Thursday, December 20, 2007


Wow, when I have good news I am amazed at all the people that I hear from. Thank you it is so much fun to read your comments. I look forward to sitting down at the computer to read all of them. I know there are some of you who don't comment and that is o.k. Thank you for your support too. I really should up date more often. With this chemo brain of mine I tend to forget what happens to me day to day when I don't write. The last few days have been very busy.

Tuesday was Day 1 of round 4. The nurse that usually gives me my chemo on Tuesdays was gone. Connie one of the other nurse gave me my chemo and Kris the other chemo nurse had jury duty. So that left Connie there by herself with a nurse they pulled off the floor. So Connie was very busy on Tuesday and all the beds and chairs were full plus another room with patients. She must be one organized lady because everything went so smooth. She never let anyone sit and wait to be switched over on there chemo. Wow she did such a good job mostly by herself. Ryan and I played Spicy Farkle and Hand and Foot again and of course he won all 4 games we played. His luck must be returning. It is a good thing I love to play cards and don't mind losing. After we picked the kids up after chemo we went by a friends house who just lost her husband to cancer.

A friend of mines husband had a stroke on the 1st of November and found out he was full of cancer passed away this last week. I was reminded at how serious cancer is and how thankful I am to my Heavenly Father for all of the blessings he gives me everyday. I sometimes forget I am even sick because I feel so good. I know that I have been truly blessed and sometimes wonder why I am so blessed.

We were able to pick up Kamden's glasses on Tuesday she was so excited to get her new Dora glasses. So hasn't had new glasses for a year and a half we figured she needed new ones. I am so impressed with how well she keeps them on and that she takes such good care of them.

Yesterday I felt so good and I usually do on Wednesdays. I realized why I usually feel so good on Wednesdays. It is because Danielle usually has my kids and I rest and so I don't feel tired until Thursday. So I was thinking about how good I usually feel on Wednesday and I over did it I think. My sister Kendall went in Tuesday night at midnight and they gave her the pill to induce her into labor. Then around 7 in the morning they gave her an epidural(sp) and broke her water. She was at a 7 and feeling no pain before the epidural. I am sorry but that is just not right no pain amazing. Anyway they also put in 2 pints of blood in her and prepared the O.R. just in case they had to take them CSection. They didn't she had one at 12:30 or so he was 5lbs 15oz and then 35 mins later with the help of a vacuum and the second one came he was 6 lbs 11 oz. They are both so beautiful and health. The small of the two had low blood sugar but they both were nursing great when our family left the hospital yesterday around two. So while my mom was there the kids and I were babysitting for my mom so she could be there. While I was babysitting I decided to make Christmas goodies. Not as many this year but I did get some made. Now I just need to get them delivered. While Ryan and the kids went to the ward Christmas Party I was able to finally meet a friend who has cancer too Allison. She came over with her daughter and we were able to visit about how different and similar our experience with Cancer is. It was fun to meet her. She too is so positive and it is nice to meet someone else who is so positive.

My family has received lots of really good new this week. I found out that there is no cancer left in my body. My sister Kendall finally had her health twin boys. My sister Bailey has an offer on there house they are trying to sell before moving to Cedar City at the first of the year. And my sister Chauntel was able to get in to see a specialist for her son Jackson who is not growing. They were going to have to wait a couple of months to get into a doctor. So that is also great news. And of course a couple of weeks ago my dad was able to go back to work and he is feeling really good. There doesn't seem to be anymore back pain. Our family has been so blessed this holiday season. Blessed beyond measure.


Stacia said...

It really is amazing how cancer has brought so many wonderful people into your life. Glad that Kendall had her babies safely and that they are healthy. It really will be a Christmas you will look back on with fond memories. So many blessings!

klaudija - Frankfurt said...

How lovely that all the good news come all at once. Tell Kendall our best wishes for her and her baby boys. How exciting, TWINS.
We think of all you, always, even if we are far, far away.
Love, Klaudija

Lacey Kogan said...

I'm so excited for your family. I guess bad news comes in groups but so can good news! What a wonderful time of year to be experiencing so many wonderful blessings. Your family is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The week just keeps getting better! I am so happy for your family...this bit of good luck is just what the doctor ordered! Have fun kissing those babies!

Anonymous said...

Um, that last comment was by me. Blogger wont let me post on your site with my regular sign-in. ANNOYING.

Anyone, sorry for the mystery!

Karen Johnson

Tharker said...

Your children will ALWAYS remember this Christmas. So many amazing things have happened to your family recently. The Lord is truly watching over your entire family.

meohmyers said...

How exciting! Hope your sister is doing well with the babies. Those are big numbers for twins! That's great! Give her our congrats!

I love reading all the good news for your family. I'm also glad you got to meet Allison. She seems so sweet and thoughtful through email.

Try to take it easy! Enjoy this holiday for it truly will be a memorable one!