Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chemo Day Round 3!

I was going to blog yesterday put I wasn't feeling so hot last night. Ryan and I went to chemo yesterday afternoon. We had a good time playing dice (farkle) and cards (hand and foot). I got a lot loopy when they gave me the Benadryl (sp) this time. I had a hard time staying awake. Usually I can shake it off after 20 minutes. At the same time I couldn't sleep so we played cards. It is so fun to spend time with Ryan. So are you wondering who won. Well I won both games of farkle and Ryan won hand and foot. When we were first married we played cards all the time and Ryan would always win finally in the last year or two I win once in a while. Ryan has the best luck playing cards or any game even when he gets pulled over by the police he seems to get out of a ticket. I still have a really good time playing games with him. Then I came home and took a little nap while Ryan took the kids to work for a little bit. He came home and told me who Kamden put the truck in drive and the truck started to roll down the hill towards a back hoe. Ryan said he chased the truck down and slammed on the breaks it came inches from hitting the back hoe. Neither Kamden or Carter had their seat belts on seating in the front seat. So needless to say Ryan put the emergency break on and took the keys out of the truck. Kamden must have had a good day because when we had gotten home from chemo she had cut her bangs. I don't know if you remember I said she got a hair cut a few weeks ago and we gave her bangs. She has never had bangs before well I she has been telling me she hates them. So I guess she decided to cut them off so she didn't have any. So cute! Anyway, while Ryan was gone my mother in law came over and folded my laundry and put it away. She saw what a mess my kids drawers and closets were so she cleaned out Kamden's drawers and closet. When she left I was feeling guilty so I cleaned out the boys closet and drawers and then I cleaned out the toy closet. So after that I was feeling really tired and nauseaes I think I over did it I guess.


Pam Anderson said...

You are supposed to be letting some of your friends do that kind of work for you. We would love to come over and you direct us as to what you want where... Or whatever you would like. Sounds like Heavenly Father is watching over your family. Rest! Take it easy! Love, Pam Anderson

Stacia said...

I was wondering why Kamden's bangs were not "out" today! I saw the fuzzy remains but thought it was just how sometimes kids have lots of little wispy hairs around the hairline that break easily. But she cut them! :)

Glad that you are able to spend time with Ryan and that the kids didn't get hurt in the truck.

And don't feel guilty, we all feel so good when we can serve another person just a little bit!
Stacia R.

Movie Queen said...

That is so funny about Kamden's bangs.
I always have that fear of my kids putting the car in nuetral and going down a hill and me not being able to catch up and get my foot on the break. I'm so glad Ryan caught them! You really are being watched over, all of you!

Anonymous said...

We all have to have one kid in the family that likes to cut hair, Both of my girls did it.

I am thankful that Ryan and your kids were unharmed. Our Heavenly Father is amazing, how he is always there in our time of need.

Tracy and My Mom are always asking how you are doing and I tell them that you are sooo amazing and positive and on every blog you say what you are thankful for. I love to read about your days and the hardships you go through but you think that they are not hardships but blessing. You are an inspiration to me. I loved your Thankgiving day blog, you have a lot to be thankful for. Well I am thankful for you and your strong spirit that you have. Thank you!

Love Ya, Chelsie Bishop

Lacey said...

I didn't know you guys played hand and foot. Evan and I play that with his family all of the time! We should get together and play sometime. Rochelle, please let me know on days where you get tired. The kids can always come next door for a few hours while you get a nap in. Don't think you are bothering me. I am totally flexible with most everything I need to do so just call!