Monday, December 10, 2007

Kamden's fit!

O.k. so I have a little updating to do. Last Thursday I went to my sister Kendall's baby shower. One of the pictures is her holding her very heavy cake that she could hardly lift. She got lots of cute things. It was fun to see some friends from when I was a kid.

Friday was a great day a friend took the kids for the day and I was able to take two naps a 1 hour or so nap and then a 3 hour nap. It was so nice. I seem to be more tired the second week this time. The we went to the Mason's house for the fund raising dinner. We had such a good time. We got to sit with the Kim Meyers and her husband and the Gibs. We had a nice visit and we able to see a couple of boats. Besides the company the food was outstanding. We had Clam Chowder, Cesar Salad, Fillet Meneon(sp) and poached pears oh it was so good. Thanks Phyllis Mason, family and friends that helped put on the dinner wow it was so fun!

Saturday was another wonderful day. We slept in until 8 and then laid around watching Pirates of the Caribbean. We bought the new one this last week. We then headed over to the Country Mercantile were we saw Santa. Santa gave all the kids great gifts and we got there pictures taken. They also had a fire truck out there that the kids got to get in. Then we head inside for hot chocolate. When we got inside they changed there minds to Gatorade. They also were able to decorate sugar cookies. For those of you who haven't been out to the Country Mercantile when Santa comes I am telling you it is well worth the stop. Saturday night we had our first babysitter ever. We have been blessed to live by both of our families who have done our babysitting for us. So that was an interesting experience. We got a babysitter so we could go over to the Mason's again for dinner. Saturday we tired different dinner choices. We had the Tomato Bisque, spinach salad, pork tenderloin, and the chocolate cake. Wow another great meal. I am not sure which one I liked best they were both so good. We were able to sit the both Christian families. When it was over we were also able to visit with the Nicole and Mel Zornes and Lindsay and Jared Bates. I can't tell Phyllis Mason and all the help thank you enough. I know this event too was a big undertaking. Thank you! The only part that was hard was we wanted to go sit and visit at every table but thought that wasn't polite. We enjoyed seeing so many friends there.

I was wiped out by Sunday. I think between the late nights and they coughing at night I didn't get enough sleep. It was so worth it though. On Sunday because we had such early church we were able to go to Ryan's parents for early dinner and play cards. The kids were able to help grandma decorate her kid tree. They like to help grandma put up her ornaments.

Today was a fun day. I love snow days and having the kids home. It is a nice break in the routine. We woke up late and didn't find out school was delayed for a while. So Cole and I were up to early we could and should of slept in. I was watching the tv this morning but I didn't see anything about delays for over a half hour so I had to get on line. Was any one else a little annoyed I thought they had a banned that went across the bottom of the screen to let you know school was delayed or canceled. Then a friend called and told us it was canceled. We were to busy watching movies because there was a two hour delay. It was a nice relaxing morning. We took the kids over to McDonald's to play on the toys. I was worried that everyone else would be there with their too but it wasn't that busy. Later in the afternoon Kamden had an eye doctor appointment. So I have to tell you a funny story about her appointment. I can say it is funny now I didn't think it was so funny this afternoon. We went in and looked at glasses while we were waiting. We promised Kamden new glasses once she had seen the doctor. She has had her glasses for over a year and they are pretty beat up. Anyway they called us to the back and took some pictures of her eyes then Dr. Jacks looked at her and tested her a little talked to us a little. Then he said o.k. lets dilate her eyes and then look at them again. So we went to another room and Kamden says to us "I don't want to have the drops". The lady comes in and says o.k. are we ready have you had the drops before she says, "I don't want the drops." So I tell her Kamden if you want new glasses you have to have drops. She the lady starts to put the drops in and she stars to throw the biggest fit. Then the lady says I have to do five more. Which drop I and another lady are holding her head and the nurse it putting them in her. While Kamden is screaming don't touch me, don't touch me. The door to the room is wide open. This goes on for about 20 minutes. Then the lady tells us we can stay in the room or go to the waiting room. We decided to stay in the room so she wouldn't bother everyone with her crying. So another lady comes and asks us to leave the room and go to the waiting room. Luckily Kamden fell right asleep and slept for the 30 minutes or more that we had to wait for the drops to work. The we had to wake her up to take more pictures of her eye. Which didn't go over very well.
The moved the chair up they moved the chair down. Ryan tried to hold her I tried to hold her we tried to hold her head. While she was crying and yelling to stop touching her and that everything was hurting her. Some how the lady was able to get one picture. Then she refused to go into the doctors office. She Ryan had to carry her in and then she refuse to sit down. So we spent a few minutes trying to give her a choice about what she wanted which didn't work. So I held her so the doctor could look in her eye which she proceeded to tells us that whole time she didn't want me to hold her. So the doctor said don't worry we got o.k. pictures we will just call it good. I would have spanked her right then and there. But one thing you have to know about Kamden is if you make a seen or draw attention to her like that she will throw an even bigger fit. So you try to reason but there is no reasoning. I was so upset at the time well more embarrassed of her behavior. Now tonight all I can do is laugh and say that is so Kamden.

I have a busy week again this week. I have a CAT scan tomorrow and an MRI on Wednesday. I see doctor Kris on Thursday so I should know the results when I see him on Thursday.


Nicole said...

oh Rochelle! That doesn't sound like a very fun eye appointment at all! I think eyes are the hardest. It's just so hard to force them to do anything. I'm glad you can laugh about it already. It usually takes me much longer before I am able to laugh about things like that.

It was so good to be able to visit with you guys after the dinner! It really was such a nice evening. I didn't want to leave.

Carter and I became quite good friends in nursery Sunday. He is so cute. he kept telling me about all of your haircuts and 'Daddy starting the motor'. What a sweetheart!

Let me know if you need anything! I love the pictures too!

Chauntel said...

I laugh only because I think Kamden and Isaac are kindred spirits. I think people think I'm ignoring Isaac and letting him get away with murder when we're out (and he's throwing a tantrum). I'm pretty sure kamden doesn't kick old women that try to help you though. I'm still trying to learn what works with his personality. If I could just trick him into thinking he really wants to do what I want him to. Keep laughing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should let a friend or someone else that Kamden knows take her to the eye doctor next time. I think kids always act different when it's not mom and dad forcing them into something. Kids always behave differently for anyone that's not mom and day. At least that is the way my kids are. I like all the new updates to the blog site. The music has been playing all day on my computer because your blog was the last thing I looked at. The pictures are adorable. Hope all the tests go well this week. We'll be praying for you!
Love ya,