Monday, October 15, 2007


Sorry it took so long today to update today. We got Cole into school this morning. He was excited to be back. As we pulled into the parking lot he said he was very nervous. I told him that was normal. The last two years he has had the same teacher and the same kids in his class. When we got there he noticed he knew two of the kids in his classes I think that really helped.

I went to Lourdes today to have my port put in by Dr. Evans. They had us show up at 10am to get me ready for surgry. The first nurse poked my twice and couldn't get the IV in so she had another nurse come in. She couldn't find a good place in the hand or the lower arm so she put it in on the other side of my elbow. Which I guess they aren't suppouse to do any more. I think that is why they usually put the IV in my right arm it is much easier on right side. Anyway she got it in and then Ryan and I sat there until 12:30. My surgry was scheduled for 11:40. Doctor must have been running behind. So we did word finds together and visited. They put me right out but I woke up before they were all the way done. That was a little wired! Dr. Evans told us it would be a half hour proceedure but it ended up being about an 1 and 10 minutes. I guess she didn't have enough fat to attach it to. I told her she forgot to tell my to eat a bunch of junk food and bulk up before we came in. But it is in and I am ready for chemo tomorrow. Oh, they did an x-ray of the port to prove where they put it in incase it moves. Funny hah!

Ryan called Kadlec today to see when my chemo was scheduled for and they told him Thursday. He told them that Doctor told us Tuesday. She said Doctors orders said Thursday but that they were all booked up so Tuesday would work better for them. So chemo is scheduled for 12:30 tomorrow. They told us we have an hour presentation we have to watch then chemo and we have to wait a little bit to make sure everything goes o.k. So everything looks like it is falling into place so well. I was a little tired today when I came home. They gave me a pain pill on a very empty stomach. But I seem to have my energy back tonight.


Tharker said...

I love your sense of humor. I think it's so great that you can joke with the doctors and give such a postitive description of your day at Lourdes. This attitude will serve you well!

I'm so glad that Ryan held his ground so that you can get in for chemo tomorrow! Good for him. I hope everything goes well for you for your first treatment.

As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. It was an absolute privelage to fast with our ward for your family yesterday by the way. There's nothing like fasting and praying with a real purpose. You have many people who are pulling for you Rochelle!

natallie said...

we'll be thinking about you tommorrow. i'm glad to hear things are falling into place. ryan is doing a great job taking care of you! thanks for posting.

Khatch said...

I am glad that Ryan held them to it so that they could get you in tommorow. It really seems like things are falling in to place for your treatment.

It was nice to see you on Sunday, even if it was just passing you in my car as I was leaving church and you were going to church. I really appreciate your posts. You, and your family will continue to be in our prayers. You are one tough women and that will get you through this.
Kim Hatch

Jessica said...

You are in all my prayers. Your positive attitude amazes me, you are such a strong woman! I too appreciate you posting your updates. You have so many people who love and care about you!

Kim said...

I'm glad all went well with the surgery today! Jeff was hoping you would have had this procedure at Kadlec, they do these in the cath lab where he works. He felt awful for you that it took over an hour and that you woke up before they were done. Glad it's done, though.

It was so great to see you and your family at church on Sunday. I really appreciated your's and Ryan's testimonies. It was such a privelege to partake of the Spirit in that meeting. What was the scripture you made reference to? It was perfect.

You are in our thoughts and prayers continually. We'll be mindful of you especially tomorrow when you start chemo. Much love to you.

Kevin said...

Rochelle, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. You are strong and will do great with the chemo. I also went through stage 4-5 cancer (only testicular) and fought through chemo. Let me know if there is a time that you would like to talk. I am always willing to talk talk about my experiences.

Lee said...

My friend Tiffany told me about you and I saw your link on Kim's blog. You are in my prayers. We have a God of miracles and of love. I have a dear friend who fought breast cancer this past year.

Heidi said...

Hi there. My name is Heidi and I'm a friend of Lee who posted above me. I was diagnosed at 32 with breast cancer and finished active treatment last year. I remember having my port surgery and they never knocked me out completely. I asked questions the entire time and I think I freaked them out a little. Best wishes on the chemo. If I can answer any questions on it, please let me know. That first day is a lot to take in. Email at I had the A/C combo and then Taxol/Gemzar in a clinical trial. I can tell you what to expect if you'd like.

Heather said...

Thanks for the updates! What was the world like before blogs?? I enjoyed your profound words on Sunday too. That scripture was just what I needed. BTW Kim, it was 1 Ne 4:1.

Cory, Luann, Sam, Anna & Beth said...


Thanks for doing the blog - we're following your posts each day - and praying for you.

Our church prayed for you this Sunday, and will continue to lift you up!

Cory & Family

Linda Kirkham said...

Hi Rochelle,
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. I think of you often through out the day, praying that God will hold you in the palm of his mighty hand and comfort you with His great and prefect love.
We love you.
Aunt Linda and Uncle Carl

Warren&Breanne said...

I just read about your cancer on Heathers blog. I am glad you are staying so upbeat about it all. You will be in our prayers and let us know if there is anything we can do to help out.

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I'm so bummed I missed your testimony on Sunday! That's what I get for moving!

As always, your attitude rocks. You'll have this beast knocked out in no time. I can't tell you how uplifting your words are and how you put everything into perspective. I really needed the lessons your currently teaching.

Strength to you!

Kara said...

I got an e-mail from Kim last week, after she ran into you. She told me about your diagnosis. I want to send my "get well" wishes as well as let you know there are a lot of us thinking about and praying for you. Kim was going to call and see if we couldn't have your home address so we could send cards and other types of well wishes.
Good luck with your first round of chemo - I'll be thinking about you and hoping you feel alright afterwards.
Kara Osborne-McCord