Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Party

Kamden turns nine on Monday, so she celebrated with a beauty party. She had the party at Rochelles good friend, Danielles house. A bunch of older girls from their church came to help all the little girls get pedicures, makeup, hair, and nails done. Don't they look beautiful! Kamden had a full day of fun thanks to everyone who helped contribute.

Ryan has been spending the day trying to make Rochelle as comfortable as possible.


Chauntel said...

danielle has been an absolute "all star" (with more than just the party) for the last few weeks (years). thank you so much for making kamden's birthday so memorible. i bet she'll never forget all the beautiful young women that helped make it so amazing. i wish i could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Kamden Had a fun birthday party!! So cute... I Just Love her smile. Such a darling girl. Love you guys
Aunt Lynn

Jodi said...

Looks like a great birthday party! I wish I could have a party like that!

cope family said...

Ryan is the best....Love is beautiful! Love ya buddy!

Anonymous said...

So thankful Rochelle was able to be part of the planning last week. Happy to have hosted it at my house but so grateful for the young women who came. They did a fabulous job and the party was a success because of them!


Cheryl Seamans said...

What a great idea for a Birthday
party! Bless you Danielle and everyone who made such wonderful
memories for Kamden. Her smiles say it all. I also loved the pink
ribbons and socks at the soccer
game. What a nice way to show support. It looks like Kamden not only inherited her mom's beauty and smile, I think I remember hearing Rochelle was athletic in her school days too. These pictures bring joy to our aching hearts. Thank you, Danielle and Baily for all the postings. You give all of us who care so much about Rochelle and her family a way to keep in touch and give support, while allowing time for their loving care of Rochelle.
What an amazing family! No wonder,
Rochelle is so special.
Cheryl Seamans

Anonymous said...

Cheryl :) couldn't have said it better!! All of your kids Ryan and Rochelle are beautiful just like mom & dad. Love is pure and Ryan I am so happy you found what some don't find in a life time. God blessed you with so much & he will always look after you, he just needs Rochelle more than us on earth. Remember the love you shared, she will always carry you close to her because trluly you are made for each other. I pray for peace & comfort