Monday, May 31, 2010

Found Picture!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surgery update and cont. treatment

I did this update back in May after having my ovaries and uterus removed. Mom said this one never showed up so I am posting it now. I think it didn't get posted because I was going to add a picture of the tumors but I couldn't get the picture scanned in the computer. Going to do another update.

So again I have been informed that I need to update me blog.

CTCA in Phoenix suggested that I look up a local doc to do the surgery while we waited to hear from CTCA in Chicago. So a friend recommend Dr. Muntz in Seattle and Northwest Seattle. I gave them a call and they said they could get me in May 12th for surgery. CTCA(chicgo) got back and said they could do it the end of June. So I am sure you can guess what I opted to do. Yep, we went to Seattle.

So last week I had my tumors removed. The tumors were the size of a tennis ball or as the doc said the size of his fists. The normal size for ovaries is the size of a walnut. There were two tumors one on each side. I am trying to get the picture upload cross your fingers.

The surgery went really well. They got everything out but one of the ovaries(tumor) was press up against the wall of my stomach. So doc scraped as best as he could. He said he couldn't guarantee that he got it all. So I will be doing a few more rounds of chemo. Doc didn't do a chemo wash. He said those were for people with ovarian cancer. I didn't have ovarian cancer it is or was the original breast cancer. So this means chemo again. The doc sent the tumors to two different labs to see how the tumors would react to different chemos. This will help us decided which drugs we will use for treatment. I am hoping for only three rounds of chem. We will have to see what they say the results come back the middle to end of June. This will be the first summer that I have had to do treatment.

I was told that I need to rest for the first 6-8 weeks. I am trying not to do to much. I am sure you all feel the same at this time of the year. For our family it is a really busy season so to rest is really hard. I did really well the first week with the help of friends, family and the kind people who brought dinner in for us. A huge thanks to those that kept our kids for the week of the surgery.

I have an appointment with Rado, CTCA and possibly Dr. M in a few weeks to decided on treatment. Hoping to be done with everything forever by the end of summer.