Thursday, December 6, 2007

Update on Family

I was able to get some rest on Wednesday it was a good thing because I was up until 4 am coughing. I was coughing and coughing and couldn't seem to stop. I tried cough medicine sucking on Halls and a humidifier. Nothing seemed to work so I went downstairs and slept on the couch or tried to so Ryan could sleep. So needless to say 6:30 came around to early. It was liking having a baby all over again. You know staying up late getting up a lot with the new baby no sleep and then you have to get up with the other kids to get them ready for school. Luckily Kamden and Carter played really well together today so I slept on the couch most of the day off and on. So I feel a little better tonight. I almost forgot how could I forget. My best friend Klaudija (our foreign exchange student from Germany) called at 6:30am on Wednesday. It was so good to hear from hear. I know, I know I say this once a week. I love hearing from everyone. Thank you again to all how have helped our family and send me letters and blogs. I love hearing from everyone it puts such a smile on my face. I love logging on and seeing messages and going to the mailbox and having letters. I know most people love that but I just wanted to say thank you.

My sister Kendall the sister who is having twins has been going to the hospital to monitor the babies once a week. While she is there she just about passes out. Dr. says the babies are laying on her blood vessels. The nurse keeps freaking out so they did an EKG on her heart. She has something wrong so Dr. says once the babies are here she needs to check it out. For now they think she is o.k. Dr. is out of town until Monday so she will see him on Tuesday and if she hasn't had them he will induce her. The babies are about 5 1/2 pounds now so there is a lot of babies there already. So the date I picked that she would have the babies is the 12th. So I am hoping he induces her and I will win the pie. We all picked a date and my mom said she would make the winner a pie. I can almost taste the pecan pie. I guess we will see what the next week holds.

My sister Chauntel son Jackson is doing great from his surgery. He and his brother and sister had bronchitis for a week right after the surgery. They had Jackson's hands scanned and found out he is the size of an 11 month old and he is 21 months. They can't get in to see a doctor for 2-3 months. We are praying he will be o.k. and they will be able to help him.

My dad went back to work last week and seems to be doing well. I think he misses his naps that he was able to take in the middle of the day. So he is adjusting to being awake more hours.

Just a quick update about my family I have had a few people ask so I thought I would update a little.


Tharker said...

I'm so sorry that this cold is giving you such a hard time. But it's great that you were able to get some rest today to make up for all of the lost sleep. Hopefully you will be able to sleep more soundly tonight.

I can't even imagine having 11 pounds of baby growing inside of me! I hope everything goes well with your sister's delivery and that babies and mama are all well.

I'm also glad to hear that your sister's little guy is doing well from his surgery. When I saw the picture of his head only a couple of days after his surgery, I was amazed! What a tough little guy. Hopefully they can figure everything that's going on with him soon.

Lacey Kogan said...

Sounds like I might be having a night like yours tonight. I can't stop coughing either. I'm glad you were able to get some naps in. Again, just let me know if you need me to watch the kids for a little while. I am able and willing. I'm glad your dad was able to get back to work and that everyone else is doing alright. I hope your sister's birth goes well and mommy and babies are healthy. Take care.

Terilyn said...

I hope you get over the cold soon. I didn't have the coughing thing, but I did have the "give me my bed, the remote and take that title of MOM off my business card for a while please" sickness. I felt pretty weak for a couple of days and I now know what a stuffed animal feels like all the time. Brigam got the crud and told me on Wednesday that his body felt like Jello. Yucky!
You life still sounds so un-boring to me. You are in my prayers.
By the way, I work at the Tri City Court Club and we have a great program with the Cancer Center (Cindy knows all about it) for those that are finished with treatment or feeling up to working out in Club Max at the club. Ask her about it if you're interested. It's great and free.

Anonymous said...

this might sound weird but I have aan Aunt that swears by this... Put vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet at night and then socks, she says it will stop the coughing and you'll sleep all night. Let me know if it helps
love ya, Aunt Lynn

natallie said...

i hope you get feeling better soon.(and that no one else gets sick!) thanks for posting about everyone. i'm glad your dad is back to work. if those babies wait a little longer they could be born on my birthday...i know that's what she's shooting for! but there will be 22 years between us! :) have a great holiday weekend and fight the urge to clean.

Mothertree said...

Hi Rochelle,
Its me Teresa. I got your Christmas card, I love it. I will send mine out after our baby is here, more like new years cards. SoPlease don't think that I forgot you guys. I hope your cough gets better, that is miseerable to have. Tell your kids my kids miss them and take care and get tonz of rest. Talk to you soon.