Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2011 update

Time for an update. I had a few minutes and thought i would update on what has been going on. I went to CTCA last week. So this will be a little longer.

Just before I left the numbers after round 5 went up one point. I think that was from the red blood shot I was getting. I received it for three weeks. The form I had to sign each time warned that the chemo might not work as while. So I received a blood transfussion because the shots went working. As far as the numbers go it went up one point to 78 from 77.

I then finished round 6 and went down to CTCA. They did a PET scan and found that the cancer i had before had shrink some but was still in the kidney and they lymphnods in my pelviis. Plus I have two new spots out side my kidney.

So the doctor decided to keep me on herceptin and take me off the chemo Xeloda and put me on Tykerb. Tykerb is similar to Herceptin it has to do with my hormons. I am waiting to see if the insurance with pay for it. Then I will do the Tykerb and the Herceptin. Tykerb is a pill and the herceptin is an IV drug once every three weeks.

I also had my tube replaced on my nephostomy. I am currently trying to get it put inside. The doctor's office is recoring a refferal even though my insuance doesn't recory it. I hope it will get done before summer is over.

I got my numbers before I left. My CA 2729 waas 83. Not bad went up 5 points in a week and a half.

I saw a Dr. and had a colonoscopy done and endoscopy. Found out that my stomach isn't working. So I have to take pills 4 times a day half hour before meals. Lots of fun.

If the Tykerb and Herceptin don't work then it is back to Xeloda and Tykerb if that doesn't work then on to Seattle for case studies.

I am feeling pretty good. The stomach still hurts and I am not on Tykerb but things could be a whole lot worse.

Thank you for your prayers and nice messages. They are very uplifting thank you!