even though she is younger than me, I hope I grow up to be just like her. Pam Anderson

Anonymous said...

I feel blessed to have observed Rochelle as a beautiful young woman who grew to have a beautiful family. Though after moving I lost track of her and her journey I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to have seen the impact Rochelle has had on others. She has taught me, simply through her example, to be more loving. All the wonderful things so many people have said about her are a tribute to her life and spirit. Thank you Bassett and Schultz families for allowing us to be a part of Rochelle's story and testimony. My prayers are with you. May your hearts be comforted in this time.
Crystal DeCoursey

Anonymous said...

What a blessing it has been to follow Rochelle's journey. She has helped us all put life into perspective. I'm thankful that Rochelle knew how much she was loved and the impact she had on all before she left this earth.
Ryan, our prayers are for you and the children and her parents, sisters, and entire family. May you truly feel of Heavenly Father's strength and peace which we pray descends upon you. We are profoundly sorry for your loss.
As soon as I read of Rochelle's passing, I said a prayer of thanks that she has finally found eternal rest and peace.
Cole, Camden, and Carter, you were blessed to have a wonderful mom. I wish you could have had her longer on the earth, but you will have her forever because families are eternal.
Megan Stevens
P.S. Thank you for letting us share this journey with you.

Petersons said...

We have been praying and thinking about all of you and especially for Ryan and the kids. Rochelle was so strong and a great example!

Siera Peterson

Megan said...

We too, have watched the bravery and strength which Rochelle and her family have all shown through this last four years with awe. We marvel at your strength and trust in the Lord. We pray that your trust in the Lord and His eternal plan will continue to comfort you now.
Each time I see the face of one of the kids, I will think of her. I will honor her memory by being the best mother I can, as she always was.
With all of our love and prayers.
KC & Megan Williams

Shelly said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Rochelle was and will continue to be a great example to us. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
-Justin and Shelly

Boyce Family said...

Thank you so much for the updates. Our prayers have been with your family and will continue to be with your family. My heart aches, but at the same time I'm glad Rochelle's not in pain anymore. She's a wonderful example to me and many others. I love her blog post where she says, have a good day for me. I will do that and I will learn from her example. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that families are forever and that we will get to see her again. She is now an angel watching over her family and many others. May you find peace and comfort at this time.

All our love,

Jason and Jessica Boyce

Debie Spurgeon said...

We love your family and pray that peace and comfort will continue with you. I will cherish the specific moments I can reflect upon when Rochelle touched my life through her faith, service and example. I feel blessed to have witnessed her strength. You are an amazing family!!
Love, The Spurgeons.

Anonymous said...

I did not know Rochelle personally. Just an old friend of Ryan's sister, who stumbled across this blog a few yrs back. I am so sorry and saddened for Ryan and his children. I know there is nothing I can say to make anything better, but please know that I am praying from across the country for Ryan and the kids to be able to find peace and happiness, and comfort. Share and treasure all those happy memories. Rochelle is now your personal guardian angel. Your families story has touched so many peoples lives that you don't even know. Hopefully you can take the kids out on a starry night and look up and a feel all the love and comfort from Rochelle looking down and all the people who are thinking of you guys! :)
Lots of love!

BB said...

My heart goes out to Ryan and those beautiful children. Rochelle fought an unbelievable battle and her willingness to share her story - and the willingness of your family to continue to share it through the end shows what amazing strength you all have. Her pain has now ended and she can watch over her beautiful family from a better place.

JulieZ said...

We are so sorry to hear of Rochelle's passing. She was a wonderful example and friend and she will be missed greatly. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. May you find comfort in knowing that families are forever.

All our love,
Kent & Julie Zirker

tharker said...

To the Bassett and Schultz families,
much love and peace to each of you during this time.

stylist to the stars said...

I am so sorry for your families loss. Please know all of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love to all of you, Megan Lee

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Family
We are sad to hear of Rochelle's passing. Her example of Kindness and Service to our family will always be remembered. We love you, we want to help.
Big fans of your family
Tiffanie, Donna and Phil Tracy

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. My daughter, Cora, and Kamden danced together. She is a beatiful soul, and is a great example of how we should all appreciate our time with family and friends. I didn't know her well, but I am moved by her bravery, her selflessness,and her never ending devotion to her family and friends. I hope that the family finds peace and comfort in the coming days.

Eric, Collette, and Cora Denton

Anonymous said...

We will miss Rochelle greatly! What a great friend she was! I'm grateful she is no longer in pain and at peace at this time! I too am grateful for the knowledge I have that I can see her again someday! That's what brings me comfort knowing this is not the end of our friendship! What a great example she was to everybody she came in contact with. She has brought so many closer to God by sharing her journey on this blog. Through her example, her strength, her positive attitude and her service she has inspired all of us to be better people! What a legacy she left to all who knew her and those who didn't but followed her on this blog. I hope I can be at least half the person she was. We pray that Ryan, Cole, Kamden, Carter, the Schultz' and the Bassett's find comfort and peace at this time. You are in our thoughts and prayers! I keep imagining God saying to Rochelle, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." I also imagine her jumping right into the work God has for her to do in the spirit world. She was always a go-getter!

We love you Rochelle and will miss you greatly! It is not goodbye, but until we meet again! Thanks to all who kept us posted on her condition. I know it probably wasn't easy but we really appreciate you letting us be a part of her journey.

Love always and forever,
Cyndy and Matt Stevens and family!

Nicole said...

I will miss my good friend! My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time. She truly was a remarkable woman and has touched my life for good.

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry for your loss and yet we are also relieved that Rochelle does not have to suffer anymore. She fought her battle with so much dignity and strength. Even though I only met Rochelle a few times she always had a smile on her face as we compared hair loss and hair growth and all the challenges of cancer :) I feel blessed to have known her and I know that she has left a wonderful legacy on earth.
We hope that her children will come to cherish the time that they had with her.
Alison & Gordon Webster

Anonymous said...

Rochelle taught us all how to endure trials with dignity and enduring till the end. What a wonderful example she was to us all. Ryan has been stalwart in supporting his beautiful wife during this time. We love your family and pray for peace and comfort for you at this time.

Roger & Brenda Wright family

Jill and Lonnie said...

Dear Ryan and Family,
I always feel like words just aren't enough to say how I feel inside. I am so sorry for your loss and yet so relieved that Rochelle doesn't have to suffer any more. I hope that you will feel her presence around you like a warm blanket and that our continued prayers in your behalf will buoy you up.
With Love, Jill & Lonnie McGill

Anonymous said...

  I have been honored to be in Rochelle and Ryans home on many many occasions and have been blessed  for knowing them.  I have felt the sweet influence of the Holy Ghost in their home and know the influence that a great Mom has on her household.  I know that Rochelle had this great influence in her home.  She lived following after the greatest example of all, that is Jesus Christ.  

A quote comes to mind that reminds me of Rochelle.   "The gospel of Christ is a living, daily religion, and hourly religion.  It requires us to do right today, this hour, this week, this month and this year; and so on from year to year, to live our religion---which is the religion of Jesus Christ.".  Joseph F. Smith.  My thoughts and prayers are with the Bassett family that they wlll always remember the influence Rochelle had in their home.  Condolences go out to all of Rochelle's extended family as well, the Schultz and Bassett families and all others whom Rochelle has had influence on.  May the knowledge of the great plan of salvation and the Comforter give you the peace and comfort you need at this time.  I know Rochelle is free from pain and that she is happy and that she understood the gospel plan.  My life has been blessed because I knew Rochelle.  Thank you Rochelle for your example in the way you lived your life.  You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

To the Bassett and Schultz families.
Our hearts are heavy for you today. May our father in heaven pour out his tender mercy today and always apon you is our hope and prayer
Lamar and Kristen Linde and family

Unknown said...

My thoughs and heartfelt prayers are with Ryan and the kids. I am so thankful to have known Rochelle through this blog. She truly is in our Lord's presence and able to watch over her family as one of his choice angels. Always know she will be close to you when you need her and loves you still. I pray for Heavenly Father's loving arms to envelope the Bassett Family and carry them through this time of adjustment. God bless you!

Sarah said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family constantly at this time. What more can we say than what has been said. Rochelle was truly an example to us all. In life, she was all that a mother and wife should be. What a fantastic legacy she has left for her children. For some reason, all I have been able to think all morning is about how her last four years have been a pure gift she gave to her children. Her fight for life left them with the memory of a loving, caring, compassionate, service-oriented, mother they will always treasure. That memory is a gift they can always thank her for. You have so many around who love and care for you. God be with you. We love you!

Josh and Sarah Kessie

Anonymous said...

Please know our hearts are with you all. Rochelle was a beautiful person inside and out, a special soul that could touch a life by her presence. We will continue to pray for your family. Ryan, Cole, Kambren and Carter you are in our thoughts and we wish you peace and comfort. May you rest in peace and love Rochelle. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

Adrianna, Gabriel, Derina, Cheyenne and Aliya Melo

Anonymous said...

I knew this day was coming and I have just been dreading it! I am so sad. I will miss my friend. We didn't see each other or talk very often, but when we did it felt like we hadn't missed a beat. I am thankful that she knew Our Heavenly Father and am comforted to know that she is with Him now. I will continue to pray for Ryan and her beautiful children, parents & family to find some peace & comfort during this hard time. Much love to all of you! Love, Suzanne Pock (Brandt)

Lois said...

Thinking of you, grieving with you, praying for you.....
Love, Clay and Lois Dickman

amy said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bassett family today! Love, Tony Christensen Family

Lori said...

To the Bassett and Schultz families,

Our hearts go out to your during this time of sadness as you have said goodbye to your beloved Rochelle. We love you and continue to pray for you. May you find peace through the Spirit as you face this challenging time together.

Love, Lori and Jeff Markle

Erica said...

Prayers of peace to your family at this difficult time.

Cathy said...

As I read through these comments I was touched by the web of family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers that have been touched by such a life well lived. Like others said, I will be a better mother, a better person because I will remember Rochelle - her example and her fight to be with her precious family for as long as she could. We pray for Ryan and the kids every night. May God carry you through this time.

Love Cathy & David Pattee and family

The Kogans said...

I have been thinking about Rochelle all morning. I have wanted to leave a comment on the blog but I can't come up with words. Then this song came to my mind. This truely represents Rochelle's affect on my life and the lives of so many:

Each life that touches ours for good
Reflects thine own great mercy, Lord;
Thou sendest blessings from above
Thru words and deeds of those who love.

What greater gift dost thou bestow,
What greater goodness can we know
Than Christlike friends, whose gentle ways
Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

When such a friend from us departs,
We hold forever in our hearts
A sweet and hallowed memory,
Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee.

For worthy friends whose lives proclaim
Devotion to the Savior’s name,
Who bless our days with peace and love,
We praise thy goodness, Lord, above.

Rochelle's life was a gift from heaven. May we all remember it and let it shape our every future day. Thank you Ryan and family for allowing us to be part of this difficult experience. Please call anytime. We may have moved but you will always be our neighbors!

All Our Love, The Kogans

Anonymous said...

I feel very blessed to have know Rochelle. Our daughters were in dance together. What a great fight you faught. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and the kids during this sad time. Please know if you ever need anything, we are here.

Love to all,

Andy and Wendee Bodnar

Unknown said...

I knew Ryan from grade school on up. I did not stay in the area after graduation and missed out on getting to know everyone's families. After reading this blog, I feel so blessed to have read the words of such a strong fighter. Rochelle, she had to have been one tough cookie. She has a beautiful, loving family and a network of caring individuals who are here to offer support.
Cancer is an ugly disease that robs the world of great people. I wish I had known Rochelle. I can write this down and mean it, I will change the way I live my life from this moment on. I will not take another moment for granted, I will help others who cannot help themselves and I will cherish my son with all that I am. I will serve God as best as I can. Most of all, I will remember the words of Rochelle, some of the things that she wrote were amazing and uplifting. I truly wish I had had the opportunity to know her personally. Her story will never be forgotten. My love and prayers go out to her family and close friends at this difficult time. May God's everlasting love watch over you all.
Nicole A.

::lindsay said...

Rochelle was an amazing person through and through. I've looked up to her example of faith, love, service and courage throughout this trial. My thoughts are with Ryan, the kids, and all the loved ones in Rochelle's life. She touched so many lives and I'm just grateful to have known her. I will try my best to honor her memory by serving others, because that is what she asked us to do right to the very end. We really do have an angel amongst us now!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss of precious Rochelle.She is no longer in pain now,and at peace.She was such a special person to everyone.I knew Rochelle when my grandaughter Paige danced with Kamden. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Thank you for keeping us posted on her. I know it had to be very hard for you. If you need anything,please let me know.God Bless all of you
Sandy Sommerville

Amy Ayres said...

Thank you all again for opening your hearts and allowing us all to go through this difficult journey with you.

Rochelle is truly an amazing woman who fought until the very end. Her strength, courage and faith has made a lasting impression on me forever.

Ryan and family, please know you will all continue to be in my prayers.

Hugs, Amy Ayres

Anonymous said...

WOW! I thought the other posts were tough! I can't sleep, can't eat, Cant stop thinking of the Right words to say!NO WORDS seem to be enough! I just know she is in a better place and you are and forever will be blessed to have Rochelle Bassett as the love of your live.I remember the day you told me you found a real mormon girl!You knew she was the one for you! You were so happy and your world just seemed to light up as mine just seemed to be crushed! She will forever be with you and your kids. Just wish I could help.......I pray we will always be friends cause I sure miss you

Ben and Alissa said...

We hope that Rochelle finally has peace from the hardships her body had in her earthly life. She was such a great person, friend and example. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family.

Trina said...

Cole, Kamden, and Carter, I know you are sad, because you love your mom and miss her. There will be days you may cry, and days you will be mad, and there will be days you will spend laughing about all the great memories you have of your mom and family. It's important to know your mom will see all of those times and be there with you, watching over you, and sending her love from heaven. Every tear, every smile, she's there. Ryan, the same goes for you. My heart, and prayers are with your family.

becwalove said...

Prayers to your family through this hard time Rest in Peace Rochelle, you are a true inspiration.

Becky (Watson) Badoux

Anonymous said...

I remember being nearly neighbors way back when the Bassetts lived on Wrigley Drive. Since then and forever more we will be blessed for having known you. Our prayers to all of you at this difficult time.

Shawn and Tana Beeghly

Unknown said...

I am so sorry that you all had to suffer the loss of such a wonderful wife, mother, sister, and daughter. At least we have the knowledge that you will yet be together again. That has always been a great strength to me in times such as this.

The McEwen's said...

Rochelle was so strong!! What an incredible person she was and what an amazing family she has! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!
-Alyssa (Wagar) McEwen and family

Unknown said...

Who ever thought that something like this would happen to a young beautiful family. It seems thee unthinkable. Especially a lovely woman with a husband who truly loves her and your sweet children you brought in this world together. When you look at your kids, Ryan, You will see Rochelle and the love that will alway be there. I am happy that she is no longer suffering and is in a place of peace and love. =) You will be strong and will grow even stronger as you recover from this. You have done it so far, to the amazement to me, and everyone else that Rochelle had shared this trial with. My Thoughts are with your Family.
Mary Ann Larsen Mason

Bonnie Wagar said...

Ryan, Cole, Kami, Carter; Dennis, Melanie,& family; Rodger, Sandy, Kim, Chauntel, Kendall, Bailey, Jillian & all those who knew & loved Rochelle: "You were blessed with a beautiful wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, & friend. She was truly loved & will be missed by all." What an example of love, charity, righteousness, & fiestiness all rolled into one! I have never known anyone with such determination! She was an example for all of us, as you have been, with your love, strength, & courage. I'm sure you got that from her. :-) I know she will be your angel in heaven...always looking out for you & loving you! Please know we love you all. We have prayed for Rochelle & all of you for many years and will continue to pray for peace in your hearts as you go on & until we all meet again! We love you, Bonnie & Bob Wagar

Joy Fenton said...

This poem gave my husband comfort when his father passed of cancer. I hope it brings a little of what it brought him to you guys:

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on the snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you wake in the morning hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush, of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there. I do not sleep.

Many thoughts hugs and prayers to the amazing family. Rochelle is always there watching over you.

The Fenton Family

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Rochelle's children, husband, and the rest of her family and friends. I never met Rochelle, but she seemed to be a very strong and amazing woman.
I am very touched and moved by her. This is a reminder how precious life is and to never take a single moment for granted.
God bless her family. Rochelle is now in a beautiful place where she is no longer in discomfort and pain. She will be missed by many, but now will be with and watching over her babies and loved ones.

Anonymous said...


Granny McGinnis said...

Mortuary Viewing is
Friday Oct.28, at 3:00PM-7:00PM

Viewing on Saturday 29, time:10:30AM. Funeral is at: 11:30 AM. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. ADDRESS:2004 Road 24 Pasco, WA 99301

Brandee Hogg said...

Thank you Granny McGinnis! I was just wondering what Mortuary you are talking about? Thank you for the information, I have been checking daily! ;)

Cheryl said...

After following Rochelles blog, I have been so touched. Tuesday I had a diagnostic mammogram and so thankful every turned out good. During my many test, she was on my mine, such a hard battle and yet such a strong lady.

She is now at peace, smiling down and looking over her family.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all and thank you so much for continue to update us.

Cheryl ~ Wingate, NC

Anonymous said...

Ryan & family -

You're all in our thoughts. We've had many conversations of late about Rochelle, your family, cancer, her valiant fight and her legacy. We hope you find peace in her memory.

Thanks, Rochelle, for allowing us to share in your journey through your blog.

Love Josh & Teri Mayfield

Vickie said...

My heart was broken by the loss of Rochelle; she was a wonderful caring and giving person. I’m glad that she is no longer in pain and suffering from the horrible cancer. I’m sure that her memories and teachings will live on through her children. I met Rochelle when we were both attending Burbank schools and we became really good friends, spending time at each other houses and giggling on the phone. I was lost when we both moved to different schools for middle school, but then when I walked into Kennewick High it was a great sight to see her there. Even though our lives took different paths we still kept in touch generally by a simple comment on MySpace or Facebook. Rochelle and my dad both were diagnosed with cancer around the same time, I was hoping that she would beat this ugly disease and would be able to spend countless hours with her family. I was saddened to see that the cancer did not leave such a wonderful person. I’m happy that she was able to spend more time with her family and enjoyed every moment. She’s free and out of pain, she won the battle as this did not break her or spirits.

Vickie Allen (Alexander) and Family

Paul said...

Ryan and family,
What a blessing it was to assist Rochelle as she fought her earthly battle and still let the light of our Savior shine from within her. May her spiritual example be a testimony to all who knew her here on earth and will have the privelege of her presence in the eternities. Paul S.

Anonymous said...

Forever missed!

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Im praying for all of you. Have a good life.

Unknown said...

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