Friday, November 9, 2007

Wigs, Wigs and more wigs!

This is me with bleach blonde rock star hair.
We decided this is an older women's hair cut. Not me!
This is the wig I picked out the hair styles is cutting bangs.
This is me with my new wig and Melanie my mother in law.
This is me with the wonderful ladies at Top Options hair salon.
This is a picture of Cole today he was able to participate in the assembly for Veterans Day.
This is a picture of Cole, Kamden and Carter this morning after we got ready for school.
This is Nancy my chemo nurse. I love Nancy.
O.k. so this is the first wig on tried on when I went with my mother in law to try on wigs. This is my favorite but the color wasn't right.
Here is me with long brown hair eyes closed and all funky.
So if you can't tell by the pictures today was a good day. I felt really well all day. I was able to get up get the kids ready and run a few earns. Then my mother in law took my to get my shot with Nurse Nancy then out to lunch and off to pick out a wig. So we had a really good time today. I think I ended up with a really nice wig. Just adding to my daily options. I also was able to get in a cat nap while my mother in law took Kamden to dance. I wanted to get in a nap so I could go to the crop tonight.


Angela said...

Maybe I'm odd but I love the long brown wig. Its so pretty. And I really like the beanie with no wig the best. But the wig you decided on is great!

Kathy said...

The new wig is perfect for you. The hair texture is fine just like your real hair. It's so nice to have choices. I have a few wigs and lots of hats myself. I'm so glad that you are feeling well this week.
Love you LOTS!
Teacher Kathy

Heather said...

Wow. Who knew there were so many wigs. I think you look good with brown hair, but the blonde is great.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rochelle!!! It's so good to see you and Ryan! Don't know if you remember me, John Hamilton. Clint Boneck and I used to come over and hang out with Chantell and even hang out in your room and watch TV sometimes... Fun times.

We live in your steak now!

Sorry to hear about your recent misfortune. You and your family are in our prayers. I LOVE THAT RYAN SHAVED HIS HEAD. Tell Melanie I said hi and seeing her makes me miss her and her husband so much!

You have always been a light and one of the nicest people I know. I remember just about jumping out of my skin (or crying but don't tell anybody) when you and Ryan got engaged.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love that you share all and have that take it or leave it attitude. You are wonderful - you make me smile:) I love the long haired, slit eyed, stoner look (more of a 70's look). I definately think bald looks good on you - accent with scarfs and beanies and your stylin' babes! Keep staying strong, you are in my prayers. I will catch up to you next week. Love ya Gal! Flora

natallie said...

glad you were feelin up to coming to the crop. your new wig is so cute and looks great on you. you were lookin like a hottie college girl tonite!! lets keep those good days coming.

Tharker said...

I never knew there were so many great options out there either. When I think of a wig, I always picture it looking like a WIG, not real hair. But these wigs are amazing! I really like the wig that you chose too, although I agree with Angela, the brown looks really good on you too(maybe a little shorter and it would be great). I love that you are open to all sorts of options. The beanie looks great on you by the way!

I'm so glad that you had a great day. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it to the crop, we already had a thing for a family in our ward, plus I wasn't feeling that great. I can't wait to hear how it went, I'm sure it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that your doing good, I love seeing all the wig choices. I love the one that you like too. You are so pretty!!! Your kids are so cute and getting so big. Hope things continue to go well for you and that the good days just keep coming!! Take care
Aunt Lynn

Michelle said...

such a small world. The 2 ladies in your picture from top options, (I can't remember their names) were at a card class at Craftopia with me the week before the crop. We were talking about you and the crop and they said to tell you to come in and they would do a free fitting. Now you have already been in touch with them I won't try to track them down for you.
The crop night was great!!!! Had so much fun!!!! It is so awesome to see the outpouring of support that comes when it is so needed. Thanks for letting us all feel like we can help in so way. We love you!!
Michelle Bunger

Kara said...


You look GREAT with your head shaved!

All the wigs were cute and fun. The pic of you with the long, rock star hair - you look like Kimberly Stewart in that one! Rod Stewart's daughter.

I'm really glad to read that you're having good days. I hope Thanksgiving is one of those for you.


Lewis Family said...


I love to new wig! It looks great. It sure sounds like you have some great people around you! I wish I could be there. Hopefully I can make a trip up to see you and your wonderful family sometime soon. Take care!