Friday, December 28, 2007

Schultz Christmas 2007

Well I thought I would update since it has been to long again. We have been so busy with my sister here from Texas and my other sister from Rexburg came last night. My sister Chauntel that came from Texas got in around noon on Christmas eve. We spent Christmas Eve doing all of our family traditions. We start off the festivities with going to view Christmas lights all over town. This year we settled with just going over to Senske and watching there light show. Wow, that was so good! Then we headed back over to my parents to read and reenact the nativity. After getting the kids all dressed they were pretty much done before we even started to read. After we were done with the nativity we all sat around singing Christmas songs. Then we did are other tradition of exchange gifts. And last but not least we all over ate. We have a tradition of making all of our favorite goodies and just munching all night long. We all had a great time visiting and the cousin playing.

On Christmas day we got up early and opened our gifts with just our family. This is the first year we have not gone to my parents on Christmas morning. The kids had a really good Christmas and were so thankful and excited about all of their gifts. We then headed over to Ryan's parents for a short time to visit with them and open gifts. Then I had chemo at 10am. So Ryan and I headed over to the hospital for chemo and breakfast. It was so fast we were only there an hour, long enough for a yummy breakfast. We then headed back over to my parents and we all went over to the church to play. We spent the rest of the day playing in the gym at the church.

Wednesday we had a great time playing at in the church gym all day. We did a pinata, parachute, basketball, popcorn game, spicy farkle and upset the fruit basket.

Today my mom and dad rented a pool at a locally motel. So we spent 4 hours swimming and eating and my sister Kendall's friend is a clown. He came and made balloon animals for all the kids. I am not sure if the kids or all the adults enjoyed it more?

I did want to stop and say thank you to all those who helped make my children's christmas an unforgetable one. I don't think my kids have thought about my cancer at all this Chrismtas vacation. They have also enjoyed playing with their cousins so much. I wish they all lived closer to us. I am thankful that they could all come home once in awhile.


Heather said...

What a fun day at the church gym. Plenty of room to run and scream which is what cousins do best!

Anonymous said...

What a special Christmas with everyone here! The best was having you be with us knowing you are getting better. i love you sooooo much. Mom

Ms. Kristen said...

What a sweet message from your mom! That says it all!