Friday, October 19, 2007

Sick Kids!!

Yesterday was an o.k. day some good and some bad. I was able to get up and get the kids ready and had some nice visits throughout the day with friends. I was feeling a little blue yesterday. And after I had my fit Ryan went out to get the mail and I had three really nice notes in the mail that helped make a nice end of the day. Thanks for all the notes and comments I just can't say enough how uplifting that is through out the day. It helps me stay very upbeat and positive.

Today has been a great day some friends have offered some much needed help and have taken a big burden off of me. Thanks Sister Tracy! Cole and Kamden are both running fevers today so they stayed home from school. I worried about them getting me sick but they have been so good. They love hanging out wathcing home movies with eachother. They are so cute! Carter didn't want to stay with me so my sister took him over to my moms. I think he likes mom and her daycare better than being at home with me. Carter has been a little out of sorts with mom. I didn't have any chills today that is so nice. I have been able to be up and around more today. My sister Bailey is coming into town today. We are really excited to have them come and visit. She lives in Rexburg so we don't see them to often. I have a blood draw today to make sure the infection is going away and everything looks good. I will let you know but I feel better so helpful that means I am getting better and can go forward with treatment on Tuesday. I have had some numbness in my fingers and toes I am hoping they can help with that that is such a weird feeling. O.k. I am all over the place. I just thought I would update a little since I hadn't in two days. Again thanks everyone for the loving comments, notes and phone calls. It has been such a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rochelle, I just want you to know how much I am thinking of you. You are so strong and I know that there are going to be some difficult times along the way, but you can do this. It is o.k. to have a "fit" every so often. Give yourself permission. If you need to talk or just need some extra help please call I am just down the road. I love you and admire your strength and courage. It is quite a leeson for all of us. Take Care!!!
Love, Michelle Bunger

PRP said...

It's about time you had a fit! It makes you seem a little more human to me since you've been displaying SUPER human strength these last few weeks.

I would love to bring you a meal next week...I'm thinking Wednesday. Can you tell me what you'd like to have and what I need to stay away from? I'm doing it no matter what so you might as well get something you like!

As always, you rock.

Angie said...


It is so nice to be able to keep up with everything that is going on with you during this time of your life. I remember when my Dad was diagnosed how frustrating it was in the beginning, but once we all got into the routine it was much easier. It sounds like you are staying very positive, despite having a bladder infection and two sick kids. Great timing huh!!
If you are planning on continuing dance with Kamden let me know. I would be happy to pick her up when Abby and I go. We live so close, so it would be absolutely no problem. I hope you'll let me help you out in this small way.

Our family says a prayer for you each day. I know that you will beat this.


Anonymous said...


just thinking about you, love the updates you share, and I love reading what others have to say, you have great friends!!!! Love their comments. Hang in there we love ya and are thinking of your sweet family.

Aunt Lynn

meohmyers said...

As always, I love to see you have updated your blog. I love seeing how you're doing - good or bad, fits or no fits. I love it! And I'm amazed at how up to date you keep us!

I think about you constantly. I hope the news is good from the blood draw. I know you want to be able to continue treatment on Tuesday.

I'd love to have your kids over sometime next week. I don't want to interfere with your family time and your sister's visit. I'll call and arrange something if it would be okay.

We're all here taking this one day at a time with you. As always you are continually in my thoughts and prayers.

Alicia Leppert said...

You are absolutely overdue for a fit! I bet it felt good to get it out. I'm all about letting it all out!

I am so sorry your kids are sick. When I picked up Tyler at school I asked him where Cole was and he said, "Oh, he's sick today." And I sort of panicked, thinking, oh no, this is not good! Glad to hear everything is good so far though, hopefully they'll all be better soon.

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

O.k. so I have to explain the fit I started yesterday. No excuse but it explained my emotional state yesterday and the day before.