Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Miracle Worker!

O.k. maybe that is going to far to call him a miracle worker but I sure do think he is the best. I had a Dr. appointment with Dr. Kris today. So again this visit my back and neck were out and he fixed that for me. He doesn't adjust me he just tries to work it back into place. The visit went really well. We talked about why my numbers went up or why they might be going up. I needed some emotional work done that was preventing the chemo and vitiams from working. I don't really want to go into much because it involves other people. But the wonderful thing is that it is all cleared up and so the vitamins and chemo should be working well this round. I think all things will work out well in the end. I have an appointment to see Dr. Kris on the 18th possibly the 15th (Firday before). Dr. Kris will have the CAT scan results and the CA 27 29 counts. So at least by then I will know the result. So I don't have to wait because Dr. Rado is out of town the week after the CAT scan. And I don't see him until the 25th. That just seems to long to wait.

We watched one of the best movies this week it was called The Ultimate Gift. Has anyone else seen this movie? If you have I would love to hear what you think? O.k. movie queen have you seen this movie tell me what you think? I think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. My mother in law took me to see MAD MONEY. I really enjoyed this movie I laughed through most of the movie.


tharker said...

It sounds like Dr. Kris is fabulous. Do you remember Jared Nielsen? He always spoke so highly of Dr. Kris.

I haven't seen either of these movies. In fact, I haven't seen a new movie since last summer when Harry Potter 5 came out. Pathetic, I know :)

hatch said...

I saw the Ultimate Gift and I loved loved loved it. I wish there were more movies like that.

I am glad that Dr. Kris helped you to feel better.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad that you are feeling better about everything. Dr. Kris gives you the support and info that you need. It's obvious how many care deeply about you. What a blessing to have so many friends and family that care deeply about you. That is a testament to how very special YOU are, Rochelle! Keep smiling. "The sun will be out tomorrow." Love, Teacher Kathy

Heather said...

We watched the Ultimate Gift around christmas. It was such a good story, I loved it.

Coleen Alger said...

Hi Rochelle, I haven't seen the movie but I have read the book. I absolutely loved the book. It is good to hear what you thought of the movie because I have been debating on renting the movie, they are rarely as good as the book. Maybe this will be an exception. Glad you are doing well.


Debie Spurgeon said...

Thanks for the great movie review, I'll put it on my must see list.(probably on DVD by the time I get around to it) Have a great day.
Debie Spurgeon

Chauntel said...

I'm looking for and good book, so maybe I'll read the book and than see the movie. I love you. I think someone's missing from you picture up top:)

Anonymous said...

I watched the Ultimate Gift this weekend and loved it! I'm glad you said it was good because I don't think I would have watched it if you hadn't said it was good.


Anne Bennion said...

Just wanted you to know that Stuart and I have been keeping tabs on your progress and hope that things keep moving in a positive direction. Keep thinking positive, that always seems to help. (My Dad has leukemia and says that is the best thing he has found!)
Anne and Stuart Bennion

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Dr. Kris is taking good care of you. Mad Money looks funny I will have to see it. The Ultimate gift I will rent, I am always looking for a good movie and possible a good book.

I liked the brown hair on your picture for tagged. You really look like your mom then.

Are you ready for the craziness that comes with Spring. BASEBALL
SEASON. I love to see it come and I love to see it go.

Is Ryan coaching again?

I love ya! CB

Jan said...

I love Dr. Kris. I went to him 20 yrs. ago. He literally saved me. Both of my sons have gone to him as well. My oldest calls him his hero. I am so glad that you are in his hands. Take Care.
Jan Barron