Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good Days!

I think I over did it over the weekend because by Sunday I was wiped out. I had a nap before church for about an hour and a half. Then we got to church and I could hardly hold still I thought I was going to fall asleep sitting there. We had are children's program on Sunday. Oh, it was so cute. They did a nice job! I just couldn't figure out why my daughter kept waving to me I was starting to get a little mad then I realized her grandpa was holding Carter up and waving at her. Cole even waved a couple of times. We had to have a talk with the kids that when you are on the stage you don't wave you need to be reverent and that isn't being reverent. I think maybe we need to talk to grandpa about reverence. Anyway the program was really nice and Cole even sang this time. This is the fist year in a few years I have actually seen him sing. He likes to sing but for some reason at church I can't get him to sing. I noticed though when I was in primary that most of the older boys don't sing. There are a few boys that are older that sing but not many. For those of you who are not LDS you are probably wondering what I am talking about. At church once a year all the children go up to the front and put on a program of all the songs and thing that they learn during the year in primary at church. It is so fun to see them sing and talk in front of everyone and see all the things they learned. The kids love it and the parents really love it.

Monday was a great day the kids and I went grocery shopping. That was the first time I have been grocery shopping in probably a month. Since Cole was home from school I took all three. I usually try to go when Cole is in school it is usually at little easier but it worked out and they were all good. I also had a blood draw and took Kamden with me while Ryan watched the other two. Then we headed down to Hermiston to see Dr. Kris. I will try to attempt to sum up how that Dr. visit went. We talked about how our immune system is affected by your emotions. My emotions were blocking my immune system from doing it's job. So we spent all of the visit getting my emotions to let my immune system do it's job. I know it sounds funny I guess you would have to be there. I truly believe that Dr. Kris is helping my whole body do so well with the chemo and my emotions. I really can't say enough good things about Dr. Kris. I think it is so important to totally trust your doctor. He is so knowledgeable! We told the kids if they were good that we would take them out to dinner for a treat. They did really well so we took them out to dinner. We had a good time playing I spy in the restaurant before the food came.

I wanted to ask a favor when people post a comment if you could please leave your first and last name. I have two Magen's and two Heather's and so forth posting and I am not always sure which is which. I don't usually get into the blog I just check my email which shows the post. Anyway I was also hoping that those I haven't talked to in awhile could leave their email address too so I can email if you leave a comment and then I can email you back. Like Emily Hall Spurgean you left me a blog address but I can't get in and I don't know how to get a hold of you. Thanks! There are others too so this would really help out.

I also wanted to say I am sorry to those of you who get tired of me saying I am having a great day all of the time. I know that I use to be very irritated with people who always seemed to be happy all the time. Maybe because I wanted to be and just wasn't. I know that before cancer I seemed to have a lot of bad days and things didn't always seem to go well. I was remind when reading through some blogs the other day that life is hard and everyone has different trials. I just want to say that I am thankful for my trial because I see some of you and your trails and I am reminded who thankful I am for mine. I know that sounds funny but I can't say enough how everyday I have learned something new and received so many blessing. It is the first time in my life I can say while going through a tail that I am thankful for it. I know that I have been through other trials in my life that I still can't say that I was thankful for I am working on that. So please don't be to irritated with me. This trail is a very different experience for me and my family. Not all trails do you receive such an out pouring of love. I have been very blessed with such good friends and family that have been huge blessing in our lives. Sorry this wasn't very eloquent. I am not very eloquent.


Tharker said...

I disagree. I think that post was absolutely eloquent!

One of the things that I love most about reading your blog is hearing you tell about your good days. It is a huge example to me that you can be so positive in the face of such a huge trial. You are an absolute inspiration to me Rochelle.

Our good friend Jared Nielsen used to work with Dr. Kris, and I have heard many, many wonderful things about him. It's so good to know that you are in such capable and loving hands when it comes to your doctor.

I don't think anyone could read your blog and be irritated with you Rochelle. Your positive attitude is contagious!

Tiffani Harker

Angela said...

Seriously its your blog so if people are irritated they can navigate away! I'm glad you are doing so good though and you shouldn't apologize for it! Oh, and if we were perfectly eloquent we'd have reason to be "irritated!"

Have a great day!

Angela Stone

natallie said...

never apologize for having a good day or being happy. too many people complain about too many things. if you can have a good day while you are going thru cancer it reminds the rest of us that the dishwasher breaking down is nothing. you ARE an EXAMPLE to many, many people.(as is your family) your positive attitude will have nothing but good effects on your fight. so keep letting us know about your good days, and if you have some bad, then feel free to blog about those too.

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I second everyone else. Don't make apologies for being happy or feeling good...remember, your emotional state helps with this battle, so the happier the better!

As always, you rock. I love hearing what you have to say.

Karen Johnson

Amber F. said...

Hi Rochelle - I learned of your challenge from Christy T.'s blog, and though we have not me (I am sure we will though)... you are a GREAT inspiration! A positive force of nature is something to be proud of... and naysayers, well, don't let anyone get you down. It's because of wonderful women such as yourself, that we can all become better human beings, friends, and role models. I keep you and your family in my prayers.

Warm wishes to you, Amber

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, You make Dad and I so happy that you have such a strong positive attitude. We love you and think your great. Love Mom

Granny McGinnis said...

Rochelle, you have always been a very positive thinking person. It really comes through in your Blog. You make me so proud of the beautiful sweet spirit you have. As said before honey, you are awesome! Give Grandma's love to your family
Granny McGinnis

Teacher Kathy said...

You are very eloquent & a great role model. I love how you speak from your heart. Your positive attitude is a real inspiration to me & others. Keep it up!
Teacher Kathy

Em & M's said...

I think it's so great that you are doing so well. It's a testimony to me of some of the blessings you receive to help you through great trials. We definitely aren't left alone, even if the trial isn't immediately taken away. I'd love to hear from you! My email address is Wierd that you couldn't get on my blog. Email me and I'll email you the blog site again and maybe it will work.
Emily Spurgeon

Anonymous said...


I love reading your blog and the good attitude that you have.

I had a cancerous mass found on my intestine in july and had sugery to remove it in september. We followed that with just one round of radeation. I have been so grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. It makes me feel guilty to see how upbeat you are, but to tell you the truth, It has really helped me to see the good. Like all the help from people at church and our neighbors and the way Mike has really helped me out and the way the children are becoming more independent.

You truly are incredible.

Diane Munson

Alicia said...

I thought it was very eloquent, and while I totally agree with everyone that you should never have to apologize for being so positive through this, it's nice to see you're human like the rest of us! Keep that beautiful smile on your face and you'll get through this!

Anonymous said...

Rochelle, I agree! You should never apologize for having a positive attitude, it is so difficult in this life to do in normal circumstances, and the way you are handling the hand you are dealt is nothing short of inspirtional!! When I find myself complaining of small things, I remind myself of others struggles (lately it has been mostly yours) and it helps to realize and appreciate what we have. You are amazing and I can only hope that I handle my trials with as much grace as you!

Betty Yeagley (Davis)