Monday, November 5, 2007

Crazy Doctor!!!!

I had a Dr. appointment with Dr. Rado's office today. I thought it was with his Nurse Practitioner. When we got there we found out it is a new Oncologist. Oh, my .....where do I begin. The man walked in didn't even shut the door or wash his hand or introduce himself and then proceeded to tell me I needed to quite taking my Natural medicine. I couldn't believe this doctor. Let's just say first impressions were not good. He didn't have a clue as to what medicines or chemo I was on. He told me I couldn't do chemo tomorrow because my counts were to low. I said that is weird because I had blood test on Friday that said my counts were good enough for chemo. So we couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Then we found out he was reading my reports from the day I was admitted. He wasn't worried about getting me to the hospital with such low counts just that I should stop taking my natural medicine. Then we explained he didn't have the new results. So he wondered around the hall for 5 minutes trying to find someone to get him the new results. Then he asked us all sorts of question about what chemo I was on and what Dr. Rado wanted me to do. He then spent 10 minutes reading over all of Dr. Rado's notes. I thought doctors were suppouse to review the patients charts before they saw the paitent. All I could think about was I am paying you $350 for this visit today and I am telling you what I need. I don't think so. He didn't know about giving me blood work orders or about when I was to come back to see doctor Rado. Then he left the room and didn't say weather we could leave or stay. The nurse came in and asked what was going on. I think she was confused. We asked for blood orders and when we needed to come back. Then the doctor and the nurse came in and ask what Dr. Rado had told me about what I should be taking! I just couldn't believe what was going on. Then I asked for samples for the nausea medication which I was told they would give me samples for no problem. Then the nurse came back in and said there wasn't any after I had been told I could have some. We left that office so confused and frustrated. We went to the front desk and they asked for my check out sheet so they could schedule me and they hadn't given us one. So they told us they were over book and they would have to call me for an appointment. Then we went over to the Cancer Center and one of the girls went over to the Dr. Rado's office and picked me up samples of my nausea medicine. I am not so sure what was going on over there today but it scared me. I know things have gone so smoothly so far so I know I can't complain. When Nancy the chemo nurse from Kadlec called me today I asked if they had gotten the orders right and how scared I was. She said the new doctor had gotten part of them right but she had to call over and tell the doctor to change them because they weren't what Dr. Rado had told them to give me. So even after I had told the guy what my orders were suppose to be he still messed them up. Thank goodness for Nancy my chemo nurse at Kadlec. I love her she is so good. I think if she wasn't on top of things I would be in big trouble this week. I would have been over medicated and no shots to help with the white blood cell counts. So today I am thankful for Nancy my chemo nurse and Michelle Woods at the Cancer Center.

So, I do get chemo tomorrow!

My hair is really thinned out the last two days. I am trying to decide to shave it or hang on a few more days. We will see?


Pam Anderson said...

I am sorry you had such a crummy day. At least you know you have an on-the-ball nurse at Kadlec and at the Cancer Center. Plus, of course, the Lord is on your side too.

Tharker said...

I'm sorry that you had such an awful experience today with this doctor. You are definitely blessed that your chemo nurse is on top of things. I hope things go well with chemo tomorrow, and hopefully your REAL doctor will be back very soon and you'll never have to deal with the incompetent one again!

natallie said...

wow, i am frustrated just reading about this doctor. i would be sure to tell dr. rado about this doc's lack of professionalism. and can someone tell me why we don't get a big price break on our office visits when we get such poor service! glad your nurse is paying attention to the "little" details!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Rochelle, I feel sad for what you had to endure today. no one should have to go through that kind of treatment. Bless Nancy who was there to help.
The Lord is with you always!
Love, Grandma

Teacher Kathy said...

Rochelle dear,
A real blessing is the website "". Check out all of the cute hats, sleepcaps, and even hats with attached hair(bangs, etc). Loosing your hair is stressful and having a cute headcover can make all the difference. You will always be beautiful to all of us but this can make you feel more comfortable.
Teacher Kathy

The Lassen Family said...

I am Nicole's sister. Today is my 5 year anniversary of my dx (leukemia). I am so sorry to hear about your LAME dr experience. I found that the nurses really were the one's to rely on--always ask their opinions about "stuff". I am praying for you :) Let me know how I can help.
PS I loved being bald, and if I could get away with it now, I would :) Showers are so easy and short too :)
Dani in KS

Heather said...

Wow, I was confused just reading about it. I'm glad you got things worked out and you are able to do chemo again.

No fun deciding on your hair- but your brilliant smile will ALWAYS be what we all notice anyway.

Heather Beck (I'm going to make up a nickname so I don't have to sign my name to distinguish from all the other hb's) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - It sounds like that a difficult day... that Dr. need to get his head on right next time. It sounds like Nancy is your angel that is watching over you. I am grateful that she is here to help you.

I think you should just shave your hair off. How many women can say that they have put clippers to their head and shaved away...(besides Brittany Spears).

I hope your week goes better than today.

Love Ya,


Anonymous said...

I think nurses should be paid as much as doctors! They do more and help! I am constantly praying for you! I am glad to see so many people doing the same!
Ms. Kristen

Puerto Rican Princess said...

Seriously! Nothing annoys me as much as incompetence, especially from someone "earning" a truckload of money!

I'm glad you held your ground and that Nurse Nancy was there to help you. She is the latest angel watching out for you.

I too think you should shave your hair, just so that it's over and done with and you don't have to think about it anymore. Of course, not being faced with that situation personally, you can tell me to shut up and I will! How bout this-do whatever will make you feel the best about being you. You are tremendous, in every way, and hair or no hair will never change that.

Angela said...

I would talk to Dr Rado about all of this because these are big time mistakes. You need to feel like he's doing things right. These are high stakes situations and you need to be confident. Please please please talk to the doctor about this assistant. And detail what you shared with us.