Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fun Run!

This is a picture of Cole my oldest and his cousins Kayla and Anthony.
This is all the guys Ryan works with and Ryan's boss Cheryl. There are also some of their kids and some wives.
This is Cole my oldest and his cousin Anthony.

This is my family just before the fun run. Me, Kamden 5, Cole 9, Ryan, Carter 2 1/2.
This is the registration table. Andrea Calveard, Jodi McDonald, Cheryl Seamens (Ryan's Boss) Cheryl's sister in law, Laural Petty, Amy Christensen, Sister Neaf.
Registration table Michelle Davis, Jodi McDonald, Chyerl and others.
This is my mom Sandy (dark hair) and my mother in law Melanie Bassett (blonde hair).
This is most of the guys that work with Ryan.

What a fun day. I got to see so many friends and friends of our family. What a blessing to have such wonderful supportive friends. Thank you to all that came and for all those that helped with the Fun/Run. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. What a blessing to have such wonderful friends. Thank you! I had so much fun. I am glad I felt well enough to come. I completed the 1 mile ya!
Cole had a soccer tournament. I am glad he is done with soccer. I think he is glad he is done. He is ready for basketball. He enjoyed soccer this year. He says he is going to do soccer again instead of football. We will see next year what he decides.
Ryan's brother and family came over tonight and watched movies with us. It was nice to be able to spend time with his brother.


Heather said...

It was great to see you out! I'm so impressed that you finished the mile- just another testament to your determination. Keep it up.

natallie said...

it was a beautiful morning and no better place to be. i know we had a great time! awesome job to everyone who organized, helped and made everything come together.

Puerto Rican Princess said...

The pictures are awesome! I'm so sad we missed it-stupid FLU! I'm glad you got some time with family..always the best medicine!

Anonymous said...

Some things never change. You are still moving at the speed of light and getting everything done along the way!
You look great with your new hairdo and beautiful smile. It's fun to see your family as well as other folks we know in the pictures. You have a wonderful support system!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Rochelle - The Fun Run was awesome.
So many people there to support you and your family. I was great to see some faces from the past. You are amazing, the strength you have. It was great seeing you the
other day. love ya


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look how fast everyone has grown. Thanks for sharing. Love, Tina