Monday, December 14, 2009

iT's aLL aBouT nUmbeRs

Hello thought it was about time to update. I have a little time while I am in Phoenix. So thought it would be a good time. I will do a short version for those that don't like to read a long blog. Numbers are down that is good means chemo is working. I just had my third round today. I will be coming back for the fourth round in Jan. So that is the quick version of what is going on.

Longer version warning. The second round I went to Phoenix on Sunday the week of Thanksgiving and come back on Tuesday late afternoon. I saw all the doc's and had an infusion(chemo thur port). I was so tired Wednesday late afternoon, Thursday and Friday. I just laid on the couch at my mom's and visited with family. It was great that the extreme tiredness only lasted 2 1/2 days. That isn't bad. Plus I wasn't tired for the flight home. No other symptoms.

I left this Sunday after church and came out to Phoenix for the third time. Ryan stayed home with the kids the last two visits. He did a great job. He also did a great job on Kamden's hair. Amy cut it short again this last week. So I am curious to get home and see if he could fix her hair this time. Sorry got a little side tracked. Anyway, I saw all my docs and had my third infusion today. Took a two hour nap while I was there in infusion (chemo). I even got in a 30 minute walk. Much easier to get that in when it is warm and you can just walk right out the doors and it is prefect walking weather. It is in the 60's the two times before it was in the 80's also perfect weather. I love all the sunshine. (o.k. got off track again).

Doctor ( new chemo dr.) explained why I am on new drugs instead of keeping me on what I was on the first time I did chemo (Herceptin, Navelbine, Abraxane). This is what I am on now (forgive my spelling, Herceptin, Texol, Carboplatin). He also talked about that he was afraid the chemo wasn't working and we would have to do something else but it is working. We also talked about what he wanted to do the next visit. I will come for 4 days. Monday I will get new scans to check the cancer and have a massage(nice). Then on Tuesday I will see the doctors and Dr. M will talk to me about the scans and what we want to do. Wednesday is shot day and I also am going to try acupuncture for the tiredness and sore back.

He has decided not to do the CA2729. I think that is because I am getting them done with doctor Kris and he was hoping I wouldn't get them and look at them. Anyway he is doing a CA 15.3. I think is is another breast cancer marker number. So the first visit I had a blood draw a week before I received the first chemo. My number was 588
or so. So it probably went up a little in that week before the first round of chemo. Then on the second visit before the second round of chemo it went up to 680 or so. They didn't tell me. He thinks it is because he didn't give me enough of the chemo the first round. He gave me a smaller dose to see how I would do. When I did chemo with the kennewick he over dosed me the first round. My numbers dropped over 300 points. At this visit before I had the third round the number is high 400's. That was good. We don't have to change chemo that is really good news. The dose is as high as he can give and it seems to be work. yeah!!!

I know that was so long sorry. I want to say thank you to all those who are bringing in meals again. We really appreciate all the help. Thank you to all those who help Ryan out with babysitting while I am gone. It is very helpful and I don't have to worry about them (the kids and Ryan).


Anonymous said...

It all sounds good, Rochelle. We are praying for you and love you and your family. I hope you can enjoy the season. Take care. Aunt Linda

Sara said...

Good to hear a update from you. Glad that your numbers look good. Wishing you a merry christmas and a very blessed new years. All our love!
Sara Spencer

Jillian said...

I'm so glad to hear that the chemo is working Rochelle. I can't wait to come home and see you and the family!!!! I love you.

Cathy said...

Rochelle, I'm so happy things are going well. Never apologize for a long post. We all want to know exactly how you are doing. Have a good Christmas

Sleepless In St. George said... glad it is working! Constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

Heather said...

Such good news to hear that things are working. Enjoy that nice sunny weather.

Heather B.

Anonymous said...

Love you Rochelle! Glad that all is going well. I called but you were in Arizona. May your Christmas season be blessed. We love you so!!!
Teacher Kathy

Gillespie Family said...

So happy your feeling better & your numbers are good. Thank you for the post, Merry Christmas and were praying you and the family have a blessed holiday:) We always look forward to your posts & we never care if its a long version,were just so happy to hear your feeling better. Love Gillespie Family

Chauntel said...

I can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Acupuncture works surprisingly well. They put the needles in my husbands ear and it actually reduces the pain in his plura/lungs. I'm glad to read that your chemo is working.
Patricia Thackham Roberts