Friday, November 20, 2009

Just an update before 2nd round!

We flew back home Tuesday morning of that week and got home Tuesday afternoon. It was so nice to be back home with our kids. 9 days was to long to be away. So you would think that the kids would be so glad we were home and glad to be back with there siblings since they hadn't spent that much time together in that 9 days we were gone. They were happy to see us but the your seating on my side, don't touch me all started on the way home. It is so nice to know that nothing has changed at home.
Thank you to all who helped us out while we were gone. The kids were well taken care of thank you so much.

As you know I had my first round of chemo almost three weeks ago. So it is about time to go back. I leave on Sunday to go back for round two of treatment. Since I have been home there has been a few things going on so I thought I would share them with you. I have to get blood work done twice a week. Blood draw twice a week for coumidin meds, blood panel every Monday for the oncologist. No big deal except for the fact that I can't have this done at the hospital by the aw some chemo nurse. I know go to a lab like everyone else. I know this doesn't sound bad but I now get poked like everyone else instead of having those draws through my port. Again no biggy. Well I have lovely bruises on both arms and the lady on Thursday hit a nerve. Oh my goodness I have never had anyone every hit a nerve while getting blood work. Although after the experience I had at the CTC with blood draws from the port the blood draws in the arm have gone better.

I have also had a CA count done this last week and the number went up about 20 points. I little different from last time. After the first round a chemo last time the number droped over 300 points and the lump in the breast was totally gone. So I am wondering what is going on does the new chemo work, or did they just really over do it last time. I don't know which but that will be one of the first question I ask.

I haven't had any side effects from this round of chemo(which has been awesome) until yesterday. My hair is starting to fall out. I was hoping to get a family picture before I lost my hair again. I think it will be another hat family picture this year. I tried to get an appointment at the picture people but they are gone. I really don't like the Penny's Sears pictures. So my sister has a very cool camera and takes great pictures. So we were hoping to get pictures taking next week while she was here for Thanksgiving. I am not sure my hair will make it that long we will see. Someone likes me in hats. I have to say I like the hats they make life alot easier to get ready for the day. Also another bonus I am not having to shave as often and soon I wont have to shave my legs at all.


Lisa said...

Amazing attitude regarding the hair! I am dreading losing mine again - threatened to glue some bangs down ahead of time!!!!
Am doing the chemo and radiation at the same time - feeling nauseous, so Dr. Rege put me back on steroids. I think I may get as blimpy as a balloon!
Good luck with your chemo. So sorry you have to go through all this -
Lisa Rickords

Amy said...

I hope everything goes well.

I am thinking of you.

And I have had them draw blood and hit a nerve before when I was pregnant. Oh it hurts. And I have freakishly large veins, so I'm not sure how they missed. :)

Darin & Amber Bassett said...

I'm glad you updated. I was wondering how you were doing. Glad to know there hasn't been any side effects this time (besides the hair). You have a great attitude. When will you get back from Phoenix? Is your whole family coming for TG? We pray and think about you daily. Tell the kids hi from Clo and Gav.

KariAnne and Benny said...

OMG Rochelle, I will so do your family pictures! I can do them tomorrow or Sunday if you want, just send me a message! No charge whatsoever. Check out my photoblog and see what I have done recently.

Candie said...

Ro, it was nice to see you on Thursday! I can vouch for Kari, she does awesome work. She just did our family photos.
Take care of yourself! :-)

Kati said...

Have a safe trip to AZ. You are so brave and always so positive. I will call Ryan and let him know my new cell number, the old one doesn't work anymore. You are always in our prayers.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
Good luck in Phoenix - at least the weather will be warmer than here :-) FYI There is an awesome phlebotomist (sp? - guy that can take blood) at the TCL lab in South Richland - he is the ONLY one who has been able to get my blood first time and he is super-gentle and patient....His name is Peter :-)
Take care
Alison Webster