Friday, November 2, 2007

Busy Day!

O.k. so I typed up my blog and then it didn't post it so we will try this again.

Today I was up early and got my bathrooms all cleaned! The kids slept in a little at least until 7:30. My kids aren't much for sleeping in. They did get all their chores done with no complaining ya!

I had a blood work done today. Good news all my counts look good so I can do Chemo on Tuesday and I don't have to do more blood work on Monday. I do have a doctors appointment at Dr. Rado's on Monday he is on vacation so I will see Mitra I think his Nurse practitioner?

After blood work today I was able to have a nice lunch out with a friend. We had a nice visit it was nice to be out again today. I am trying to enjoy it because by Tuesday I will be home bound again. I also spent the after noon going through pictures for the scrap booking next weekend. I got through all the pictures I have now I need to go through all the pictures on line and order some. It was fun to see old pictures again. I love to look at pictures of the kids and see how much they have changed.


Tharker said...

That's nice that your kids slept in at least a little bit. 7:30 is sleeping in for us too : )

Great news about your counts being up enough for chemo next week!

Jodi said...

Yah! No blood work on Monday. I'm sure you're sick of being poked! Good luck with your chemo!

Always thinking of you...Jodi

Teacher Kathy said...

Hi Rochelle,
I love you new hairdo! You look as beautiful outside as you are inside. Congrats on your blood levels. Great news! By the way, Chelsea was very touched by the baby blankets you gave her. You are just as thoughtful as when you were in 3rd grade!! My daughter, Kristin, a biochemist, says they think that both my Lupus and your cancer may be caused by gene mutations. They are doing lots of research at Vanderbilt. I'm praying that next week will go well for you & yours.
Love, Teacher Kathy