Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good sleep...

I don't know about Ryan but I slept GREAT, amazing what good sleep will do. Also Ryan told me I was snoring all night, so I know I was out cold.

Rochelle had a fever all last night and this morning. Moving her eyes and toes are about the only way she can let us know what she needs, likes, or does not like something. I think everything going on is confusing to the kids, family over all the time, and Ryan has told them mom is dying but every morning she is still here. Even Ryan feels like she is paying him back for all those times he teased her and stood at the top of the stairs to scare her when she came up. Looking at pictures from last week and it is amazing how much weaker she as become in such a short amount of time. She has stopped drinking any water, she can no longer sit up and suck, and water only seems to cause her to cough.

Today we are having a family birthday party for Kamden,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bailey for the updates... and the pictures. It Helps us to feel close to you guys. Tell Rochelle that we are praying for her for peace and comfort.

We love you and are thinking about you and will sevre in honor of your name the many who need help.

I'll ask myself not only what would christ do? but what would Rochelle do :) Thank you for reminding us how important serving others is.

Bailey thanks for the humor along the way I cry and laugh all at the same time... Love all of you
Aunt Lynn

Jodi said...

I keep thinking of the scripture you shared, Alma 40:12 and keep praying for Rochelle:

And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow.

Benny and Nettie said...

Rochelle and Family;
please allow me to share some thoughts I had earlier this year when our family also said goodbye.

Some time ago our family took a very long road trip to a very special place. All the way there we heard the Oh Too Familiar “Are we THERE yet”? The road seemed long and tiresome and although at times we made the road fun for the most part is was all about wearing your seat-belt and staying where you belong and not getting lost and on and on. Seemed like more of a burden to get where we were going then the Special Place would be worth when we got there.
What our children did not know was the Special Place would be worth every minute they had to spend in the car. What could they in their inexperience know of their destination? They did not remember having been there and could not possible know that their parents were doing all they could to provide them with a grand and wonderful life experience. Soon they would have more joy then they had ever previously known.
When we arrived they were indeed thrilled. So many memories of that day fill my heart and theirs. Such reunions as they had never remembered. Families, gone from our presence but not forgotten, were waiting for us to greet us and fuss over us and share everything they had with us. It was indeed a marvelous time. We were so happy to be where our family was. The long road was over and the End was just the Beginning.
We are all part of a larger family, The Family of Our Father in Heaven. He too has asked each of us to go on a long journey to a special place. The road is filled with seat-belts that must be worn to keep us safe. At times we have fun, laugh and create a memory of the journey, but still we must follow the rules of this road. And when we reach our destination we too will be filled with the joy of being again with Family that we knew but perhaps because of time and distance and space have forgotten
Sometimes, in our lives, we must stand where we do not want to stand. Still we stand together and that makes us strong. We are a forever family and we WILL Stand strong yet again, even if we do not want to stand here in this moment.
Here where the road seems longest, Here where the pain is felt most deeply. Here feeling left behind as those we love move on without us. Here, left Standing alone, on earth. Yet we remember something of our Home in Heaven each time we hold that new life that comes so fresh from our wonderful Heavenly Home. We feel it when we reunite with friends and loved ones in this mortal sphere. We feel it most tenderly when one we loves reaches the end of their journey and discovers,
The End is just the Beginning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us and for the updates. I just found out about your blog and am so thankful I was told about it. Rochelle, you have touched my life more than you know and I want to thank you for giving me the honor of sharing time in the hospital with you. You are a beautiful soul and a very very special person. Even while you were a patient, it was like visiting with a friend everytime I got to see you. You always asked how my family was doing, how Cheyenne was doing and that touched me. It wasn't my job, it was my pleasure and I will keep that experience close to my heart. I have enjoyed watching our kids grow up together and can't believe how fast time flies! I still remember seeing you at Kamden's gymnastics practice while Carter was in a stroller. I think of you often Rochelle and will continue to pray for you and your family. You are an amazing, courageous and brave woman. Thank you for being such an inspiration. :)

Adrianna Melo

Misty Gottschalk said...

I am praying for u to have the courage and strength to go thru this process. It isn't easy but has the reward of showing selfless love. May u find comfort and peace. I'm truely sorry u r having to experience this.