Thursday, October 20, 2011


is Rochelle's favorite word this morning no don't touch me, no medicine, no water. she has a morning routine of trying to get out of bed, today she wanted to go to West Richland Park. Ryan finally after a little work was able to give her some medicine to relax her. She is relaxed and sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Love you Rochelle and family!! Her body might be weak but her spirit is very strong!! so cute she wants go shopping and to the park. What a tropper she is!! Thinking of all of you, wish I was there giving you all hugs

Love Aunt Lynn

Anonymous said...

Your family photos are beautiful! What an amazing wife, mother, and friend you are to all who know you. I think of you everyday. Your story is so touching and inspiring. Through reading your blog I realize now more than ever how much 1 person can really change the world 1 interaction at a time. You are truly an angel here on earth! I pray for comfort and healing for you and your family each day.
Thinking of you,
Stephanie Campbell-Clark

PRP said...

She rocks, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Rochelle we are so proud of you!!! Your family pics are precious, we love you and continue to pray and keep you in our every day thoughts. Cheryl

ericksonzone said...

I remember the night I introduced you to each other at a church function. I remember afterward Ryan telling me how good looking that Rochelle girl was. The next thing I know you two are tying the knot. I think it is wonderful you both got together and created such a beatiful family. Your in our thoughts and prayers. Love you both!
-Jason Erickson

Ashlyn said...

Love you Rochelle! You are amazing!!


Anonymous said...

Rochelle,Ryan,and family,

I've been blessed to know you and have you in my life. I am so sad
that such a wonderful family has to
have this terrible disease take someone so precious away. I have
known Ryan for more than 18 years.
When he married Rochelle I saw
the beautiful love they shared
blossum into one of the strongest
families I've ever known. Rochelle
you are the heart and strength of your family and you have given them
the love and lessons of how to live life in service and caring to others. Your faith, courage, and positive attitude have been such an amazing example to all who know and love you. You have made the most of each day and given your children such love and memories
that will stay with them always.
You are the best mom I know!
By making Ryan a full partner in
parenting, you have given him the joy and tools to continue being
a great dad. I have always admired
you for your strong famly ethics.
No one could have fought as hard to stay with her family as you have. Your support and caring
when we lost Mike will always be
remembered and so appreciated.
You've given your best to all.
Cheryl Seamans and family