Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long over due update

So I have missed hearing from everyone so I guess that means I need to post so I can hear from some people. I have had a few emails asking if I was o.k. I am o.k. I have just been tired at night and not getting on the computer. So I guess it is time for an update.

Last Thursday I had an appointment with Dr. Kris. As I told you I had a few question for him. I told him I was worried about being pregnant. I didn't have my period on the 10th and I was worried. I wasn't sure if it was menopause or pregnancy. So I came home and bought a test and I am not pregnant probably just going through menopause. I asked him about that. He said the chemo damages your ovaries it is possible that maybe after chemo things will go back to normal. But there is a better possibility that my ovaries are very damaged from the chemo. So this last week Ryan has informed me what a crab I have been. So I am not sure if it has anything to do with the menopause's or not. I hope in a way it is because then that explains my crabbiness. Then in another way I hope it is not because I really don't want to be going through this at 32. I also feel really bad for Ryan and my kids if I am. So again I guess a waiting game to see if it is menopause or not.

Another question I had for him was I have been having headaches but it didn't really feel like my back was out? So we tested it and it is a tension headache. So he worked on that. Then we had to find out why I had a tension headache. It was due to the last time I was in to see him and he told me about my swollen lymph nodes. I have been very worried it is the cancer returning and not because I was sick. He apologized for that and said he should have checked that before I left last time. Anyway he took care of that and we figured out that I have been mad or upset with Doctor Rado. Why, because I felt like he didn't have time for me and to answer all my question or take the time to figure out different things that have been wrong. So we worked on that. We checked my lymph nodes and it looks like it is just my body cleaning up the dead cancer.

We talked about my lymph nodes a little more. We talked about the counts and that if my counts go up that means the cancer is coming back. If my numbers stay the same or they only go down a little that doesn't mean the cancer is coming back. So that was really good news. I was really worried because they didn't drop very much that the cancer maybe coming back. He said no it went down 20% that is great. Well when he put it that way that is good. 20% I hadn't looked at it like that. It just didn't seemed to go down much but 20% that is great!

I think that is about it for that visit it has been almost a week so I think that was it.

Friday my sister Kendall came over to visit with her twins. She hang out for a little bit. We hadn't seen them in almost two weeks. Tristen had a cough that didn't sound good. On Monday Kendall took Tristen to the ER at Kennewick General. They admitted him in Monday night. She has been staying there with him he has RSV. For the first almost 24 hours they had him in a helmet or bubble thing on his head. Giving him oxygen. He seems to be doing better but he won't be able to come home at least until Friday night or Saturday morning. So my sister Bailey form Cedar City flew in today to help Kendall out. She went and stayed at the hospital today so Kendall could go home and shower and see Gavin. His dad has been keeping him. Gavin doesn't have RSV he has a bronchial infection or something but not RSV. He is on a nebulizer. He is bigger than Tristen I am sure that helped him.

Saturday Cole had his first basketball game. He had such a good time and loves that he knows a few of the kids on his team. Every sport he plays he loves. He has been sick with a fever since Sunday and had to miss practice on Tuesday he was really bummed out. Ryan said some of the kids really missed him. He also missed tryouts for the talent show at school. He was excited when the sec. at school said he could try out on Friday. He is hoping he feels better by then. Last Friday Cole had a 3rd grade school program for Martin Luther King. All the kids did such a good job. Cole has been so excited about it. He even sang all the songs. For Cole that is so good. For the primary program at Church he wont sing so for him to sing all the songs that is really good. he didn't look excited but he was excited and did well.

Saturday Ryan and I went to Nancy my chemo nurses wedding. We had a good time. We were a little late and had to sit in the over flow at the church. Which we quickly found out was in the front on the side. So we had to walk clear to the front and then to the side. We saw a lot of nurses and Dr. Rado and Mitra there. I didn't see any patients I knew? We also went to the reception. We had a good time visiting with Kris and Connie and a few of the other nurses we knew. We stayed for the cake which took them almost an hour and a half to cut. That was o.k. it was worth the wait. The cakes were done by dessert by kelly. There were four different kinds. Ryan and I tried them all. They run out of cake but still had two salmons left. I guess the cake was a bigger hit than the salmon. Nancy look beautiful and very happy. Her dress was beautiful very simple.

This week I have been very tired by the afternoons so I have been trying to just hang out at home. It has been to cold for Ryan to work so far this week. When the ground freezes he doesn't work and that doesn't happen to much around hear. It has been nice having him home this week.

On Monday we went and saw Enchanted. Can I saw I have heard a few people say this was such a cute movie. I thought it was cute too but that is not how I would describe this movie. I would describe it as funny! I thought it was funny! It is a must see even if you don't want to see it in the theater you should see it when it comes out on video. The kids like it and I liked the humor. Thanks to my friend Kara we had an early dinner at Applebee's and played eye spy and visited. It was a nice day with just the family.

Yesterday I went in and had a procret shot(red blood cell count) it helps with my energy level. I wasn't getting them because my counts had been up but they are down again so I am back on this shot. While we were there we went and saw Ryan's cousin and his wife they just had their first baby. He was over 8 lbs. It was so different holding him after holding the twins. He is such a chunk compared to them. When we went in Ryan's cousin looked so tired but she informed us he slept great all night. Needless to say she was up all night with the baby who was awake and has his days and night mixed up. She said she tried to wake him but he kept sleeping. I said don't expect anything different when you get home. It is amazing how dad's can sleep through the baby sleeping and as soon as the baby fusses how you are right awake.

Yesterday my mother-in-law had got tickets to the Sonic. A lady she works with her daughter works their and she gave Melanie a ticket for family and friend only night last night. So Melanie called yesterday afternoon and asked if we would like to go with her. Ryan had practice so the kids and I went to dinner with Melanie at the new SONIC. It was a zoo. You wouldn't believe the line. It was in the park next door. They did a nice job with traffic and getting people in and out. We order dinner for all of our family and Melanie for $16. Not Bad. She had a 50% coupon. I have never eaten at a Sonic before my sister Kendall, Bailey and Chauntel who have or are living in bigger cities have eaten at one before and they love their Cherry Lime Aide so we tried those last night. They are good but I am not sure what the hype is all about. I think it is a fun concept the car hop but I think Zipp's has just as good of food. If anyone knows why the Sonic is such a great restaurant they will have to let me in on it. Don't get me wrong it was good.

Well I know not much of a cancer update but this is my week off. I do have blood work on Friday and then I see Doctor or Mitra on Monday morning so I will know what my counts are on Monday. So let's try this again do we have any guesses on the CA 27 28 counts. Don't be afraid high or low let's all take a guess. My guess is 52.


natallie said...

thanks for updating and posting pictures from the crop. what a great evening that was! don't feel bad about being cranky... you were past due, and what's my excuse! glad to hear dr. kris is addressing everything. my guess is 48.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,

Glad to see you were up to writing...I had checked your site several times over the last few days hoping to hear from you...So glad you are doing well. Well, my guess is 59. Hope all is well with you. I love all your background changes...Thinking of you often, Amy Ayres

tharker said...

I'm guessing 50.

I loved all of the updates. That's so nice that Ryan can be home with you this week.

I am usually not a fan of Tator Tots, but Sonic's are so yummy! Of course, I've only had them once in a tiny hole in the wall town in Idaho, but man they were good!

Anonymous said...

You would be so surprised how much I learn about my daughters life as I read her blog. I am glad you updated! I guess 41!
Love Mom

Heather said...

55... and life was busy for you. Next time you are at Sonice go for the Lemon Berry Slush- it's the best.

Chauntel said...

Lemon-berry Slush Crazy! Not Cherry limeaide. Well Maybe that's what everyone else gets, but I only get Lemon-berry slush. Their deserts aren't that great. We don't even get ice cream their anymore. Their tater tots and slushes are the bomb.

I'm so sorry you've been so tired lately. I'm glad Dr. Kris takes such good care of you. I love you and think of you everyday (thank you for updating your blog)

Bailey said...

I personally love the powerade slush at Sonic. I really don't know what all the hype is about either it's not that great of food, It's just another fast food restraunt with greasy food.

My guess is 49! I love you!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking 43. Cross your fingers for a low number!