Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Another busy day. Cole and I cleaned the house this morning for someone to come and look at it but we are thinking it is going to be best to take it off the market and wait. It's funny now that we are taking it off people are calling and seemed to be interested.

Ryan wasn't able to go with me to my appointment today to Dr. Evans. When I took the kids over to my mom's today I found out my Dad was home and he got to come with me. He came to help me remember what the doctor said and remember all the questions we wanted to ask. It was a lot of fun to have my dad go with me. We had to wait about an hour and a half but it was so nice to just be able to sit and visit with him and talk about different things. We don't get to do that anymore. I use to go to school in Burbank for a few years where my dad teaches and we use to be able to visit on the way back and forth when I wasn't sleeping. So anyway it was a nice visit and a nice surprise to have him come with me.

We love Dr. Evans! She didn't have the full biopsy report today. She did have some of the results. Just that it is a very aggressive kind of cancer. Which she said is typical of young women with breast cancer. She is saying Chemo, Surgery, Chemo. She said Dr. Rado will know more and give me more information. She said she was really digging on me on Monday and that it was normal to be sore. I wasn't sore the first day or two but more sore the last two days. She said I am healing really nicely. I also had a blood test on Monday which she had the results for there and we went over them. If you remember my CA count should be between 0 - 40 mine a week and a half ago was 512 I think and now a week and a half later it is 719. So it is raising quickly and she said you should have started Chemo yesterday. So she said she had a cancellation on Monday and that I can have a shunt put in then. So ha again things are falling into place blessing, blessing. So I will have a shunt put in on Monday at 11:40. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a small circle shaped (Quarter size) device they will put in right under my clavicle bone. They make a about 2 inch cut and insert this thing and a tube that goes to my heart. This is for the Chemo. She said it makes it easier for chemo therapy. The put the injections right into it. I guess so I don't have to have an I V each time I go in for a treatment. That is my understanding anyway.

So I see the natural path tomorrow. So he can see the blood count numbers and we can talk about what to do on that end.

Of, course I see doctor Rado on Friday. So I will have the results from the biopsy and the PET SCAN on Friday. More waiting to see what he thinks but it is coming really fast. I am anxious to see what he has to say.

Oh, and I had to go enroll Cole today in school. I was sad. Cole was sad about all of his actvities that he doesn't get to do but I think he is excited about seeing some of his friends again. I am nervous about him and how he and his teacher will get along. I am supose to talk to the vice principal tomorrow and talk about a teacher. So anyone who has had a child in 3rd grade and can recomend a good teacher for Cole. I would really love that.

I want to say thank you again to all the help. I don't feel like I can say it enough. So you will probably hear it a lot. Thank You!!!


Kim said...

That's so great that you got to spend that time with your Dad. I'm so so so relieved that things are falling into place with your appts. and with the doctors.

Which school did you enroll Cole? Livingston or Maya? Brady's at Livingston and has Mr. Ortiz. He's a GREAT teacher! We really like him a lot. I would highly recommend him. Brady loves having a male teacher and would love to see Cole in his class! I do know that Ms. Durfey transferred from Maya to Livingston and has a lot of old Maya kids in her class so Cole may know a lot of kids in there. I don't know any of the 3rd grade teachers at Maya personally but have heard great things about Ms. Zerb and Mrs. St. John-Garcia. Hope that helps!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

So glad your dad was with you today...what a nice visit you got to have and I'm sure having him around made you feel more comfortable which is always a blessing.

Sounds like Doc Evans is awesome! I'm all for being aggressive with this stuff and getting it out of yoiur body once and for all!

Prayers to you,

Jessica said...

Hey! I found your link off of Kim's blog.

You (and your family) are in all of my prayers! Add me to the list of "call me anytime for anything". You are such an amazing person. I'm am so glad the doctors are putting things in motion for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Tharker said...

I can't get over how well all of the appointments and procedures are falling into place for you. That is a huge blessing!

Your doctors sound like they are wonderful.

Much prayers and love.

Bailey said...

Good luck with Chemo, hope all goes well. I'm glad treatment is getting started. I was wondering what you were going to do about Cole and his schooling, sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted it to. I love you!

Heather said...

Thanks for the updates...

Anonymous said...

We love ROchelle!! Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

We have been thinking about you, praying for you too. wow I'm so impressed with how fast everything is falling into place with your treatment, that's great that your dad was with you what a wonderful family you have huh? WE love you, thanks for the updates, I read them everyday & laugh and cry, your so positive and strong!!! YOU GO GIRL Love, Aunt Lynn

Jodi said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers and if you need ANYTHING I'm always available. I'll rearrange things to help you in anyway you need. PLEASE don't hesitate calling me for anything! Take care! Jodi

Meredith said...

Hi, Rochelle. I wanted to talk to you sooner, but I know you guys are busy with calls, appts and spending time with one another, so I hope you understand why I haven't talked to you sooner.

I was so shocked to hear about your cancer. Life is definitely not how we would plan it sometimes, is it? (Understatement :-)) Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ must truly love us. Thank you for allowing "us" to see and hear about your experiences.

Taylee will be happy to see Cole at Livingston. If you need help dropping off or picking up anytime just call me (cell phone 308-0096). I am usually picking up from school on Wednesdays and Fridays, but any day is great! Camden and Carter are welcome anytime, Afton and Bruin would love it. Hang in there. I am so impressed by your strength. Keep the faith.
Love ya, Meredith

Christy Downing said...

I love you could not get you off my mind all night. Found myself on my knees five times throughout the night. It's thursday and my prayers are with you please let me come down and help I have no responsiblity and would love to give some help with your family. Auntie Chrity

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates. It is so good to hear that everything is falling into place. My families prayers are with you and your family. If you need any help with watching the kids give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rochelle,
You are in my prayers as well. Let me know as well if I can help you in any well. Also if things need to change concerning Col's piano lessons. I'll teach at your house so you'll have one less place to go to!

Andrea Hayes

Khatch said...

Again if there is anything you need please call me. In the meantime you will be in my prayers. I appreciate you keeping us informed about how things are going. I am glad things are working out with your Dr. appointments it sounds like you are in good hands.
I am glad your Dad was with you at this appointment. I am glad that you have this support system.
Kim Hatch

Marilyn said...


I don't know you, but I know your Dad, he teaches my daughters here in Burbank. He is a wonderful man and a great teacher.

You are in our prayers.