Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dr. Krist Update!

Things have still been to busy around our house. They seem to be settling down a little. So I thought I would take a minute and update. Last Saturday was a busy and fun filled day. Ryan and I got all of our Christmas things taken down and put away. Then we went over to my moms house and all the girls watched the kids while the boys went out and shot some guns for a couple of hours. When they got back the girls went shopping with no kids. That was so fun to have just the sister and my mom. Most of us don't usually go shopping without our kids so it was a nice treat. Then we went out to dinner. While we were out shopping the boys didn't lack in the excitement either they played my brother in laws new Wii and rent a fight to watch. So I am sure you are wondering who was watching the kids with all that excitement that would be the men or boys. They claim to have been watching them. Since no one was hurt or injured I am sure they were.j/k They did a great job and even had the house cleaned when we came home. What nice husbands we have!

Sunday we all went to the 1st ward over in Kennewick for my sister Kendall. She had the twins blessed. It was fun to all go to church in the ward we grow up in. Even though it has changed a lot over the years. It was still fun to see so many friendly faces. We then all had a Sunday family dinner like always just with a lot more family. That was really fun. It would be nice to do that every Sunday but I will settle for once every two years. That is more than some.

Monday we spent most of the day running round. We had a few friends over and played some games. I stayed up to late and payed for it the next day. I was so tired on Tuesday I had to take a good long nap. We also were able to go see a movie. We went and saw Sea Horse I think that is what it is called the one about the Lochness(sp) Monster? Anyway it was a really good movie I thought. The kids enjoyed it well Kamden and Cole enjoyed it. Carter had a nice nap during the movie.

Wednesday I was able to take a short nap. I am still trying to play catch up on the rest and naps. I don't think I have done a very good job because yesterday I went to see Dr. Kris and he told me I need to do lots more resting.

The visit went well. Dr. Kris adjusted my back again it was out again. I have been getting headaches and pains in my back for about a week and a half. So it was nice to be adjusted. We also went over my CA counts and that they were at 78 at my last blood draw and that is good news. He then out of the blue asked how I was sleeping. I said not so well the last 1 or 2. I have been tossing and turning all night. We figured out that I am feeling guilt about not doing enough and that I have been trying to keep up with everything house, family, activities. He reminded me that I still have cancer and that I need to rest so that my body can continue to fight the cancer. I told him I forget and I feel better so I do and do. He reminded me that this is a critical time and that I need to do more resting. He also found some swollen lymph nodes in my neck. He tested them and we think it is infection from being to run down. He ordered lots of rest and relaxation. Can I just say that, that was very hard to hear and often hard to remember. So I am trying to take more time to rest and do less around the house for a while. He said to leave the dust bunnies alone and be the miracle. Again very hard to hear. So I am hoping that the blood test I take today has good news and I didn't set myself back. Remember if my counts are below 40 I only have two more rounds of chemo. That means I will be done in February. Yeah!! That is my goal to be done with chemo in February. Again I was reminded that recover is two weeks for every one week of chemo. That is a hard concept. I feel like once chemo is over life will be back to normal. I guess there is still other things to do along the way of this journey. But I am still very excited about the 78 and very sure that my counts are down below 40 this time. Things are going so well their is no complaining. Just trying to remember to take care of myself. That is a lesson I am trying to learn.

I have stopped to think about New Years Resolutions. I am not much for New Years Resolution. I like the idea of setting goals. I just have a hard time with the follow though. Each time I reset my goals or a goal I have hope that I will follow through. I have found that smaller goals or easier to follow through with. So maybe the key this year is lots of small goals to get to the big goal. We will see and I am writing them down this year maybe that will also help me to be more accountable. I hope every one's goal setting is going well so far this year.


Heather said...

See, even though you think you are superwoman you still have to sleep!

Chauntel said...

I agree with your doctor. You need to relax and remember the house isn't going to be swallowed by a dust bunny. The kids can entertain themselves for awhile with toys and T.V. and it won't send them into a spirl of miss behaving, from lack of attention, for the rest of their lives. It's just for a little while. Then you can go back to normal. No one is going to judge you, and if they do I'd like to see their home when they don't think anyone's watching. Every mom lives with guilt at the end of the day, wonder if they did enough for the kids, house, husband, etc. Let the next little bit be guilt free evenings of knowing you're doing what's REALLY important.

bla bla bla I could go on and on with lecturing you about relaxing, but all I really what to say is I love you and it was great to hang out for the holidays.

tharker said...

It's sounds like the doctor is right on the money. I'm sure after hearing your amazing news a few weeks ago, that you were on such a high.

But I think he is very wise to remind you just how critical this time in your recovery is. I hope you are able to get lots of rest and relaxation so that you are able to meet your goal of being all done in FEBRUARY!! Won't that be fantastic??

You are superwoman!

PRP said...

I love the pictures of your family! How cool that you all got to be together for the holidays!

So maybe try thinking of it this way--imagine how incredibly annoyed with yourself you'll be if you get a bad cold or some other nasty little illness that delays chemo and puts off your goal of being done in February! You have to rest, and as Dr. Kris said perfectly, BE THE MIRACLE. You beat cancer, which is AMAZING, but you have to let your body restore itself from everything it's been through. In the meantime, when can I come and clean??? SERIOUSLY. I'll be calling you.

Anonymous said...

Your Dad, Ryan and I have been trying to get you to rest more. You must be related to me. Busy busy! I am glad Dr Kris told you to slow down. After bveing there this morning I saw how difficult is is for you to stay sitting and resting with the kids demanding things of you every few minutes! They really don't understand that Mom is sick since they are use to your bald head and can't see the cancer. I love you! Get well with lots of self inposed REST! Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2008 Rochelle,

was really busy with the kids being home until today. So I had no time to write. I really had a laugh on your comments about the men and boys taking care of the kids while you gilrs were shopping. We do live in parallel worlds ;-))
But your Dr. is right and you now it. You will have to rest, even if you think that you are supposed to do this and that for the kids, the house and so on. Just leave it. And as far as I can tell from here, you have friendly helpers over there who are willing to help. Ask for it and I believe you will get some.

I would come, if it was not so far away.

Love you, Klaudija