Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That time again... for an UPdAte

No I do not have hair. This is for Debbie Ashton. I was thinking that I had uploaded pictures of my hair growing back from the last rounds of chemo but after talking to Debbie Ashton I guess I hadn't. I never really got any good pictures with my hair growing out. I think that is why I didn't post any pictures.

Things have been going great since I have started doing treatment here again. CTCA isn't returning my calls. So I am not sure if I will be going back there. I had hoped we could communicate and work together. It seems to be working out really well right now so that is great news.

Had a Dr. visit last week they were going to change some things but decided to leave things the way they are for now.

So I am getting Chemo 3 Mondays in a row and then just Herceptin on the other two Mondays off of chemo. I am getting neupegeon (for white blood cell counts, white fights infections) everyday during treatment and the week after treatment. I also am getting the Lovenox(blood thinner) everyday. I started the 2nd round of treatment yesterday. I am still feeling good today so I thought I should update now.

I am looking forward to baseball season hoping for warmer weather this year. Both Cole and Carter are doing baseball this year and Kamden is enjoying dance but thinking maybe it is time to do something else after just more than 4 years of dance. She thinks she wants to do soccer in the fall.


KariAnne and Benny said...


You continually amaze me with how long you've been telling this darned disease who is the boss! You must be absolutley exhausted but you keep on going. Its so admirable, you are one tough gal.

I put my bracelet around the mirror in my truck and it reminds me everyday to go out and get em'! So thank you!!

natallie said...

i hope everyone continues to leave comments for rochelle, she really appreciates them, every time :) you accomplish so much rochelle, it truely is amazing...

Heather said...

Hooray for warmer weather and baseball gloves! Bring it on.

It was good to see you the other day, keep on keepin' on.

Deborama said...

Your so bad! Put my name on there a couple more times! :) I told you I always say retarted things! Scott still hasn't emailed me the pic of us at dinner! I have another secret confession.....I have always wanted to take pictures of you and your family and make you do embarrassing/annoying things that I would want done if in your situation. When you said you had hair but it was about to fall out again, it was all I could do to not show up at your house to get pictures! I haven't ever felt like I've known you well enough to ask you things and give my opinion but now that we spent so much quality time at Outback together and your writing my name on your blog I guess I will be a little more brave! :) Your hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rochelle! You look beautiful in your new pixie hairdo. I am so glad that you get to stay in the tri-cities for now. That must really ease the stress for you and your family. Thank you so much for the update!!! I love hearing about you and think of you always. I feel so blessed to have been your teacher. Love,
Teacher Kathy

Gillespie Family said...

Spring is HERE;) YAh....... Time to get out and enjoy yourself and the family. I luv the hairdo pic, your so beautiful with our without hair. Your smile shines on for ever and everyone is filled with joy from you Rochelle! May your spring be filled with excitement and joy as the kids start sports, flowers bloom, the smell of spring running through the house, Oh I'm so excited. I love just leaving the windows open. Luv ya, thank you for the update
(Always Gillespie Family)
My kids say hi too!! They read your blog with me;) and pray for you.