Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hope you don't mind!

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to put some pictures of the family.

wHAt Up?

Pictures: the one with no hair was taken in October and the one with hair was taken today.

Well I have heard how are you doing or how are you feeling a lot lately. I must not be doing a very good job of updating. Spring and summer are very busy for us. I think I have already told you that but it is very ture. Most of my time goes to the kids and there activities or just having fun together and I manage to fit in a few more things here and there. I find it harder to get to the computer and update. I am doing well and feeling great.

A few things have happened since I last updated. I recovered from my total hystorictomy really well. I was really only down for a week or so. I tried to be good about staying down and not lifting. I didn't make it the full six weeks without lifting over I think it was 10 pounds or staying down.

I was really excited after I went back and saw Dr. Muntz(Dr. that did the surgery) and talked to Dr. Malad (Dr. from Pheonix). They said that I would just need to do maintance chemo but that everything should be good now. FYI they hadn't seen my CA2729 numbers yet. I was so excited I told my kids I was done. I had never told them before that I was done because I never really thought it was over. I truely believe it was over.

When I saw Dr. Rado he informed me my CA2729 numbers went down but not that much. He also told me that I still had cancer in my pairatenial. Meaning the cancer that was floating could attach to the bowls or the lining of my stomach or whatever was left in there and start growning again. But for now he agreed to just do maintence and watch the numbers. Before surgery the CA2729 was 296. After surgery with the huge tumors being removed the number went down to CA2729 148 so in half. Then the next blood test or CA2729 was 214. That test was on the 16th.

So the Dr. wants to wait for one more blood test to see if it will go up or level off. If it levels off we will just keeping doing the maintence. If it goes up we will start scanning and try to find it and treat. Next blood test is the 5th or 6th of Aug.

So stay tuned who knows what will happen next.