Sunday, November 25, 2007

Putting up the Tree!

The kids and I spent most of the morning fluffing out our fake, beautiful fake tree. I love our tree we looked for a new one this weekend a little bit but I didn't like any of them. We bought our tree 5 years ago at Costco it spins and looks real. I love it! Ryan said some of the lights were out so we started looking for a new tree to buy at the end of the Christmas season but the few we looked at I didn't like as well as our tree. So hopefully our tree will last a while longer. When we fluffed it out today all the lights seemed to be working so I hope it makes it another 5 years or more. The kids love to help me decorate the tree and put up the Christmas decoration. We had a good time together visiting and sharing stories as we put up the ornaments. Then Ryan went out a put the lights on the house yah! Last year I had to put them up and take them down. Ryan doesn't like to do the tree, light or decoration. He like Christmas just not to have to do the work. So the kids and I put up the decoration. It was very nice of Ryan to put them up this year. We changed are lights this year. I bought white and blue bulbs we use to have white icicle lights. Every year we seem to have strands that don't work and it is to much work to find the light that is out. So we went with the bigger bulbs this year. We are hoping it will be easier to replace and find the light out. We also bought some multi colored lights because Ryan likes those and we still have red rope light that were on the pillars last year. So we have a very colorful house of lights this year.

I was feeling well enough to go to church today yah! I still have a cold which I don't like. I don't like the stuffy nose part where you can't breath through your nose. It's like I told my mom today I will be blessed for going. They think I should stay home away from all the germs. I love going and seeing all my friends. We just found out today that 3 wards are going to be split to make another ward. I am so sad I love our ward. I will not miss the time change though. It just wont be the same being split. It is so hard to keep in touch with people when they aren't in your ward and you don't see them every week. I am know their are some people looking forward to the change and calling change.

I have lots of doctors visits this week. I see Mitra Dr. Rado's assistant on Monday. I receive chemo on Tuesday and Shots Wed - Saturday. I also see Dr. Kris on Wednesday. So there should be lots of positive updates this week.

I will post some pictures of us putting up the tree and decoration later!


Tharker said...

I love setting up the tree with the kids. Well, let me rephrase fun doing it with the kids, but I like it even more when they go to bed so that I can reorganize the ornaments. So mean, I know. But they always seem to put them in clumps in the areas that they can reach, so little by little, I just change them around a bit. But it is a fun activity to do with our kids isn't it?

We have never put up outside lights. I'm sure all of our neighbors think we're total Scrooges! It's not that we don't ilke it, we're just lazy!

Ahh, the ward split...I can't wait. Mainly because our poor ward is like a ghost town. We had 17 or 18 families move out of our ward this year, so it will be so nice to have more families!

Good luck this week with all of your appointments.

stevensbball said...

Oh, the fake tree. I am sooo jealous! That is one battle I continue to lose. Anyway, good for you and the kids. Hopefully you feel better this week and all appointments go well.
Take care,
Megan S.

Pam Anderson said...

I am looking forward to the changes next week. Our ward is so tiny - we look like a branch. So which appointments can I help you with? I can take you, take the kids, come over and take care of the kids at your house... Whatever works best. I will call tomorrow AM.
Pam Anderson