Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Numbers are in!!

O.k. so I had a doctor visit yesterday with Mitra. And I wasn't sure about how to update this information. There is a lot so hang with me while I go over all of it.

When I went in yesterday I couldn't wait for Mitra to come in and tell me my number so I had the nurse look it up and tell me. I should have know from the last time she told me that I should wait for the doctor so they can go over the numbers with me but I didn't. So the number is 66. Yes, you are reading it right 66 my number went up. So it looks like Amy Cooper(Ayers) got the closed guess with 59. I think that is right. Look for your surprise in the mail. Anyway back to the visit I had to sit and stew about that number while I waited for Mitra. Not a good idea. So we went over three different things that my number could mean or that will happen next. For sure I will do this next round of chemo round 6. I started that today.

1. The first thing that this number could mean is that 60's is my normal and that I am bouncing around in the 60's. And that the last two round of chemo where giving and I was already normal. *Which would mean I am done with chemo after this round and no radiation. I would just be on Herceptin and some sort of mega dose of arthritis medicine also giving in the IV like Herceptin. So I would get Herceptin once every other week and the other drug once a month. And of course scan every so often. This is what we are praying for.

2. After this round if my number stays the same and the CAT Scan shows cancer. (Yes, I said CAT scan) They said CAT scan because a PET scan you have to wait until 6 weeks after you last procret shot. Or the test will ready false positive for Cancer. Anyway if the CA 27 19 reads the same or higher and the CAT Scan shows cancer. Then they will switch chemo drugs and try again to get ready of the rest of the caner.

3. If the number drops and shows Cancer then they will leave me on this chemo and do some more rounds of chemo.

I think once they think it is all gone they will wait the six weeks and do the PET scan.

So again here we are hurrying to wait. It is a waiting game again on the scan. I am not looking forward to the scan because I get to drink they really yummy berry milk drink that makes me sick. I am excited to get the scan for the results and the scan last 2 minutes so that is not bad.

I also asked her when I could schedule my vacation. I want to know how long before I could be back to regular activities once chemo was over. She told me as bad as you had it in your bones you probably wont be able to do certain activities. She said we my not even get all the cancer off your bones. She said nothing that is jarring on your back. She told me even with the medicine and regrowth my bones will never be the same. SO I was also bummed to hear that it probably wont just be one year off the tub it will probably be for life. Along with things like skiing water and snow and a few other things. If that doesn't make you feel old!! I have to remember that it is o.k. I am still hear to see my children grow up I just can't do everything I would like to. And you never know miracles can happen and my bones may return to normal!

Today I woke up and I looked at Kamden and she had pink eye. So this morning I took her over to Kenia Clinic and get her checked out and a prescription. The doctor told me she heard a heart murmur and then left it at that. So when I got home and remember that she had said that I was like o.k. do I need to have it check out or is that normal when they are sick? So I guess we will have to take Kamden in sometime and have a doctor check her out. Anyway that was such a nice surprise before Chemo this morning. I was reminded by my husband this week that the blessing said that I wouldn't get sick not that the kids wouldn't get sick. So I guess they get double this winter because I am not getting sick.


Heather said...

Waiting stinks!

natallie said...

thanks again for updating. i'm sorry you have to wait some more but hopefully it will bring good news. don't feel old about not skiing...somebody's got to be the awesome boat driver! :)

debsters said...

Hi Rochelle, Just wanted to check in with you to let you know you are in my thoughts. Thanks for being so great about updating your blog, I really look forward to reading it. Good Luck and keep smiling. Love, Debie Spurgeon

Cherie said...

Hey girl,
Man, I feel like I haven't commented forever. I don't know who hates waiting more, me or you? Ha Ha, just kidding. So did the doctor say it would be ok to go to Hawaii with us in August? I hope so! It should be really relaxing! I'll call ya soon to see if I can take the kids for you on Friday! Hope all goes well the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...


I know that waiting is hard, but good things come to those who wait.
I'm glad to hear you havent been sick this winter. I hate the milky stuff you have to drink for the CAT too. I always threw up after I got home. I have to get an IV drip once a month with my iron and vitamins because the section of intestine they had to remove is the part that obsorbes that, so thy put it right into my blood stream. the drip takes 4-6 hours, but once a month isn't bad.

Keep up the positive attitude, I think that is one of the best things to get over all this

Diane M

Kathy said...

Hi Rochelle, Keep smiling! Remember that you were just off chemo for a week so couldn't that make your numbers vary a bit? Also, there are great club programs, videos etc. on strength traing for your bones. Strong muscles are the key as Phyllis and I know. It's so wonderful that you haven't been sick like the rest of us. -a real answer to prayer.
Love, Teacher Kathy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you update too. Even though I don't comment often, I have your blog on my favorites and I get on and check to see if you've updated all the time. Stay positive and I guess we'll just all have to wait with you to find out what's what. Also, it's very common for kids to have a murmur. Kael's had one off and on. Our Dr. said it's very normal, but sent him in for x-rays just to make sure and everything was fine so now when they hear it they know it's just how his heart beats sometimes. Keep updating. We all love hearing how you're doing!


Tharker said...

This all sounds like it was a lot to take at once. Just take it one step at a time. You will get through this.

I love what you said about remembering that you are still here to watch your children grow. That is definitely what is most important. You are so strong, and such a great example to you kids Rochelle.

PRP said...

I think that with all the miracles you've had lately, your bones will be back to normal in no time!

I know it's got to be discouraging to someone as active as you, but you're right-you still have what's MOST important. Try to keep that the focus and soon enough, the rest won't seem as important.

You are stronger than you know. And you will continue to be blessed. Hang in there! We're thinking of you!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update... Hang in there. You continue to amaze me and I always have you in my thoughts...AND, you don't have to send me anything. It is fun playing the guessing game with you...Amy Ayres

Stacia said...

Thanks for the update. I know how hard waiting can be.

Chauntel said...

Oh my goodness I don't know anything about heart stuff, but didn't Kim have a heart murmur.