Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I know this is my blog for updates but I am a mom and aren't they so cute. I know everyone loves there kids. I am so thankful today that I was feeling well enough that I could go over to Richland and trick or treat with the kids. I was a little tired and wasn't able to go out around the neighborhood with them but I did get to go out earlier. I even got to see some friends it was so nice to get out and it was such a beautiful day. I walked around the uptown and we think that was about a mile. So I am hoping on Saturday to go out and do the fun run.
I started out the day feeling so good like today each day feeling a little better. Then I was not feeling so well when I realized I took all my pills and forgot to eat breakfast. So once I ate I felt much better again.
Today is my dad's birthday and every year for his birthday the kids and I go out to his school and bring him pizza, pop and cupcakes. My kids think this is so cool to go to school and have lunch with grandpa. This year I didn't think I was going to be able to go but my dad is still not doing well and is at home. I was feeling good so the kids and I took pizza over to my parents house and had lunch with him. It was nice to see him he seems to be doing better. He saw a surgeon today who is putting him on steroids and is hoping by the end of next week he will be back to work.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quite Days!

O.k. I know I didn't update yesterday but I had a very boaring day. That is a good thing! I have been so much on the go it was a nice slow paced uneventful day. I took care of some household things and rested.

Today I did more resting an putting costumes together. I did go down and see Dr. Kris today. He was concerned that I had stoped taking my medicine that he had given me. Dr. Rado's report said I had stopped taking them. I told him no and that Dr. Rado told me I can take them all but two any way. So he was relieved. We went over where some of the cancer is located. I have been having pain in my bottom which makes it hard to sit. So I was asking him if I had it in my bottom. I have it in a bone in my back/bottom that when I sit I can feel. My emotional side matches how I am feeling. He was glad I am still taking my meds and that I feel so good. I will see him again in two weeks.

The kids and Ryan went to the ward Halloween Party tonight while I was at the doctors. What I very nice dad! He even got them all ready! Cole went as a Pirate again and Kamden went as a witch and Carter went as a Cowboy. I love Halloween.

Oh, ya I am losing hair. This weekend I was finding hairs on things. So it proably wont be long before I have to shave it. Starting today I noticed I am losing about 10 -20 hairs everytime I run my hands through my hair and there was quite a bit of hair in the bottom of the shower today.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

3 Day Hospital Stay!

Oh, right I am back in business!! For those of you who didn't know I have been in the hospital since Thursday.

I had posted that I was feeling great Wednesday night but right after the nurlasta shot well, about 11:30 pm I started getting some of the aching they had talked about. I wasn't bad off I had a friend help me with the kids on Thursday and I even had visiting teachers. I didn't feel well enough to get up and around but I didn't feel that bad. It wasn't until Andera left at 3:30 on Thursday I thought that I felt like I might have a fever so I took my temp and it was a 101. So I called the chemo nurses and they said come in and we will draw some blood and see what is going on.

So my mother-in-law drove me over to Kadlec. They took some blood and we wait 1/2 or so and then they brought me the news. My blood work said my Neutraphilles(sp) were 100. She said for Chemo they have to be 800, to leave the hospital with antibotics they have to be 600 or more, 500 and lower you have to stay at the hospital. So that meant I needed to stay in the hospital.

It really couldn't have been better timing since I didn't have to miss any chemo treatments or anything else with being sick. What the neutraphill is, is part of your white blood cell count. It is the part that fights off infection. So since it was low I needed to stay in the hospital. When they told me that I was a little glad it was going to be a nice break from all the sick kids and I would get some rest. The stay was a little longer than I liked being away from the kids because they couldn't visit. It was then going to be restful but that didn't work out so much at nights. They really enjoyed coming in and checking vitals and changing meds in the middle of the night and then they left me alone during the day. I don't know about you guys but that seemed very backwards to me.

I do have to say that all the nurses were really nice and kind. I also got to visit with some friends a little, write in my journal a little, read a little and watched a lot of TV. I don't usually get to just sit and watch t.v. in the middle of the day. But that got old really fast so the visitors were a nice distraction.

I have to tell a short story. I was able to get Dr. Rado to smile and laugh a little today. If any of you know Dr. Rado I don't see or haven't yet seen him smile or laugh he is very clam and collected. But he did laugh today and smile that was a great thing to see today. He said they are going to keep everything the same just add some things to help me with my next round of chemo. I will be taking some nutropine shots to help boast my white blood cell count and also a shot for my red blood cell counts. I will be taking those with my chemo and after know.

Oh, and I can't forget the Hospital feed me so well I gained 10 pounds while I was there for only 3 days. We they want you to eats lots of protein it is hard not to gain weight. So I guess I am saying is watch out when you have your babies ladies they feed you well at Kadlec.

I hope everyone's weekends were Fabulous and Fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sisters and Mom!

Oh, I forgot to say who was who on the picture. So the first sister on the right is Kim she is number sister number 2 and has 3 children, 12, 10,2 she works at Winco and will be living in Richland again. Then there is Bailey she is sister number 5 and lives in Rexburg and has one little boy Kooper she is moving to Ceder City. Then there is Kendall she is sister number 4 and is having twins Jan5 but they say could be as soon as Thanksgiving. Then there is me sister number 1 and then my mom. And of course there is Kamden she is my daughter and just turned 5 today! So sister number 3 Chauntel isn't in the picture she lives in Dallas Texas with her three children. Then there is Jillian she is sister number 6 and she is down at Disney World working durning her semester off from BYU I. So I will post a picture again around Christmas with all the girls. I forgot the camera today. Next time!

1st Nurlasta Shot!

Well, I am sure you are sick of hear what wonderful days I am having but it is true today was another great day. They changed one of my doctors appointment to the morning. So I saw Dr. Evans today and she said the port looks great how do I like it. I said I love it other than the tape can you take it off. She took it off and said next time she would use different tape. Sometimes people are allergic. So ha no tape and the cut does look great. She said she had another young girl in yesterday and she that is was going to be me but I had to switch my appointment. Anyway she said all she did was complain so it was nice that I liked mine. I told what is not to like I don't have to be poked a million times all over the place and have bruise everywhere from being poked. I just get poked in my port!!! I love Dr. Evans she is great we talked a little bit and she told me she would see me a again for surgery later after chemo possibly. Anyway nice visit with her and we talked about the kind of cancer I have it is Ductual with the HER2 Neu positive and some other things like how fast it grows 67%. If you are like me 67% doesn't mean anything to me other than it is growing fast and for now that is good for treatment.

I also went in today for a Nurlasta shot. I know I told you all about the side affects but so far no side affects. The lady that gave me that shot said now remember on the back of the Tylenol bottle it has side affects that doesn't mean you will have them just that you might. So maybe no side affects we will see. So since no side affects I feel great just tired which seems to be something I feel all the time. I am glad not as tired yet as some have said they felt.

O.k. it wouldn't be right if I didn't again to say thank you all today who touched my life with comments, visits, food, all everything today. Thank you!!

It was Kamden's birthday today. Thank you Mrs.Kristen for making her feel special and thanks Danielle for making her day and the kids had a great time. Thanks! I am thankful everyday for my kids and the things they teach me. Some of my kids are having a hard time dealing with mom being sick. But I have to say over all they have been such a big help Kamden is growing up so fast. Thanks all who have helped with my kids and giving them extra love. What kids doesn't love that.

Shout out to Klaudija thanks for writing. I was wondering if you got my email. I miss you and I am very glad your dad is doing well. I have never met a more stubborn man. So it doesn't surprise me it took him so long to go in but I am glad all is well. I hope you and your family are doing well. WE my family and I love you guys so much. For those of you who don't know Klaudija she was an exchange student that lived with my family for a semester and then I spent the summer with her family. Those were fun times and good memories.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


O.k. so I look worse than I feel. But I was thinking I need to take some pictures. I love pictures and I really haven't taken any pictures along my journey yet. So I will try to remember my camera and to take some pictures. I love it when my sister post pictures on there blogs along with the writting. So maybe I will get some with my doctors and my chemo nurses. I don't know I will try to be better about taking pictures.
Today was another good day. It is the first time in weeks I have felt good and actually rested or maybe I should say I didn't have any doctors appointment or test to run to during the day. I got to just spend the day with Kamden and Carter reading and visiting. That hasn't happened in awhile. The last 3 to 4 weeks have been very crazy busy. I say crazy busy but crazy busy for me. I know Kamden and Carter both enjoyed just hanging out with mom. Everyone who comes to my house my kids want them to read to them. Finally today they would let mom read to them. Carter is hearing so much better he is copying everything we say and talking so much better ha. I had a few visitors today that was so nice. I can't say thank you enough to everyone for all everyone has done and is doing for me and my family. We have been so blessed by everyone and there kindness. I keep trying to think of ways to thank you. So please know that our family is so thankful for everyone and all they have done for us. We don't know what we would do with out everyone's kindness. I got to see my third grade teacher today who is one of my favorites. I have a few but I love Mrs. Brunum!
I hope everyone has been out enjoying all the beautiful weather wow! Tomorrow I have my Nurlasta shot and I see Doctor Evans for a follow up for the port. I think I am allergic to the tape they left on the stitches. So needless to say I can't wait to see her tomorrow and get this tape off and hopefully stop itching.
I think someone already posted the scripture that is my theme but I wanted to post it again. I hope people wont be offend but I may post a scripture now and again that I have read or that someone has shared that has touched me.
The scriptures is 1 Nephi 4:1 ....and let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord; for behold he is mightier than all the earth, then why not mightier than Laban and his fifty, yea, or even than his tens of thousands? than why not cancer? Thanks Chauntel!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

No Chemo this week!

Wow, what a great weekend! It was so nice to have Bailey here. My sister has the cutest little boy he says Peace all the time it is so cute. I got to relax and visit with family.

Cole is still sick he has been home throwing up. I left him with my mom today. He seems to be feeling better today ha!

So, today when I went in for my blood draw they told me from Fridays draw that my hemoglobin was low which means I am tired. So they said if I was tried that was why. They draw my blood and told me they would know in a couple of hours weather or not I could have chemo tomorrow. So they called back about an hour or two later and said my white blood cell counts are to low and I can't have chemo tomorrow. She said no more until I see Dr. Rado in a couple of weeks. I still do the nurlasta shot and blood draws until I see Dr. Rado again. This isn't bad news because the lump in my breast is shrinking and the lymph nod in my neck I can't feel anything. So between the fasting and prayers it is working we just need to find the right amount that doesn't bring my white blood cell counts down and not come back up. So they will be adjusting the chemo we assume for the next round. I have had a lot of side affects with the chemo nothing bad just little things. So hopefully those will change with the chemo.

I was able to visit with a friend this weekend who's family has a son going through chemo and what a blessing that was to be able to talk with her. She was a wealth of information and ideas. Thank you Cathrine Peck! Wow what a wonderful women and a great family! Congrats Daniel on finishing the main part of your chemo. Good Luck on the next group of chemo!

Those of you who are still looking to help Wendy is still looking for help with clean up tomorrow night at 9pm for about an hour. Thanks!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bailey's Here!


Hey I am doing a shout out to all who having been looking for a way to help me. I have a friend putting on a fund raiser on Tuesday and she needs some help with taking down and cleaning up. If you are available to help on Tuesday night at 9pm it will take about an hour if there are enough people to help clean up. It is at the Hampton Inn across from the Toyota Center at 9pm. If you can let Wendy Knight know her number is 509-735-3239. Thank you!

O.k. enough of that. I hope everyone is doing well. I have heard my family is not the only family that is sick I hear it is going around. Yesterday I had my blood draw and no news is good news right. I will take another one on Monday to let me know if I can keep doing chemo on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed. My sister Bailey got into town from Rexburg with her son Kooper. We have loved having them here. Her and my sister Kendall hang out all evening visiting it was lots of fun and relaxing. It always nice to have a reason together and visit.

Today the family was going to try and go to the pumpkin patch but we decided it was to wind and cold so we have been visiting and catching up with each other. Those of you who know dad he is doing better. He was actually out of bed today and down stairs visiting. My dad has been flat on his back for almost 2 weeks now. His pain medicines are working ha! We are thankful everyday for little blessing. I know I say that everyday but I look for those everyday. I had the coolest one yesterday. I don't know if I already posted this of not but I needed something from someone and two minutes later they called. She must have been listening to the spirit.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sick Kids!!

Yesterday was an o.k. day some good and some bad. I was able to get up and get the kids ready and had some nice visits throughout the day with friends. I was feeling a little blue yesterday. And after I had my fit Ryan went out to get the mail and I had three really nice notes in the mail that helped make a nice end of the day. Thanks for all the notes and comments I just can't say enough how uplifting that is through out the day. It helps me stay very upbeat and positive.

Today has been a great day some friends have offered some much needed help and have taken a big burden off of me. Thanks Sister Tracy! Cole and Kamden are both running fevers today so they stayed home from school. I worried about them getting me sick but they have been so good. They love hanging out wathcing home movies with eachother. They are so cute! Carter didn't want to stay with me so my sister took him over to my moms. I think he likes mom and her daycare better than being at home with me. Carter has been a little out of sorts with mom. I didn't have any chills today that is so nice. I have been able to be up and around more today. My sister Bailey is coming into town today. We are really excited to have them come and visit. She lives in Rexburg so we don't see them to often. I have a blood draw today to make sure the infection is going away and everything looks good. I will let you know but I feel better so helpful that means I am getting better and can go forward with treatment on Tuesday. I have had some numbness in my fingers and toes I am hoping they can help with that that is such a weird feeling. O.k. I am all over the place. I just thought I would update a little since I hadn't in two days. Again thanks everyone for the loving comments, notes and phone calls. It has been such a blessing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bladder Infection

This morning I felt great. I got up at 6:30 with the kids got them ready and sent them out the door at 8:30 and 8:40. My sister had stayed the night because Ryan left at 3 am this morning in case I needed help but I was great. I got some phone calling done for some bills and organized my folder for my cancer treatment. I got a lot of new things yesterday to add to my notebook. Anyway about 30 minutes later I got the chills. Which they said wasa common side effect is flu like systems. So I just tried to keep warm. Then I decided I better take my temperature it was like 97 then about a 1/2 later it was 99.9. My sister had to leave so I told her I may be calling her if my temp went up to 100.5. That is one of the only systems they like you to call the doctor right away. So about an 1 hour later my temp was 100.9. So I called over to Kadlec chemo department and they said to come in. I went in and my temp had gone down. They took a urine sample and 4 blood test. The kid that took my blood told me it would be 72 hours but the nurse said no it wouldn't be that long. So about two hours later they said you have a bladder infection and gave me a prescription and sent me home. I have to go back on Friday for another blood draw. So it was an eventful day. I came home and slept most of the rest of the day. I am starting to feel better again tonight. I think the nap helped. I was so thankful I had the infection today and not tomorrow the chemo department is going to be slammed tomorrow plus the sooner I get antibiotics hopeful I will be able to do chemo on Tuesday and not have to push it back. Thanks again all who helped out today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chemo Day 1

Sorry it to so long to update. I had a few visitors today so it took a little bit to get the blog. I was nice to see some friendly faces after chemo. We had a busy day today.

I saw Dr. Ken the natural path. He had good news all the medicine I am on is decreasing. Meaning my body needs less pills ha. That was good news today. We also took Kamden and Carter down to see Dr. Kenzie she is the peds doctor down there. We took two cars because they weren't done before I had to leave. So Carter had a lot of ear wax build up so that has slowed his speech and a possible ruptured one ear drum. Kamden is allergic to milk so we have to cut back on all milk intake. It has caused her some infections and to be constipated. So I am hoping they will both be on the way to getting better. So since Ryan had to stay with the kids and my dad is still in extreme pain from his back and my sister Kendall took him to a physical therapist appointment. I went alone for the first little bit.

I had my appointment at 12:30. We went over all the medicines again and the schedule of medicine which has changed. I am on three drugs first they give me some good anti-nausea medicine and that takes about 10 minutes, then the first drug is Navelbine with takes about 8-10minutes to drain in then Abraxane it take 60 minutes and then Herceptin which takes 90 minutes. So I do all three of those on day one. Then on day 8 which is next Tuesday I do just the Nessa medicine and the Navelbine that takes 10 minutes or so. Then the third week I am off and then fourth week or I should say back to day 1 of the cycle. I will be taking blood test once a week to watch the blood counts and also a shot they will do the day after day 8. The shot is to start my making my body produce more bone marrow. She said the first couple of shot will cause pain. She said after a couple of shots your body gets used to the shot and it isn't such bad pain. She said they forgot to tell someone about the pain and they showed up in the e.r. thinking they were having a heart attach from the pain in the breast bone. Today they gave me benadryl with one of the chemos. I took it on an empty stomach and the room started spinning so I closed my eyes and took a nice nap and it was time to go home. I have to say it was such a nice break to set and visit with Ryan and the couple next to us. And it was a bigger bonus no side affects today. I feel pretty good. We will see what the days ahead bring but today was a great day. Ryan said wait it will get worse or you will have bad days. I know I will but today was a good day. I am thankful for the blessing of a a good day and feeling good.

I love getting all the messages it is so uplifting to get those at night and in the morning it sure is helpful Thank you. I wanted to post my testimony yesterday but I didn't have a chance so maybe tomorrow. Sorry for those that heard it on Sunday to hear it again but I thought it would be fun for those who weren't there. So we will see how I feel tomorrow.

Thank you!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Sorry it took so long today to update today. We got Cole into school this morning. He was excited to be back. As we pulled into the parking lot he said he was very nervous. I told him that was normal. The last two years he has had the same teacher and the same kids in his class. When we got there he noticed he knew two of the kids in his classes I think that really helped.

I went to Lourdes today to have my port put in by Dr. Evans. They had us show up at 10am to get me ready for surgry. The first nurse poked my twice and couldn't get the IV in so she had another nurse come in. She couldn't find a good place in the hand or the lower arm so she put it in on the other side of my elbow. Which I guess they aren't suppouse to do any more. I think that is why they usually put the IV in my right arm it is much easier on right side. Anyway she got it in and then Ryan and I sat there until 12:30. My surgry was scheduled for 11:40. Doctor must have been running behind. So we did word finds together and visited. They put me right out but I woke up before they were all the way done. That was a little wired! Dr. Evans told us it would be a half hour proceedure but it ended up being about an 1 and 10 minutes. I guess she didn't have enough fat to attach it to. I told her she forgot to tell my to eat a bunch of junk food and bulk up before we came in. But it is in and I am ready for chemo tomorrow. Oh, they did an x-ray of the port to prove where they put it in incase it moves. Funny hah!

Ryan called Kadlec today to see when my chemo was scheduled for and they told him Thursday. He told them that Doctor told us Tuesday. She said Doctors orders said Thursday but that they were all booked up so Tuesday would work better for them. So chemo is scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow. They told us we have an hour presentation we have to watch then chemo and we have to wait a little bit to make sure everything goes o.k. So everything looks like it is falling into place so well. I was a little tired today when I came home. They gave me a pain pill on a very empty stomach. But I seem to have my energy back tonight.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Rado!!!!

O.k. so where to begin....? We were at the appointment for 3 hours that was not waiting that was the appointment. So lots of information!

His nurse came in and and visited with us and talked to us for a bit. Then she got the doctor and he had me tell him about how it started and what has happened over the last couple of weeks and any symptoms. Then he did the exam and went over with us his thoughts and what his diagnosis is and what we are going to do.

He said the prognosis isn't good. He said a few years ago it was more likely death because they didn't have as much chemo therapies then. Technology is always changing. So what he is recommending is three different drugs (chemo) and 5 rounds of chemo. Each round is 4 weeks. I will start chemo on Tuesday after the shunt is put in Monday. Tuesday is day one and I have a shot of chemo and a blood test. I will have a blood test in the middle of the week to watch white blood cell counts. Then the next Tuesday is day 7 and I have another shot of chemo, blood test and then again on the 21st day which is the third Tuesday. Then on the 4th Tuesday I have no chemo a break ha. Then they will run another blood test to make sure my counts are good then start another round. So he doesn't know exactly how much it will shrink it. Ideally all and I will have no cancer. He said probably not me though. So then the option would be radiation, surgery or more chemo it will just depend on what the chemo does for me. He went over the side affects of the chemo I might have. There is hair loss, fatigue and a few others, nothing that bad. I guess I shouldn't say that not life threating. The worst side affect is tingling in the toes and hands that could lead to losing feeling in them. So they would just cut back on the chemo. So in my opinion I had great news today. Tuesday we will start chemo which is quick. They will then watch and there are things they can do different if chemo doesn't work, like different chemo, radiation, surgery so for me I feel really good. I believe in micarcles I know they happen everyday. I have seen and heard people diagnoised and then have their diagnoises changed. Heavenly Father loves me and sent some wonderful people in my life to help me through this trail. I have faith in my doctors and all of your prayers.

Oh, I wanted to let you know I am not on such a strict all fruits and veggies diet. I still will be eatting alot of them and I love them. So if you have extras we would love them but please don't go out of your way to brings us fruit and veggies.

I also wanted to let you know which I hope is not tacky but I didn't want to call everyone who had called about donating money. A friend opened a fund at Bank of America to help with just medical bills. The account name is "Rochelle Bassett Cancer Fund". Please don't feel like you have to donate this is just for those that were wanting this information.

Love Rochelle

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, I guess I forgot to tell you I enrolled Cole at Ruth Livingston. He will start on Monday. I can't remember the name of the teacher they gave him. It wasn't the teacher from Maya and it wasn't the male teacher. That is all I can remember. I seem to have a hard time remember things lately. I hope that doesn't last forever or get worse because it is driving me nuts.

I want to say thanks again for all the comments this is so fun hearing from everyone.

I also wanted to let you know that our ward is doing a ward fast and anyone else who would like to join in this Sunday it would be greatly appreciated.

I know a few of you wanted to know about a bank account and that is being set up tomorrow. We tried today but there were some kinks. So I will let you know hopefully tomorrow when I hear where it is at and the name.

Today was an adventure. I was pulled over this morning for speeding. My kids didn't understand because I have never been pulled over with them in the car. I had to explain that I was breaking the law and speeding and it was my fault. That was not so fun. I have to pay closer attention to the speed.

So then of course I had my doctors appointment with Dr. Kris today. When we got in to see him he said the PET SCAN results where there. So we went over those because I couldn't understand what they said at all. He told me it has spread to my spin (bones) about 5- 7 places in my back my lower back, bottom, liver, lymphnoids in my chest, arms and neck and of course my breast. So he said what happens is that the tumor in my breast has broken apart and traveled through my lympnoids to other places in my body and started new colonies. He said about 20 different places in my body. He said that the way it is growing it proably started in Feb or March. He said in the 1 and a half that the cancer has doubled. So he said they will probably hit the chemo hard and start right away. He doesn't know he was geussing. We are hoping Dr. Rado will start that tomorrow. We see Dr. Rado at 10am tomorrow.

I maybe needing help after all and more than I had orignally thought. So I will let all of you who have so kindly volunteer know soon what you can do to help. Thanks!!

Thanks again for the comments and words of encourgement. Oh, and all the veggies THANK YOU!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Another busy day. Cole and I cleaned the house this morning for someone to come and look at it but we are thinking it is going to be best to take it off the market and wait. It's funny now that we are taking it off people are calling and seemed to be interested.

Ryan wasn't able to go with me to my appointment today to Dr. Evans. When I took the kids over to my mom's today I found out my Dad was home and he got to come with me. He came to help me remember what the doctor said and remember all the questions we wanted to ask. It was a lot of fun to have my dad go with me. We had to wait about an hour and a half but it was so nice to just be able to sit and visit with him and talk about different things. We don't get to do that anymore. I use to go to school in Burbank for a few years where my dad teaches and we use to be able to visit on the way back and forth when I wasn't sleeping. So anyway it was a nice visit and a nice surprise to have him come with me.

We love Dr. Evans! She didn't have the full biopsy report today. She did have some of the results. Just that it is a very aggressive kind of cancer. Which she said is typical of young women with breast cancer. She is saying Chemo, Surgery, Chemo. She said Dr. Rado will know more and give me more information. She said she was really digging on me on Monday and that it was normal to be sore. I wasn't sore the first day or two but more sore the last two days. She said I am healing really nicely. I also had a blood test on Monday which she had the results for there and we went over them. If you remember my CA count should be between 0 - 40 mine a week and a half ago was 512 I think and now a week and a half later it is 719. So it is raising quickly and she said you should have started Chemo yesterday. So she said she had a cancellation on Monday and that I can have a shunt put in then. So ha again things are falling into place blessing, blessing. So I will have a shunt put in on Monday at 11:40. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a small circle shaped (Quarter size) device they will put in right under my clavicle bone. They make a about 2 inch cut and insert this thing and a tube that goes to my heart. This is for the Chemo. She said it makes it easier for chemo therapy. The put the injections right into it. I guess so I don't have to have an I V each time I go in for a treatment. That is my understanding anyway.

So I see the natural path tomorrow. So he can see the blood count numbers and we can talk about what to do on that end.

Of, course I see doctor Rado on Friday. So I will have the results from the biopsy and the PET SCAN on Friday. More waiting to see what he thinks but it is coming really fast. I am anxious to see what he has to say.

Oh, and I had to go enroll Cole today in school. I was sad. Cole was sad about all of his actvities that he doesn't get to do but I think he is excited about seeing some of his friends again. I am nervous about him and how he and his teacher will get along. I am supose to talk to the vice principal tomorrow and talk about a teacher. So anyone who has had a child in 3rd grade and can recomend a good teacher for Cole. I would really love that.

I want to say thank you again to all the help. I don't feel like I can say it enough. So you will probably hear it a lot. Thank You!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I was suppose to go down to Dr. Kris (Natural Path) today and find out what the blood test I took on Monday said. Dr. Kris was wanting to see if the medicine he has been giving me is fighting the cancer. That appointment had to be postponed until Thursday. I got a call this morning at 8am to see if I wanted to get a PET SCAN today at 11am instead of Thursday. So I just went and had it done at 11 this morning. Some of you my know what a PET SCAN is I didn't. I guess a CAT scan is where they can detect masses in your body. A PET SCAN is where they inject radio isotopes into your body and wait for an hour for that to filter through your body and glum on to the cancer. This test can detect cancer at the cellular level. Which I guess means it is a better test than a CAT Scan. I also found out that Kadlec was one of the first 50 hospitals in the country to get a PET SCAN machine. Cool! So after I had this junk in and had given me Xanx they put me on a board and straped me down and put me in the machine. I got a nice 35 minute nap. I was a little bummed when they woke me up from my very nice nap but they had other people that needed tests run. So they will review the over 1,000 images and send that report to doctor Rado who I see on Friday. So tomorrow I will get the official results from Dr. Evans office on the biopsy they did on Friday. I am so happy things seem to be falling in to place with the doctors.

Thanks again for all the words of encouragement I really enjoy them. It is so fun to look and see what you all have to say.


Monday, October 8, 2007


I wanted to say thank you to everyone and their comments and for all the offers of help and those that have already helped out by bring food. I can't say thank you enough. I real appreicate the friendship and love. The brightest part about this is all the people have been hearing from that I haven't heard from in to long. I love it not the cancer the hearing from people.

Well I would like to say I had a restful weekend but with kids and sports well you know. Cole had a double header soccer game on Saturday. I did love the listening to conference at my parents and I did get to relax over there. Sunday there were so many good talks given in both sessions I loved hearing from so many different speakers this time.

It is going to be a busy week. Today Dr. Kris Peterson my Natural Path had me take a blood test. He wants to see if the medicine he has me on is shrinking the tumors or fighting the cancer. We are hoping that I can do natural medicine instead of chemo or radiation. So I go see Dr. Kris tomorrow and he will let me know how the blood work turned out and what is working. On Wednesday I have an appointment with Dr. Evans to go over the biopsy results. Then I did get scheduled for a PET Scan on Thursday. Which they told me today they can call the results over to Dr. Rado's office. I have an appointment with Dr. Rado on Friday. He is the oncologist I am seeing. So I am hoping by the end of the week we will know what is going on and not be waiting anymore. I am ready to start doing something. I guess I sort have started on that by eating healthier and taking the medicine the natural path has given me. I just feel like we are always waiting for or on something else.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Catching Everyon up on my fight with Breast Cancer!

Well Hello,

I started this new blog to keep all family and friends updated on my fight with breast cancer.

I have talked with lots of different people these last few weeks so some of the things I post today my be a repeat of information. But I will try to update this blog often with new information.

My back went out on Wednesday the 12th we were out looking at the parade of homes. I thought my back with pop back in but it got worse on that Saturday. So I called down to my natural path/chiropractor. He couldn't get me in until Tuesday so I called the Chiropractor I had in high school and he got me in on Monday and adjusted me. I kept my appointment down in Hermiston with the natural path/chiro on Tuesday. I wanted him to check a lump I had in my breast.

I felt a lump in my breast the first week in July it was about the size of a quarter half dollar. I thought it was just something from all the tubing I was doing on the back of the boat or maybe a cyst that just needed to be drained. By the time I went to see him it was the size of a grapefruit. He said he thought I had cancer and wanted me to come back and have a thermal imaging done. It is something that would find a lump in your breast before a mammogram will and it will let the doctor see how big it is. (I highly recommend this testing it is not painful and cheaper than a mammogram. Let me know if you have any question about it.)

So I went back down on Thursday and they took the thermol imagining pictures. We could see it right a way. Both breast should look identical. One of my breast was blue and greens and the other one with the lump was orange, red and white. I thought well that just shows there is something there and that ts could be a cyst. The lady that was taking the picture said no it wasn't a cyst. A cyst would be blues and greens because they are liquid. She said cancer is greedy and wants your blood and that is why it is red, orange and white. She said I am not saying it is cancer we will send it away and let you know. I went back into the doctor and he said we know it is cancer and I think you should see a surgeon. By the time I went in to see him the lump is or was the size of a grapefruit.

I decided to go see his son Dr. Kris Peterson. I saw him on September 25th and he did a breast exam and felt my lymph nodes. He found the lump in my breast not hard to find then he also found a lump in my armpit and in my neck above my collar bone. He told me he felt that I got cancer after I stop breast feeding Carter. That my hormones went crazy and that is what open the door to the cancer. Breast cancer runs in my family. My mom's sister had it a year ago and my moms 2 aunts had breast cancer. He recommend I go see a surgeon too. He asked who I had made an appointment with. I told him I had made it with Dr. Evans. He was glad that is who he recommends. I asked if I could wait until November 1st when my insurance would kick in. He said no that I needed to keep my appoint for October 1st. He felt in his oppion that I had Stage 3 breast cancer.

So I went to see Dr. Evans on October 1st. She came in and did a breast exam and then an ultra sound of my left breast and felt the lumps under my arm and in my neck. Dr. Peterson had some blood test run for Dr. Evans. She looked at my cancer mark. The CA marker should be between 0-40 my was 512. She recommended we get a biopsy done ASAP. She moved her schedule around and schedule my for a biopsy on Friday October 5th.

So Friday at 8 am I had a biopsy of my left breast. The preliminary results said that it is lobular Cancer and that it is malignant and at least stage 3. So I am trying to get a PET SCAN at Kadlec for this next week before I see Dr. Rado the oncologist this Friday. We should also have the results from the bioposy by Friday when I see Dr. Rado.

The natural path thinks that this started with a hormone imbalance. So he has my on a special diet. No meats because of the hormones and no milk products because of the hormones. He wants my to only eat fresh fruits and vegetables and distilled water. The first three days I lost 10 pounds. That has slowed down. I have found some good things I like to eat now and so I am not losing weight anymore. That is not the way I wanted to lose weight. I think about a juicy hamburger and french fries all the time. I can't wait. To eat really food again. Oh I should say junk food again.

So I think that catches everyone up to where we are today. Monday I have another blood test and hopefully on Tuesday I will be able to get my PET scan. Then I see my natural path on Tuesday. We are going to see if what he has me on is fighting the cancer. Then I see Dr. Evans on Wednesday and then Dr. Rado on Friday.

I will try to every few days to update. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has brought fruits and vegetables it has been so nice and all the thoughtful cards and flowers. It is so nice to feel loved. It is definitly a moral booster. Thank you!