Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crop & Hair!

Here is Ryan in one of my wigs per Natille's request.
Here is Sandy Fletcher!
Here is a long time friend Kim Hatch (Johnson) and her mom Vicki Johnson.
Carter decided he wanted his hair cut like everyone else this morning.
Here is Carter with his shaved head.

O.k. and here is the requested for Ryan to wear my wigs.
Here are some pictures from the Crop for Her Cure. This is Michelle Bunger helping out and Andrea Calveard.
This is my mom Sandy and my dad Rodger with my new wig. It got to hot for the wig.
Here is one of my best friend Chelsie Bishop (Brown) we have known each other since I was in 3 grade and her sister Tracy Decoursey and her mom Vicki Brown.
Here is Harker, Susan Leaven and her friend sorry I forgot her name and Barb Thomason.
Here is Very Happy Alica Leppert and Shalia Trumble helping out at the fund raiser.


natallie said...

YAY!!!! thanks you guys for honoring my request.(although i didn't ask that ryan be in his undies!) ryan looks great! you might want to keep on eye on your wigs rochelle, i can just see ryan wearing the short one to church on sunday. the long haired one would be good for softball, just to mess with the other teams head! carter's hair looks so cute too. great job to everyone at the crop. we all had so much fun. have a great weekend with your family.

Tharker said...

Those wigs are fabulous on Ryan!!! That is hilarious. You have a very nice husband to wear those for ya!!

I too love Carter's new haircut. He looks so much older!

Great pictures of the crop!

Anonymous said...


You're pretty hot with long blonde hair!!!!

call me!


Alicia said...

Those pictures of Ryan in your wigs are hilarious! We had so much fun at the crop, hence the giant, cheesy smiles. It was awesome to see you there, walking around without your wig!