Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1st Nurlasta Shot!

Well, I am sure you are sick of hear what wonderful days I am having but it is true today was another great day. They changed one of my doctors appointment to the morning. So I saw Dr. Evans today and she said the port looks great how do I like it. I said I love it other than the tape can you take it off. She took it off and said next time she would use different tape. Sometimes people are allergic. So ha no tape and the cut does look great. She said she had another young girl in yesterday and she that is was going to be me but I had to switch my appointment. Anyway she said all she did was complain so it was nice that I liked mine. I told what is not to like I don't have to be poked a million times all over the place and have bruise everywhere from being poked. I just get poked in my port!!! I love Dr. Evans she is great we talked a little bit and she told me she would see me a again for surgery later after chemo possibly. Anyway nice visit with her and we talked about the kind of cancer I have it is Ductual with the HER2 Neu positive and some other things like how fast it grows 67%. If you are like me 67% doesn't mean anything to me other than it is growing fast and for now that is good for treatment.

I also went in today for a Nurlasta shot. I know I told you all about the side affects but so far no side affects. The lady that gave me that shot said now remember on the back of the Tylenol bottle it has side affects that doesn't mean you will have them just that you might. So maybe no side affects we will see. So since no side affects I feel great just tired which seems to be something I feel all the time. I am glad not as tired yet as some have said they felt.

O.k. it wouldn't be right if I didn't again to say thank you all today who touched my life with comments, visits, food, all everything today. Thank you!!

It was Kamden's birthday today. Thank you Mrs.Kristen for making her feel special and thanks Danielle for making her day and the kids had a great time. Thanks! I am thankful everyday for my kids and the things they teach me. Some of my kids are having a hard time dealing with mom being sick. But I have to say over all they have been such a big help Kamden is growing up so fast. Thanks all who have helped with my kids and giving them extra love. What kids doesn't love that.

Shout out to Klaudija thanks for writing. I was wondering if you got my email. I miss you and I am very glad your dad is doing well. I have never met a more stubborn man. So it doesn't surprise me it took him so long to go in but I am glad all is well. I hope you and your family are doing well. WE my family and I love you guys so much. For those of you who don't know Klaudija she was an exchange student that lived with my family for a semester and then I spent the summer with her family. Those were fun times and good memories.


Alicia Leppert said...

So happy to hear no side effects yet. Happy Birthday to Kamden! We had a foreign exchange student from Munich, Germany that we get to see a few times a year, we call her our german sister/daughter, she's like family!

tharker said...

The advice about the side effects was great advice. I hope that things keep going well for you.

I'm glad Kamden had a great day. She is such a cute little girl. I've enjoyed seeing her with Danielle a few times at the school when she is there to pick up Teagan. Happy birthday Kamden!

hatch said...

I am glad to hear that you are having good days. It was fun to see the picture of you and your sisters. It is funny because I always picture your younger sisters as little girls, because you, Kim and your mom look the same as you did 10 years ago so I just assume that they are still little. Crazy I know.
I remember Klaudijia, that was fun to see her comment.
I continue to pray for you daily you are always in my thoughts. Thanks again for keeping us all updated on how you are doing. I really appreciate it.