Friday, October 30, 2009

Update from Pheonix

So we are still here in Phoenix. My mom is always pushing me to update. I will give the quick update and for those that want more information can continue reading on for the longer version. On Tuesday I was told I have blood clots. On Wednesday we were told by the oncologist that I have a cancerous tumor on my ovaries. O.k. that is the short of it.

I will now give you a little more information for those of you who want the details. We flew to Phoenix on Sunday and we were picked up in a limo and escort to a room like a hotel room inside the Cancer Treatment Center.

Monday Morning we had visits with all of my nurses and some of the doctors. They also did a blood draw on Mon. That was pretty much it we were busy with appointment from 10 to 4pm on Monday.

Tuesday I had a PET scan and an CAT scan of my body. That was it for appointments on Tuesday. We were just about to leave the facility when one of the nurses called our room and said they needed to admit me right away into inpatient. So we went down to the second floor and I was admitted into inpatient. I still didn't really know what was going on. Finally one of the nurse told us I was there because of a blood clot. They wanted to monitor me and teach me how to give myself injections for the blood clots. We were also told I have a mass, a tumor, something on my ovaries. No one would really tell us about what this was all about. We were taught how to give the shot or injection and told that I would have to do those everyday for 6 months. I was released the next afternoon.

On Wednesday after noon we meet with the nurse and then the oncologist. He informed us that my CA2729 was just above 700 and that I have cancer on my ovaries. He scheduled a blood draw for the CA (blood count#) for ovarian cancer. He also scheduled a biopsy for the next day.

Thursday I had a CAT scan guided pelvic biopsy. They didn't put me out and I made it through. Yeah!

Now we are waiting for the results of the biopsy so the Doc and us can decide on a treatment plan. We will see the doctor on Monday hopefully with the result from the biopsy and a treatment plan.

So we are here in Goodyear, AZ missing our kids but grateful they have very kind people taking care of them. Thank you so much to those that are helping take care of them. We miss them alot. This is our first time away from our kids over night. We are also very thankful to know where the cancer is and to be able to treat it. Remember Heavenly Father never gives us more than we can handle. I know I would not trade me life for anyone else.

I will update again when we know more.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Great News!

So I had a bone scan last week and I got the results last firday they found nothing. So that is great news.

We have decided to get a second oppion which in around about way is taking us to Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix you ask why Phoenix? Well we wanted to get a second oppion so we got a suggestion from one of my chemo nurses and she suggested Seattle Cancer Center Alliance in Seattle. She also made two suggestion of doctors to see. I called and the one name I could remember was not seeing new patients. So they asked me to look at the list of about 20 other names and get back to them on two names and they would see what they could do.

In the mean time I saw Dr. Kris who recomended Cancer Center of America, because they do more taking care of the whole body. Which I thought sounded better. So I called them. They have a facility in Seattle but I guess they only see out paitents and don't diagnoise there. So they asked if I could come to Phoenix and they would pay for the flight for Ryan and I and the room for the first visit. We decided to go to get a second oppion. They will pay for Ryan to come with me the first time. After that they just pay for a flight for me to come and I would have to pay for food and room. So I would stay with some relatives hopefully that live close. So we will see what they find. I am hoping I can do treatment in Seattle.

I have also made an appointment in Seattle at the Seattle Cancer Center Alliance with Dr. Ellis that was my second choice. I will see her on Monday the 16th.

Oh, and I have to do another sameless plug for the fun run on Novemember 7th at Howard Ammon Park.

Also a really big thanks to those of you helping with the fun run and helping me while we are away.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fab News!

Still no one can tell me that I am sick with cancer. Both test came back with nothing. So they will continue to do test but we will wait a while. I will see the doctor again in a month. Until then we will continue with Herceptin and blood work every other week and enjoying life with my family.

I am staying very busy with the my kids and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for the messages they are very uplifting.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's UP!!

O.k. so my mom said I need to blog that she has people asking her how I am all the time. So I thought I would do a little updating. Probably no one is readying anymore but just in case their are a few of you out there I will update you.

I am putting on a 3rd annual Rochelle Schultz Bassett Fun Run to raise money for the Cancer Center's Fund for Thermal Imaging(instead of a mammogram). We are doing it on November 7th. We decided to go back to the originally month of November. Anyway if you look two post down it will give all the information. That is the one they did in April so the date is different but all the other info is the same.

If you don't want to read all the details about what has been going on the last few months I will give a quick update and for those that want to know I little more I will then go into more detail. The quick version. My counts as of Tuesday are 300 normal is 0 -40. I have had lots of scans and testing done they still can't find where it is at but there is cancer somewhere they say.

Now for the more detailed version. My CA2729 counts have been on the raise since November of last year. They were still in the normal range until I think it was March they went a little above. No one was to alarmed because they were low enough I guess. The numbers kept going up about 6 to 8 points every two weeks. Then in Aug they jump 30 points then in Sept they jumped up to 179 and then this last week it is 300.

Along with the numbers I have been sent to do lots of testing through out the summer and even more the last month. I have had 2 MRI's brain, 2 MRI's Spine, MRI Breasts, CAT pelvic and Spine I think that was what the CAT was for, Pap, colonoscopy, endoscopy, breast ultra sound, special blood test, thermal imaging, mammogram (yes that was my fist one).

Then another mammogram for a needle biopsy meaning I sat in the mamo machine well they found the right spot to put a needle in then they took me in to do the biopsy guided by the needle. They ended up cutting me open for the biopsy(I was very shocked when I took the badge off), The dr. that did the biopsy said she that there was cancer in the breast because what she took out was grity and lots of blood. Cancer needs blood. The results on the biopsy were negative no cancer. That was last week.

Went back to Dr.Rado's office last week. They wanted to do more testing because we still can't find the cancer. MRI of the spine and brain. I wont hear back on that until my Doctors appointment on Monday.

The special blood test I took was to see if I was producing cancer fighting antibodies. I got the results back on that this week. My numbers were normal but with further looking into that. They lab in Boston says that is not so good. It means my body isn't fight off the cancer. That is why I don't have an increased cancer antibodies count.

Just to let you know I am feeling great if my body would just follow suit that would be great. I am not sick until someone can tell me I am sick.

I think that is all. I will try to update again on Monday. I wish I was updating that I am still cancer free a little more than a year after my brain tumor.

P.S. Thanks so much for the help with babysitting and the fun run.