Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family update!

Well, I have had a few people ask so I thought I would update you really quick on some of my family members. My dad is feeling a little better but still isn't great. He is at least out of bed most of the time now I think. In a couple of weeks the surgeon will re evaluate him and see if he need surgery. My sister Kendall that is having twins still hasn't had them. She is due Jan5 but they told her any time after Thanksgiving they will be here. A few weeks ago she had an ultra sound they were both over 3 pounds. My sister Chauntel's third child Jackson had his surgery yesterday to clean out his head. They cleaned everything up and 3 of the plates were still in his head and hadn't dissolved like they were suppose to. They also had to sand his skull it had some ridges in it from the plates that hadn't dissolved. But he is doing great and they think maybe he can go home today. So that is all really great news for them and dad and the kids are getting along good with out Chauntel and I think feeling better.

My mom has a daycare and watches a few kids but yesterday she only had one so she watched Kamden and Carter for me so I could rest for the weekend ahead. I have to say I didn't get as much rest as I probably should have but I had a nice day. My visiting teachers visited me yesterday it was so nice to visit with them. I probable talked their ears off and made them late to their next appointment. You know me I am a talker! Since I have found out I have cancer I can't believe all the people that have cancer. It is like when you buy a new car you start to notice all the people that have the same car that you never noticed before. It is brought to your attention. I can't believe how many people have been affected by CANCER. Thanks to all of you for sharing with me your cancer experiences.


Tharker said...

That's amazing to me that your nephew had all of that done to his head just yesterday and that he might get to go home TODAY! Amazing!

I laughed at your analogy to the new cars. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love checking into this site. You always brighten my day by your spirit! Your analogy of the new cars also reminds me of when you are notice how many others are pregnant also.

Anonymous said...

sorry...that was from me-
Heather Benson

Kim said...

Wow. Makes my trials seem so insignificant. I hope your sister's family the very best with your nephew's recovery! Sounds like an amazing family you have! Hope you enjoy the holiday!

Movie Queen said...

I remember when I was your visiting teacher, how surprised I was that for someone so soft-spoken you liked to talk so much! We loved visiting you and it was hard to leave because you were so easy to talk to!
I also hope your family can all get through this soon. You really must be a strong family for the Lord to know you can all deal with this!

Anonymous said...

I just found out today from my brother in law about all of this. He mentioned a woman in sixth ward who had been diagnosed with cancer, and then when he said her last name was Bassett, I almost lost it. "Rochelle?" I asked. I couldn't believe it when he said yes. I thought, how could this happen to a kind, wonderful, young mother of three. She's still in her early 30's for crying out loud, she's my age. He said that there was a website and so I've spent the last hour just catching up on what's been happening by reading your blog.
First of all I want to say that I'm sorry and that you don't deserve any of the suffering and pain that you are going through. Second of all, Rochelle, I always knew you were strong, but wow!! What a great inspiration you are. I've always looked up to you even back in High School, but your attitude during the last few months is astounding. You are truly showing a christlike perseverence. Please know that you and Ryan and the kids have been added to mine and my families prayers. I know you can beat this Rochelle. Stay strong and I look forward to talking with you and Ryan soon. Say hi to Chauntel and your mom and dad for me.

Your friend,
Aaron Plummer