Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quite Days!

O.k. I know I didn't update yesterday but I had a very boaring day. That is a good thing! I have been so much on the go it was a nice slow paced uneventful day. I took care of some household things and rested.

Today I did more resting an putting costumes together. I did go down and see Dr. Kris today. He was concerned that I had stoped taking my medicine that he had given me. Dr. Rado's report said I had stopped taking them. I told him no and that Dr. Rado told me I can take them all but two any way. So he was relieved. We went over where some of the cancer is located. I have been having pain in my bottom which makes it hard to sit. So I was asking him if I had it in my bottom. I have it in a bone in my back/bottom that when I sit I can feel. My emotional side matches how I am feeling. He was glad I am still taking my meds and that I feel so good. I will see him again in two weeks.

The kids and Ryan went to the ward Halloween Party tonight while I was at the doctors. What I very nice dad! He even got them all ready! Cole went as a Pirate again and Kamden went as a witch and Carter went as a Cowboy. I love Halloween.

Oh, ya I am losing hair. This weekend I was finding hairs on things. So it proably wont be long before I have to shave it. Starting today I noticed I am losing about 10 -20 hairs everytime I run my hands through my hair and there was quite a bit of hair in the bottom of the shower today.


Heather said...

The kids looked so cute tonight- Cole even came up and quizzed me on who he was supposed to be! Ryan is a great dad and hubby- glad you have a such an amazing guy to help you out!

Hope you keep feeling well!

Anonymous said...

Hair - shmair. My cousin had breast cancer about a year ago and lost all her hair due to chemo. It was at this time too. She wore warm hats because her head was cold...even when she slept! But she loved not having to worry about messing with it. She could be ready in about the same time it took her husband to get ready. (Her hair is about 2inches now). I love Halloween too!
-Heather B.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
I enjoyed reading your info how amazing to keep it well updated. Let me know if I can do anything to help. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
With Love

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home from the hospital and able to have a quiet day at home. Sounds like you are taking each step of chemo in stride. I am so impressed with the tone you must be setting in your home with this whole experience. Your testimony, faith, and inner peace are so evident.
It's certainly no surprise that Ryan is a great dad and husband.
Keep those spirits up!

Lacey said...

You know what they say, "Bald is Beautiful!" It will seriously shorten the time it takes you to get ready and you can wear really cute hats all winter without worrying about having hat hair! :) The worst part will probably be clogging up the drain while its falling out!!! :) So did you get to have Chemo this week? I hadn't heard and was wondering where you were at with that.

Tharker said...

I'm happy for you that you were able to have a quiet day. I'm sure it felt wonderful.

Maybe the whole family will get in the bald thing with you! Bald is beautiful! Dave, and Jacob both shaved their heads with Daniel, and I must say it's quite becoming of the Peck family!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
I'm not sure if you remember me from high school. It's inspiring to read how positive you are. That makes such a difference in recovery. My aunt has beat breast cancer twice now with the last episode this summer. Just know that I'm thinking of you over here in Ohio.
Trish Roberts (Patricia Thackham) 93

Kristi said...

Even with a shaved head, you will still be beautiful. I saw a woman the other day in Costco with a hat over her bald head. She looked very nice. I felt great respect for her as she fights an illness with dignity, just as you are. It may take your hair, but it won't take your spirit! You rock.

Klaudija - Frankfurt said...

My Rochelle,
I remember you dealing with your long blond hair every morning while staying at your house, and it used to be a big deal to all the girls all over the high-school. But as we all know by now, being moms and wifes, it is your soul that is being beautiful and loved. The hair will come back, just stay beautiful as you are.

By the way, as far as I remember, your dad is a Halloween Birthday Child. So, if I am not totally wrong, please tell him Happy Birthday from me, with lots of love, respect and hope, that his back feels better by now.

Kisses and hugs from Frankfurt.
Yours, Klaudija

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! Have Kamden sing her preschool Halloween songs. She is the cutest most animated singer! Five little pumpkins and Mr. Jack o latern!!! That will make you smile! She looked darling today in her witch outfit and her blue fingernail polish! Have nice days with your kids!
Ms. Kristen