Tuesday, October 23, 2007


O.k. so I look worse than I feel. But I was thinking I need to take some pictures. I love pictures and I really haven't taken any pictures along my journey yet. So I will try to remember my camera and to take some pictures. I love it when my sister post pictures on there blogs along with the writting. So maybe I will get some with my doctors and my chemo nurses. I don't know I will try to be better about taking pictures.
Today was another good day. It is the first time in weeks I have felt good and actually rested or maybe I should say I didn't have any doctors appointment or test to run to during the day. I got to just spend the day with Kamden and Carter reading and visiting. That hasn't happened in awhile. The last 3 to 4 weeks have been very crazy busy. I say crazy busy but crazy busy for me. I know Kamden and Carter both enjoyed just hanging out with mom. Everyone who comes to my house my kids want them to read to them. Finally today they would let mom read to them. Carter is hearing so much better he is copying everything we say and talking so much better ha. I had a few visitors today that was so nice. I can't say thank you enough to everyone for all everyone has done and is doing for me and my family. We have been so blessed by everyone and there kindness. I keep trying to think of ways to thank you. So please know that our family is so thankful for everyone and all they have done for us. We don't know what we would do with out everyone's kindness. I got to see my third grade teacher today who is one of my favorites. I have a few but I love Mrs. Brunum!
I hope everyone has been out enjoying all the beautiful weather wow! Tomorrow I have my Nurlasta shot and I see Doctor Evans for a follow up for the port. I think I am allergic to the tape they left on the stitches. So needless to say I can't wait to see her tomorrow and get this tape off and hopefully stop itching.
I think someone already posted the scripture that is my theme but I wanted to post it again. I hope people wont be offend but I may post a scripture now and again that I have read or that someone has shared that has touched me.
The scriptures is 1 Nephi 4:1 ....and let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord; for behold he is mightier than all the earth, then why not mightier than Laban and his fifty, yea, or even than his tens of thousands? than why not cancer? Thanks Chauntel!!!!


momof2 said...

I think you look great.

Isn't it nice to have a quiet day with the kids. I know how much I love those days with Abby and Alex.


Kristi said...

Thanks so much for keeping up this blog with all you are going through. I felt so excited for you and your when I read about your shrinking lumps! I'm so glad your family is near, and I love how you apply 1 Ne 4:1 to your life. You are amazing. You are in all our prayers!

Tharker said...

I agree, I think you look great!

I'm so happy that you are feeling good. I love that scripture even more now! Why not cancer? Perfect!

Pam Anderson said...

Thanks for your happy spirit. I could visit with you all day. It is like when you and Danielle use to come and VT me, the time passed so quickly and so pleasantly. Just talking to you, or reading your blog makes my day. Thanks especially for that scripture and reminder. Pam Anderson

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. It is so fun to see you and your family. I am not sure who everyone is, but there is definitely some family resemblance. I can't believe how big/old Cole looks. Your little girl is adorable and I'm not sure who Carter is. I am guessing he was on the opposite side of the couch than Cole. How fun to have all the family together. You always look good (so cute you and your mom smile the same way). Glad you had a good day today and even better it was spent with the kids. Sometimes all the kids need is a good dose of mom time.
The Lord is mighty and He is on your side! Excellent scripture choice and personal theme. Keeps things in perspective.

Klaudija - Frankfurt said...

Dear, my beloved Rochelle,

finaly I found the strength to write some words, since you wrote me you had breast-cancer.
I was crying badly and felt so sorry, that I am so far away and can´t help you with the kids, the house-keeping and surely the financial-problems that come with such a diagnosis in the states.

Ever since I thought about writing, but I couldn´t think of the right words, or the best moment to do so and to tell you how much I love an miss you and how sorry I am.

Then I read the blogs after a while again today with tears in my eyes thinking, how amazing you are. You take it and make the best of it, EVERY DAY. You are really blessed with your family and friends.

What I didn´t tell you yet is, my dad has got prostata-cancer. He knows it for two years now. We were all startled and he wouldn´t talk about it with the daughters. He also didn´t went to surgery, which we couldn´t understand. After two years of our fear the cancer could spread or else, he finaly decided for surgery on Oct. 9th. I didn´t believe until he was in.

Today he came out and his doctor told him before he left: You leave the hospital as a healthy man and for the mext 15 years you won´t die from this cancer.

I cried hard this morning, when he told me.
Now I had the strength to write.

And don´t worry, you look great and strong. I know you will make it through. As far as I remember, you have got your strenght within, that makes you stronger than some of us.

I will try and help as much as I can from here, thinking of you, collecting for you and loving you.

Yours, Klaudija
Frankfurt - Germany

Kim said...

What a beautiful bunch of women! You all are gorgeous! Who is everyone in the pictures? I know they're your sisters and mom, but which ones are which? That's so great that you all got to spend time together.

I'm glad you finally had a relaxing day at home with your kiddos. I'm positive they loved it, too.

I love your scripture! He is mightier than all the earth! He's watching over you, Rochelle. I'm thrilled to hear the lumps are shrinking! It's wonderful to witness this miracle.

Heather said...

You look wonderful! I'm thrilled to hear about the shrinking too. It IS a miracle.

Thanks for posting so often and I love that you are going add pictures. What a great way to document your journey.

Angela said...

Hey there! I'm Chauntel's sister in law Amy's friend Angela and we've been praying for you since Amy told us the news. I'm happy to see you have a blog up so we can pray more specifically and see pictures of your beautiful family. God bless and though you don't know us, we love Amy and since you're her family's family you're part of our family too. We love you and pray for you. Good luck and I'm glad you had some peace yesterday!

debsters said...

Rochelle, your beautiful words are a strength to anyone who may be facing a challenge. You will touch many with your strength and courage. Keep smiling! Love, Debie Spurgeon

Puerto Rican Princess said...

You look gorgeous! Good grief!

Thanks for sharing the scripture. I couldn't remember which one it was and wanted to make note of it. He is amazing, He can create miracles, and He will.

Hug that family!

3rd grade teacher said...

It was so wonderful to see you yesterday! I remember how even in 3rd grade, you were always taking care of & looking after everyone else. Your little girl is blessed with your beautiful blonde locks!! Put yourself in God's loving hands. I know that we all love you sooo!!
Love, Kathy (Mrs. Burnum)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending the birthday treats today for Kamden. She was thrilled to pass them out to the kids. They were so excited to have the icecream. She was excited to be 5! Not many kids in the class are five yet!

All I have to say is...."You inspire me with your strength". Thanks for teaching us all from your experience.

Ms. Kristen

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all your beautiful faces, everyone looks great!! So glad that you had a day at home with your little ones. i love those kinda days where ya don't have to go anywhere. Keep us posted on your progress.
love ya, aunt Lynn

Alicia said...

I can't believe how much you look like some of your sisters! For a minute there I thought the second one from the left was you with brown hair!
I miss seeing Lexus (sp) in primary. She's a sweet girl.
Glad you're having good days, especially ones without tests and doctors. I bet that's a nice break.

Jodi said...

My, my how your sisters have grown! :) It's been awhile since I've seen them... You are all beautiful! And I love your haircut Sandy! Thanks for posting pictures -- like they say, they're worth a thousand words.

I'm so glad you've been enjoying visits. I've been wanting to stop by, but I've had sick kids myself and wanted to wait until they're better. Which they are now, so be expecting a call from me to set up an "appointment" with you. :)

Take care and I hope all goes well with your appointment.