Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glad for small blessing!

So on Tuesday I had chemo. It was my short day of chemo. I am only there an hour. Ryan was sick with a temp. So he couldn't go with me. So I went and hang out with the nurses. I don't know if I have already told you this but the nurses, the food and Ryan and of course the nice break are the reasons I love going to get chemo. So even though I am only there an hour I always order lunch. I had the meatball sandwich on Tuesday. Who doens't love Kadlec food. Anyway well I was there on Tuesday right away they came over the load speaker and said there was some sort of emergency in section J. I didn't pay much attention. Then while I was talking to Nancy (nurse) she told me that the emergency was there is no running water. What in a hospital no running water how can that be. I said so we can't use the restroom? She said no you can use the restroom we just have to bag it after you use it. Think about this there are 5 chairs and beds in that one room and patients come and go all day that use this one restroom. It wasn't like having your own room or one maybe you share with one other person. Oh, that sounds like fun. I told her I was so glad that didn't happen last Tuesday when I was hear for chemo I went the restroom I think 5 times. I was glad I was only there and hour and could go home and use the restroom. It also affected the food people could order and all the food came on styrfoom. Anyway this reminded me the no running water of a time when I was in high school and the septic tank at my families home backed up. So we couldn't use the water in our house. We were with out water for a few days. We had to go to my grandparents house and take showers. I might not be remembering it exactly but it was a pain.

Yes, Ryan ended up sick too. Carter and Kamden are still hanging on to their coughs. I have been so blessed to not have gotten sick as much as my family has been sick this winter. The small blessings right well that one to me is a bigger one. It was kinda fun to have him sick we both hang out on the couch watching movies. I didn't feel so good after chemo on Tuesday so it was nice to just hang out on the couch.

I got to do my most favorite thing in the world yesterday I got to pay bills. Oh, how I hate to pay bills. Since Ryan and I have been married this is my job. I love trying to make things balance out. Ryan doesn't like to even know what is going on in this department. I just tell him no spending or o.k. you can spend. It works out because we never fight about money. I know I have been told a few times we should sit down and do it together. That doesn't go over very well. He just likes to make the money and know that we are paying our tithing and paying our bills and that their is still a little play money.

Cole and I decided we needed to work on his scout stuff. We have not been so good since his birthday in September and with me being sick it has been hard to pass things off. So we decided to work on a few things to pass off. So we made oatmeal cookies yesterday for scouts. We had a good time and made a big mess. Cole is my mess maker. He always has a bigger mess under his chair than Kamden or Carter do after eating. Anyway then last night we did a game night with the kids. Again one of Cole's items he needed to pass off for scouts. We played Sorry and Letter Bingo. My kids love to play games as much as Ryan and I love to play games. I love to watch them smile and laugh as we play games together. We usually do this more often but not so much latly. I forgot how much fun we have when we do this together.

So Ryan came up with an idea last night. We have been doing really well reading scriptures together the last couple of years. Some times we go a while with out but for th most part we do really well. Anyway we are going to race Ryan with our reading and see who can finish frist the kids are excited to race their dad. Maybe we can get through it a little faster this way.

Today I have a Dr. Kris appointment. I have a few questions I am hoping he can answer today so I will keep you posted.


Chauntel said...

I love your new wall paper! I think a race to finish the book of mormon is a great idea. I hope everyone gets better soon.

PRP said...

I'm sorry your house is still full of sickies but I bet it was fun to have Ryan lounghing around with you. I always feel better about resting when someone's doing it with me!

Clean house yet? I'm still waiting...Maybe I'll just show up!

Nicole said...

What a fun update to the look of your blog. Love the new pictures and that wall paper is pretty cool. I wear flip-flops in winter too;)

That's crazy they didn't have any water. Makes me appreciate all those nurses even more!

I really hope those sick-germs keep steering clear of you. That is a huge blessing, and one that you really need to continue.

And, what a totally fun idea for reading your scriptures. Is Ryan going to go right along with his primary class, or just do it on his own? My kids would be all about what they could win if they beat Dad.

Thanks for the update!

Heather said...

Yeah, those nurses are something else aren't they??

Love the BOM race idea, what a fun motivator.

Cherie said...

It is 10:19 pm and I am still waiting for you to call me and let me know if I can take the kids tomorrow. I will try calling you in the morning. Hope all is going well for you this week. Keep us posted on the Dr. Kris appointment, looking forward to hearing how it went!

klaudija - Frankfurt said...

Wow, oatmeal cookies! Are those the ones your mom used to do? I remember them, and the chock chip ones, they were great. I still have the measure-cups, could you sent me the recepies? I would love to make them.

Tried to blog yesterday twice and it wouldn´t work out. Hope it works today.


hatch said...

I am glad the day with no water was on a day your chemo was a short one. I am also glad that you have been able to stay healthy!

I love the race to read the Book of Mormon! You guys are such a fun family.

stevensbball said...

Hey Rochelle,
Happy late birthday! So glad you had a wonderful time at the surprise party.
Love the money system. You've got to do what works for you and if you've found one where everyone is happy then wahoo! I know it's hard to do with sick kids around but stay healthy! Hope the others are feeling better. Please do update on Dr. Kris visit.
Take care,
Megan S.

Kathy said...

Wow! I love your family pic and wallpaper! It's always fun to see what's new on your blog!!! At Red Hat today, lots of the Burbank teachers said they were keeping up with your blog. I do miss that great Xmas song that played on your blog. -Have to find a new song. See you soon! Love, Teacher Kathy