Friday, October 12, 2007

Dr. Rado!!!!

O.k. so where to begin....? We were at the appointment for 3 hours that was not waiting that was the appointment. So lots of information!

His nurse came in and and visited with us and talked to us for a bit. Then she got the doctor and he had me tell him about how it started and what has happened over the last couple of weeks and any symptoms. Then he did the exam and went over with us his thoughts and what his diagnosis is and what we are going to do.

He said the prognosis isn't good. He said a few years ago it was more likely death because they didn't have as much chemo therapies then. Technology is always changing. So what he is recommending is three different drugs (chemo) and 5 rounds of chemo. Each round is 4 weeks. I will start chemo on Tuesday after the shunt is put in Monday. Tuesday is day one and I have a shot of chemo and a blood test. I will have a blood test in the middle of the week to watch white blood cell counts. Then the next Tuesday is day 7 and I have another shot of chemo, blood test and then again on the 21st day which is the third Tuesday. Then on the 4th Tuesday I have no chemo a break ha. Then they will run another blood test to make sure my counts are good then start another round. So he doesn't know exactly how much it will shrink it. Ideally all and I will have no cancer. He said probably not me though. So then the option would be radiation, surgery or more chemo it will just depend on what the chemo does for me. He went over the side affects of the chemo I might have. There is hair loss, fatigue and a few others, nothing that bad. I guess I shouldn't say that not life threating. The worst side affect is tingling in the toes and hands that could lead to losing feeling in them. So they would just cut back on the chemo. So in my opinion I had great news today. Tuesday we will start chemo which is quick. They will then watch and there are things they can do different if chemo doesn't work, like different chemo, radiation, surgery so for me I feel really good. I believe in micarcles I know they happen everyday. I have seen and heard people diagnoised and then have their diagnoises changed. Heavenly Father loves me and sent some wonderful people in my life to help me through this trail. I have faith in my doctors and all of your prayers.

Oh, I wanted to let you know I am not on such a strict all fruits and veggies diet. I still will be eatting alot of them and I love them. So if you have extras we would love them but please don't go out of your way to brings us fruit and veggies.

I also wanted to let you know which I hope is not tacky but I didn't want to call everyone who had called about donating money. A friend opened a fund at Bank of America to help with just medical bills. The account name is "Rochelle Bassett Cancer Fund". Please don't feel like you have to donate this is just for those that were wanting this information.

Love Rochelle


Cindy said...


I'm sure it feels great to know exactly what is ahead, and I am so impressed that you continue to press forward, always focusing on the good. Now that there is a plan underway, we (the R.S.) will get organized. You are definitely not alone in this and I want to personally volunteer to help with absolutely anything - like piano lessons. I'd be happy to be Cole's ride so he can continue to take lessons, if you'd like. Let me know.

You are in our every prayer, and yes, miracles happen every day.

Cindy Powell

Nicole said...

Rochelle -

That sounds like great news from Dr. Rado. I imagine it is a relief to finally talk with the quarter back of your medical team and get a game plan together to fight this thing. I know this won't be easy and I admire you for having such a wonderful outlook on everything. Thank you so much for keeping us all updated.

Tyler is so excited that Cole will be going to Livingston!

We love you all!


Anonymous said...

You are so quick to enter info on your blog. You are so positive and upbeat and an example for us all. I talked to Erin today and she has been reading your blog and she and Courtney will be fasting for you as well on Sunday as will our family. I am making an appointment to bring dinner over every Tuesday. If you prefer a different night let me know, but every week it is. Are there certain foods you, your family can't eat, don't like, would rather not eat if they didn't have too, etc.? I can help with kids, dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning house, transportation, etc. Let me know. We love you and your family.
Pam Anderson

Anonymous said...


There isn't a lot I know to say in this situation. I guess the only thing I can say is that you are teaching me more about faith then I have learned in 28 years of going to church and reading the scriptures. It doesn't seem to matter what is thrown at you, you just keep pressing forward with a brightness of hope and faith. You are an amazing example. I know you will bless many lives simply by the way you face this trial. We will continue to pray for your miracle.

S. Schuller said...

Hi Rochelle,

I just wanted to say hi and I am so sorry to hear about the diagnosis. If there was anyone who could make it through this, it is you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I love you and your family.


Sarah Schuller

tharker said...

I'm so glad that your doctor is so vigilant about your treatment. And once again, I am in awe of your faith and positive attitude. You are definitely in for a long road, but you can do this. You're right, HE does love YOU and he knows your heart. He will be there every step of the way through this journey. Thank you for your example.

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, you are amazing!! I can't believe the great attitude that you have with all this. You are being such an example for us during this trying time. It helps me get through my "problems" with a more positive attitude. And I meant what I said about piano lessons; I'll come to your house. I don't have a lesson immediately after Cole so it would work great.
Love you!
Andrea Hayes

Debie Spurgeon said...

Rochelle- I love your blog. It is filled with heart and humor. I am amazed by your positive attitude. My prayer for you is that you will continue to feel the love and support from those around you and from your Heavenly Father.
Love, Debie Spurgeon
(Is Cole's teacher Miss Penfield? If it is he is in for a fantastic class. She teaches with variety and enthusiasm. I have been very, very impressed with her)

Anonymous said...

I talked with Wendi tonight and she updated me with all the latest information. I thought about calling but I'm sure your phone is ringing off the hook. I'm sure Ryan and the kids would love one less caller to occupy mom. So I thought I would just let you know here that we will be fasting along with everyone else this Sunday. I've always admired you and really appreciate our friendship. I know I'm way over in timbuktu, but I would love the opportunity to help with whatever is needed. Please let me know. Raygan is always looking for someone to play with and you know Chace has always ADORED Cole. We love you guys and pray for all to be well soon!

Anonymous said...


I have always considered you to be one of the strongest women I know -and you're just proving me right over and over again! What an amazing attitude you have about everything - you're an example to us all! PLEASE, please let me know if there's anything you need...a good book/movie, a shoulder to cry on, someone to watch kids, someone to sit with you, meals, etc. I would love to do anything I can for you and your family.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know that we have been thinking about you a lot and that we are praying for you. You are a great example to me with the great faith and strength you have shown. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. Sierra would love to play with Carter. Thanks for keeping us updated.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

No news like good news! A plan of action is just what a woman of action needs. I have to tell you that as soon as I read about your situation and diagnosis I realized I need to be way better about self examinations. So not only are you an example of strength, faith, and positive attitude, you also just might help every woman who visits your blog to pay a little closer attention to her body and her health. Thank you for that too.

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see you last night at Nichol's house! Wasn't that so much fun? I loved getting to know everyone just a little bit better. I'm sorry for running out after you, I'm sure you wanted to make a smooth exit, but I did want to get that book to you. I thought it looked excellent and I am going to buy one for myself. I'm terrible at journal writing, but a book like that with some direction is something I can do!

I appreciate your awesome example as well as those of your husband and children. Our love and prayers for you all.

Love, Meredith

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry that you have to be going through this! I have to say that I am impressed with your atittude. My little family will be fasting for you this sunday. I love you, and wish you the best of luck while going through this trial.

Breanne Weekes (McGinnis)

Anonymous said...

Rochelle Dear,
I am praying for you and my church is praying for you. I hope that you remember me since I was your teacher at Burbank Elementary. I talked to your wonderful dad this morning. He was my daughter
Kristin's teacher too. I am sure that you are still perfect. You were such a great student. At times like these we can be so grateful for our faith. Love always,Kathy(Mrs. Burnum)

Anonymous said...

I have this on my wall.
Why I Shouldn't Worry:
I am chosen by the will of God, saved by the grace of God, held by the love of God, empowered by the spirit of God, guided by the word of God, and protected by the hand of God.
I don't know the author. Take care. Love, Kathy (Mrs. Burnum)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle--

Cherie sent me your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and praying for you!!!

Hey we have a friend at church going thru leukemia and they have this really cool website that they post updates too, I thought you might want to take a look at it and maybe you could set something up like that.

You are an inspiration to us all, keep up the positive attitude:-)
Jamie Eder

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you.... Daniel wanted me to tell you "Hi" and that he's remembering you in his prayers too. I wish we lived closer so all you cousins could know eachother better, but the love is still there which is the most important part of all. So glad that your treatment starts this week!!!! Let us know how it goes. Love, aunt Lynn

KJ said...

Hey, I was talking to someone at work the other day and they told me about you. I was shocked!!! I must tell you that I was very upset to hear of your situation. I have been able to think of little else since. I only heard of the fast for you this morning and was unable to participate but had you in my heart and prayers non-the-less. I keep thinking of the time you came to see me in my hospital room after I had Taylor. How awesome are you? I didn't expect that in the least from you and I realized what a kind and decent person you are. I have been wanting to call but it has only been a few days since I found out and I wanted to be able to read your blog information before I called. I am excited about the news from Dr. Rado. It is so exciting to know of the advances they are making in medicine. I also wanted to let you know that on Sunday in 3rd ward I got up and bore my testimony. When I found out Saturday am about your cancer I shed tears in your behalf all the way to my home. I was asking myself, why her, why. I was probably actually asking God. When I got up to bear my testimony on Sunday I bore my testimony that I know we are not left alone in our trials. Jesus is there to pull us through. He loves us and gives us strength to overcome our trials, whatever, that might be. I can see that you embrace that. You are positive and a strength to all around you. Stay strong through the fight! I would be glad to help in anyway possible. I am at work a lot and not home a lot of the time but you can always leave me a message on my home phone. I would be glad to give you my cell number if you are able to call. I would love to get together and talk soon. Let me know if that would interest you. The kids might even like to come over and play. Nate isn't working right now so he is easy to get a hold of. Sorry this message seems so long. I'm a talker. Karen Jenkins 545-0311

My Three Sons said...


I just found your blog through Kim Wiberg. I haven't seen you in years! I want you to know how sorry I am that you are having to go through this. I am very touched by your extremely positive and upbeat attitude! My family will keep you and your family in our prayers and thoughts! I have always loved your family and am so happy for you that you will have amazing support to help you through this trial! Miracles do happen and we will pray for a miracle for you! Love, Nicole Peterson (formerly Radford :)

Anonymous said...

For all the women who come to this blog here is an excerpt from the CSC blog, Let's all fight this disease for Rochelle and women everywhere.

Here’s a little science: the body maintains a delicate PH balance. Basically, by eating a more alkaline diet (leafy greens, veggies, fruits and juicing) as opposed to an acidic diet (high in animal products, processed foods and starch) we flood our bodies with chlorophyll, oxygen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. As the Nobel Prize winning genius Dr. Otto Warburg said, no disease can live in an oxygen-rich environment. Now that’s food for thought! Junk goes in and junk comes out. If it’s invented in a laboratory it will take a laboratory to digest it! If it has a shelf life longer than yours, DON'T eat it!

1. Get back to nature and back to the garden.
2. Shake your booty.
3. Eat the right alkaline foods that supply your body with oxygen and enzymes.
4. Drink pure water.
5. Give your colon a regular spring cleaning.
6. Keep the stress level down and the joy factor up.
7. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.