Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Great News!

So I had a bone scan last week and I got the results last firday they found nothing. So that is great news.

We have decided to get a second oppion which in around about way is taking us to Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix you ask why Phoenix? Well we wanted to get a second oppion so we got a suggestion from one of my chemo nurses and she suggested Seattle Cancer Center Alliance in Seattle. She also made two suggestion of doctors to see. I called and the one name I could remember was not seeing new patients. So they asked me to look at the list of about 20 other names and get back to them on two names and they would see what they could do.

In the mean time I saw Dr. Kris who recomended Cancer Center of America, because they do more taking care of the whole body. Which I thought sounded better. So I called them. They have a facility in Seattle but I guess they only see out paitents and don't diagnoise there. So they asked if I could come to Phoenix and they would pay for the flight for Ryan and I and the room for the first visit. We decided to go to get a second oppion. They will pay for Ryan to come with me the first time. After that they just pay for a flight for me to come and I would have to pay for food and room. So I would stay with some relatives hopefully that live close. So we will see what they find. I am hoping I can do treatment in Seattle.

I have also made an appointment in Seattle at the Seattle Cancer Center Alliance with Dr. Ellis that was my second choice. I will see her on Monday the 16th.

Oh, and I have to do another sameless plug for the fun run on Novemember 7th at Howard Ammon Park.

Also a really big thanks to those of you helping with the fun run and helping me while we are away.


Anonymous said...

I hope you come back with good news! Travel safely and enjoy the time away with Ryan. Let me know if you need help with anything.

Love you!

Mandy Rasmussen said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers! Enjoy your time with Ryan! Love ya!!

Amy said...

That's great news! That's great that they will be paying for so much. I hope they find the answers. good luck!

Denny said...

If you dont get the desired results in phoenix you know that president hinkley blessed the huntsman cancer center in salt lake city to be a place of healing. they also work with financing. i know of several people that couldnt afford it and they took donations so they didnt have to pay themselves. its something to look at. you also have family in salt lake city area as well. good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you . So glad you have a chance to have a second thought on things, please let me help you with your needs. Call.
God Bless and come home soon.


Gillespie Family said...

Last year Jeremy & I went to Seattle Cancer Alliance Center! That hospital was amazing!! We were both so impressed. They figured out what was wrong with me in 2 1/2 days as it took the Tri-Cities doctors 12 years. Though the answer they gave wasn't what we were praying for (we got a answer) now we can move forward. I deal with pain every day for years, being told one thing after another. Rochelle we just have to take every day as it is given to us (the Lord will take care of the rest):) Lots of Love sent your way!