Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Pictures!

Thanksgiving Day Kara(my sister Kim's 3rd), Kamden and Carter playing dress-up.
Mike(Bailey's Husband), Bailey (sister number 5), my mom Sandy, Kamden, Ryan, my dad Rodger).
This is my dad doing some of his exercises for his back on Thanksgiving.
Kara (Kim's daughter), Kamden, Kooper (Bailey's son)
Anthony (Ryan's brother Brett's son), Carter, Kamden and grandpa Bassett
My sister Chauntel (sister number 3 that lives in Texas) and her son Jackson.
This is Jackson's head 2 days after surgery.
Kendall(sister number 4) she is having twins due date Jan 5th she is 40 inches around.
My Aunt Linda (dad's sister), ME and Tracy Linda's daughter and her foster child.
This is me trying to rest at my mom's with Kamden and Carter wanting to help me rest.

Wow what a day we had thanksgiving lunch at my mom and dad's house at 1pm. Then we headed over to Ryan's parents house for dinner. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins. We left the kids with Ryan's parents so we could hit some door buster sales this morning. So Ryan and I were up at 3:30am this morning. We must of hit everything just right because we didn't wait in any lines. We went to JCPenny, Walmart, Fredmeyer, Big 5, Target, Ace and the mall. The busiest story we went into was JCPenny's at 4am. I guess Old Navy was the busiest we opted not to go in the line was all through the story. We were done shopping by 7:30. That is my kind of shopping in and out with everything we went in for. Now if you wanted any electronic that is another story what a zoo! I NEED A BIG NAP!!!! Maybe after my blood work today.


Pam Anderson said...

Quite a lot of shopping! Brad and I opted to sleep in this year. Didn't see anything we just had to have, especially since the kids in UT stayed up all night to buy something we had thought about getting for them. Oh well. Did you get all of your shopping done? I love Christmas! It is such a fun time of year. I even love all the hustle and bustle. So glad you were feeling well enough to get out and spend the day (or morning) with Ryan. I sure enjoyed your family pictures. Even though I don't know all of them, I am beginning to feel that I do. I look forward to the bright spot of the day when I read your blog. You still amaze me with all you do. I want to grow up and be you.

Pam Anderson

Tharker said...

I got a kick out of all of the pictures of the cousins. Cole, Camden, Carter, Kara, the names get mixed up when you're all together? I have a hard time with Josh and Jake. They are always correcting me! Nice mom huh?

So glad that you had such a great Thanksgiving. I'm impressed that you guys got out there at 3:30! And that's great that you got what you wanted without any horrible lines. I hope you get to SLEEP IN tomorrow ;)